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Who's Who from Detachment A-106 (Ba To (New)) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-106 (Ba To (New)). If you were assigned to A-106 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (281) 879-5688 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. I need a copy of the PCS orders for the original PCS team.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A5/114 took over the New Ba To camp from A1/324, 1st SFG(A). It was redesignated A-106. A Training Center was established at Ba To in 1969. Ba To was converted to 69th Border Ranger o/a 09/30/70. Bat To was located in Ba To District, Quang Ngai Province.

Mayville William C   CPT 04/05/65 06/01/65 DET CO A5/114 YE.
Gauntner Donald E   CPT 06/01/65 12/09/65 DET CO   YE.
Patton William D   CPT 10/19/65 02/01/66 DET CO to C-1 & SOG DEC
Gaffney Richard L   CPT 02/20/66 08/18/66 DET CO   YE.
Sims John R   CPT 06/01/66 09/01/66 DET CO   DEC
Brunet William R "Ralph" CPT 09/01/66 12/10/66 DET CO medevaced DEC
Moffitt Carrow L   CPT 12/11/66 03/07/67 DET CO   DEC
Hagelberger Robert L   CPT 01/21/67 03/09/67 DET CO   DEC
Kotrc James C   CPT 04/02/67 08/01/67 DET CO   KIA
DeGreef Leo H   CPT 07/31/67 09/19/67 DET CO   DEC
Spokes Ernest M Jr CPT 09/20/67 03/07/68 DET CO   DEC
Cathcart Edmund H "Heywood" CPT 02/04/68 07/13/68 DET CO   YE.
Martin Gerald T III CPT 12/15/68 12/09/69 DET CO   YE,
Jones John A   CPT 08/01/69 12/26/69 DET CO   Y.
Spangler James F III CPT 12/26/69 09/20/70 DET CO   YE.
Carrier William S III "Steve" 2LT 04/05/65 01/01/66 DET XO A5/114 YE.
Morris Raymond C   2LT 01/04/66 06/01/66 DET XO A7/03 DEC
Sasarak Joseph Jr CPT 06/01/66 07/13/66 DET XO medevaced YE,
Chase James E Jr 1LT 08/13/66 09/01/66 DET XO to MSF Y,
Tolley Elmer W "Pete" 1LT 09/01/66 12/01/66 DET XO   DEC
McCloskey Robert E   1LT 11/02/66 03/07/67 DET XO medevaced YE
Lockhart Harry F Jr 1LT 03/07/67 05/13/67 DET XO medevaced YE.
Carcio Frank A   1LT 05/19/67 11/01/67 DET XO to MSF YE.
Wise Russell R   1LT 10/24/67 06/01/68 DET XO   Y,
Crockert James   1LT 04/18/68 01/01/69 DET XO   YE.
Thiewes John F   1LT 04/01/69 08/24/69 DET XO   DEC
Burks Daniel S   1LT 06/19/69 03/01/70 DET XO   YE.
Grayson John M "Michael" 1LT 01/01/70 07/01/70 DET XO   YE.
Damewood John H "Jack" 1LT 05/01/65 12/09/65 CAPO   DEC
Spencer James J   1LT 07/20/65 12/04/65 CAPO   YE,
Perkins William M   1LT 07/1/66 09/01/66 CAPO & DET XO YE.
Orenstein Leo R   1LT 11/27/66 02/14/67 CAPO   YE.
McCloskey Robert E   1LT 03/07/67 05/17/67 DET XO/CAPO medevaced YE
Beardslee Walter R   1LT 06/12/67 11/10/67 CAPO   YE.
Mansfield William R   2LT 11/03/67 10/26/68 CAPO   DEC
Thiewes John F   1LT 08/25/68 04/01/69 CAPO/XO   DEC
Cooper Ralph H   1LT 10/09/68 10/08/69 CAPO/XO   YE.
