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Who's Who from 81st Group (Ranger Advisors) (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database who served in the 81st Group. If you can correct any errors, supply specific dates of assignment and duties, or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. It would be particularly helpful to add names of personnel from the 1970-1971 period.

Narrative Information: After Project Delta closed in June, 1970, the 81st Airborne Ranger Group was returned to the control of the ARVN Airborne Division. The Group and their advisors were however distinct from the other elements of the Division. Though this unit was no longer a part of US Army Special Forces in RVN, their place is being kept here.

Henry James R   LTC 01/01/71        
Hyatt Howard L   LTC 01/01/71        
Peyton John H   MAJ 01/01/71       Y
Willis Benjamin L   MAJ 01/01/71        
Douglass Robert E   MAJ 01/01/71        
Todd Jack H   MAJ 01/01/71        
Cundiff Brian H   MAJ 01/01/71        
Doane John B   CPT 01/01/71        
Campbell Donald J   CPT 01/01/71        
Mataxis Theodore C Jr CPT 01/01/71       Y
Brooks Mack M   CPT 01/01/71        
Huggins Charles R   CPT 01/01/72        
Lowry Gerald D   CPT 01/01/71        
Ray Johnnie L   CPT 01/01/72        
Rhodes Lyle R Jr CPT 01/01/71        
Smith Gordon R   CPT 01/01/71        
Brewer Robert S Jr CPT 01/01/71        
Davis James P   CPT 01/01/71        
Coate David L   CPT 01/01/71        
Donaldson Clarence E   CPT 01/01/71        
Thompson Thomas R   CPT 01/01/71        
Miller Charles S   CPT 01/01/71        
Nettles Ora G   CPT 01/01/71        
O'Brien Robert J   1LT 01/01/71        
Morrow William J   1LT 01/01/71        
Freeman Carl L   1LT 01/01/71        
Pelletier William T   2LT 01/01/71       Y
Davidson Edsel Q   CW3 01/01/71        
Craven Clarence C II MSG 01/01/71        
Walchak Errett J   MSG 01/01/71        
Begley Robert G   MSG 01/01/71        
Yearta Jesse L   SFC 01/01/72        
Huey Shelby   SFC 01/01/71        
Correa Fernando   SFC 01/01/71        
Harrison Eddie L   SFC 01/01/71        
White Peter L   SFC 01/01/71        
Crafter James E   SFC 01/01/71        
Grier Robert M   SFC 01/01/71        
Whatley Robert E   SFC 01/01/71        
Vares Raymond G   SFC 01/01/71        
Janus Michael P   SFC 01/01/71        
Hall Arthur B   SFC 01/01/71        
Doty Robert H   SFC 01/01/71        
Johnson Thurmen A   SFC 01/01/71        
Peck Wendell R   SFC 01/01/71        
Antonich Vincent   SFC 01/01/71        
Moye Freddy R   SSG 01/01/71        
Richardson Robert J   SSG 01/01/71        
Tyson Miles E   SSG 01/01/71        
Philhower Michael L   SSG 01/01/71        
Roubideaux Tommy L   SGT 01/01/71        
Ferrell William L   SGT 01/01/71        
Dennis Thomas F   SGT 01/01/71        
Harmon Bruce C   SGT 01/01/71        
Williams Robert R   SP5 01/01/71        
Kuone Clarence E   SP4 01/01/71        
Leacock Daryl W   SP4 01/01/71        
Miller David E   SP4 01/01/71        

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