Danielson Lee S   1LT 07/14/69 06/01/70 CAPO   YE,
Snyder Clifford E "Duke" MSG 05/01/65 11/23/65 TM SGT A5/114 DEC
Talamine Donald J   MSG 06/01/66 03/01/67 TM SGT to S-4 C-1? DEC
Kerwin Joseph R 'Joe' MSG 04/01/67 08/16/67 TM SGT medevaced DEC
Fox Douglas "Snake" MSG 08/01/66   TM SGT   DEC
Kerwin Joseph R 'Joe' MSG 09/01/67 11/01/67 TM SGT   DEC
Carpenter Clifford P   SFC 11/01/67 03/16/68 TM SGT   DEC
Bello Mateo   MSG 06/01/67 09/01/67 TM SGT   DEC
Smith/Woods?     MSG          
Dupe James E   MSG         DEC
Thomas Richard W   MSG 01/26/69 12/11/69 TM SGT to TC Cmdr DEC
Petty Alfred H Jr MSG 09/14/69 09/14/70 TM SGT   Y.
Reifschneider Elmer J   SFC 04/01/65 11/15/65 INTEL A5/114 KIA
O'Daniel Lloyd G "O.D." SP5 11/01/65 06/01/66 INTEL/A   DEC
Von Kleist Austin R   SFC 03/01/67 06/01/67 INTEL   DOW
Torka Robert C   SSG 12/21/67 12/20/68 INTEL/A   YE.
Zickefoose Noble W   SFC 02/10/68 08/01/68 INTEL   DEC
Irwin Charles W   SFC 03/01/68 07/06/68 INTEL   YE.
Miller Stafford D Jr SSG 04/01/68 10/01/68 INTEL/A   DEC
Smith Don C   SP5 02/01/69 8/01/69 INTEL/A   YE.
Sturgill Franklin D   SFC 04/01/69 04/01/70 INTEL   Y.
Lloyd Mark C   SGT 08/01/69 03/01/70 INTEL/A   YE.
Cooper Dave F   SSG 11/21/69 02/01/70 INTEL    
Ward Bernard L   SFC 02/01/70 09/30/70 INTEL   Y.
Stacey Gordon E   SSG 04/05/65 04/01/66 LT WPNS A5/114 Y.
McNulty Charles M   SSG 04/01/65 06/01/65 HVY WPNS A5/114 DEC
West Grayson J   SFC 05/01/65 12/16/65 HVY WPNS   KIA
McNulty Charles M   SSG 12/15/65 04/01/65 HVY WPNS A5/114 DEC
Givens Hosea J   SFC 04/01/66 04/01/67 HVY WPNS & OPS DEC
Repella William   SFC 04/01/66 05/01/66 HVY WPNS medevaced DEC
Hudson?     SFC          
Twiggs James C   SGT 05/22/66 02/15/67 LT WPNS   DEC
Woods Patrick J   SFC 03/27/67 01/01/68 HVY WPNS & TM SGT? DEC
Upton Jackie E   SSG 03/01/67 07/01/67 WPNS   DEC
Carpenter Clifford P   SFC 03/17/67 03/16/68 LT WPNS & TM SGT DEC
Garner David L   SFC 05/29/67   WPNS    
Hicks Lelon P Jr SSG 07/08/67 01/01/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Paiser Robert   SFC 11/01/67 06/01/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Lucas Willie J   SSG 11/11/67 11/10/68 HVY WPNS   DEC
Harris James L   SSG 02/15/68 06/01/68 HVY WPNS   DEC
Inot Carlos M   SSG 08/01/68 11/01/68 LT WPNS   YE.
McIntyre Ronald N   SFC 04/06/69 04/05/70 HVY WPNS   A0Y,
Martin James P   SGT 09/10/69 09/10/70 LT/HVY WPNS   YE.
Gilliland Michael L   SP4 04/05/65   RAD OP A5/114 YE,
Clark Harry P   SSG 04/05/65 02/01/66 RAD OP A5/114 YE,
Humphrey Alexander P IV SP4 11/01/65 04/01/66 RAD OP   DEC
Daulton Monte J   SFC 01/01/66   RAD OP   DEC
Becker Brian J   SP4 04/01/66 12/01/66 RAD OP   DEC
Campbell Thomas E   SSG 01/01/67 7/01/67 RAD OP   DEC
Blalock Nathan W   SGT 04/01/67 08/01/67 RAD OP   YE.
Kaufmann Joseph G   SGT 03/12/67 03/11/68 RAD OP   DEC?
Brooks Jerry R   SGT 08/01/67 05/08/68 RAD OP   YE
Armijo Sergio   SP4 09/10/67   RAD OP?   DEC
Gebhard Gary L   SGT 09/25/67 09/24/68 RAD OP   DEC
Gallegos Gary   SP4 01/27/68 01/26/69 RAD OP   Y.
Sheets Dean E   SFC 11/01/68 11/01/69 RAD OP   YE,
Beddoe Thomas H   SGT 09/01/68 01/26/69 RAD OP   YE.
McKinney Alan   SP5 01/01/69   RAD OP   DEC
Dumay Richard A   SGT 03/01/69 06/01/69 RAD OP   DEC
Shepanek Paul   SP5     MEDIC   YE
Kelley Leslie W   SGT 10/01/69 07/12/70 RAD OP   YE
Cheese?           RAD OP    
Lawson Bufford   SSG 04/05/65 11/01/65 DEMO A5/114 YE,
Quigley Richard H   SSG 04/05/65   DEMO A5/114 Medevaced DEC
Coombs Christopher E   SP4 12/01/65 11/01/66 DEMO   YE
McDaniel?     SP4     CAPO    
Tinkler William J   SGT 08/01/66 08/01/67 DEMO   YE.
Brown Durwood A   SP5 12/17/67 12/16/68 DEMO   DEC
Mailhoit Henry L Jr SP5 01/01/68 05/23/68 DEMO/CAPO   DEC
Dodge Melvin F   SSG   11/01/68 DEMO   A0
Campana Jerry M   SP5 07/01/68 03/01/69 DEMO   YE.
Johnson Alan D   SGT 12/15/68 10/25/69 DEMO   YE.
          09/30/70 DEMO    
Mundhenk William   SP4 04/05/65   MEDIC A5/114 fm C5/300?  
Brock Joseph J   SSG 04/05/65 07/01/65 MEDIC A5/114 YE.
Moore Bert A   SSG 07/01/65 01/01/66 MEDIC   DEC
Wood Charles N   SSG 06/01/66   MEDIC medevaced DEC
Howser Ronald G   SGT     MEDIC   A0
Jones John         MEDIC   Y.
Murray Francis R "Roger" SP4 09/01/66 12/10/66 MEDIC medevaced YE.
Peacock Douglas A   SGT 01/30/67 03/16/68 MEDIC   YE.
Graves Garrett   SGT     MEDIC   YE.
Johnson Montgomery B   SP4 08/27/67 04/01/68 MEDIC   YE,
Rueb Ralph H   SFC 12/07/67 11/29/68 MEDIC   DEC
Glynn Edward L III SP5 01/01/68   MEDIC C-3? DEC
Kagawa Victor Y   SGT 09/21/68 09/20/69 MEDIC   DEC
Roe Thomas F   SGT 12/01/68 05/01/69 MEDIC   YE.
Shepanek Paul   SP5     MEDIC   YE.
Carmona Richard N   SGT     MEDIC   YE,
Hansen Stephen A   SGT 09/26/69 09/26/70 MEDIC   DEC
Law Kenneth M   SGT 10/20/69 03/25/70 MEDIC   YE.
Thomas Richard W   CPT 09/15/69 12/11/69 DET CO TRNG CTR DEC
Maroney Timothy P   CPT 03/01/70 08/01/70 DET CO TRNG CTR DEC
Gritzbaugh William E   1LT 02/01/70 05/01/70 CTR XO TRNG CTR YE.
Edquid Lodivino M   1LT 11/13/69 06/28/70 TRNG OFF TRNG CTR YE,
Nakahara Ronald T   MSG 03/01/70 07/19/70 TM SGT TRNG CTR DEC
Bragg Percell   SFC 07/01/69 07/01/70 TRNG NCO TRNG CTR DEC
Lewis Willie C   SFC 09/15/69 09/14/70 TRNG NCO TRNG CTR YE.
Reinburg John E   SFC 01/01/70 06/01/70 HVY WPNS TRNG CTR DEC
Garnett Leroy E "Ed" SGT     MEDIC TRNG CTR DEC
Contreras Danny L   SGT 01/01/70 12/01/70   TRNG CTR DEC
Hancock John L   SGT 09/15/69 08/01/70   TRNG CTR YE.
31st Engineer Detachment, KB Team #3 November 1969-March 1970 CSF Training Center
MAP of A-106 (Ba To)

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