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Who's Who from Detachment A-113/162 (Mobile Strike Force) (Partial Draft)
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The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-113/A-162 (Mobile Strike Force). If you were assigned to A-113/A-162 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.


Narrative Information: A-113 was established in 1967?, evolving from TDY A1/113. It was based at Marble Mountain. It was redesignated A-161 o/a August 1968 as First Battalion, 1st Mobile Strike Force Command. A-161 was converted VNSF control around 1/1/1970 and then to Border Ranger o/a 11/14/70. This list may be confusing company assignments against the nominal A detachment designations that were really only for staffing purposes. It is most important to keep people together who served with a particular company, but I would also like to maintain the thread of continuity as the companies were redesignated from 11x Co to 1x co to 12x Co to 16x co, etc. Any advice to shed light on this would be appreciated.

Det A-113 (AATTV 1 OFF, ~12 WO, US 1 OFF ~6 EM))

Fazekios Felix AATTV CPT 02/09/66 05/01/66 DET CO   DEC
Murphy Vincent N AATTV CPT 05/01/66 11/09/66 DET CO    
Lagalle W A AATTV CPT 11/01/66 01/01/67 DET CO    
Baudistel Karl W AATTV CPT 01/01/67 08/13/67 DET CO   DOW
Davis Medley M   CPT 08/01/67 11/13/67 DET CO Unconfirmed  
Dudgeon Noel B AATTV CPT 08/15/67 10/15/67 DET CO    
Ray Peter J AATTV CPT 10/15/67 01/15/68 DET CO    
Husar Adam W   MAJ 01/15/68 05/01/68 DET CO   DEC
Ray Peter J   CPT 01/15/68 02/29/68 DET XO    
Katz Darrell W   CPT 03/01/68 04/19/68 DET XO    
Greenwood Billy G   MSG 04/01/67 01/01/68 TM SGT DATES?  
Adams Harmon D   MSG 10/01/67 03/05/68 TM SGT    
Morris A H AATTV WO2   04/02/67 ADJT    
Stevenson R J P AATTV WO1 04/21/67 08/01/67 ADJT   DEC
Haberley A A AATTV WO2 12/01/67 06/11/68 ADJT/S-5    
Melvin William C   1LT 03/01/67 07/19/68 S-1    
Makowski Eugene E   CPT 11/12/67 10/31/68 S-3    
Winbank K O AATTV WO2 02/01/67 04/29/66 QM   DEC
McLean T A AATTV WO2 04/02/67 03/03/68 QM    
Ross Jon   1LT 02/01/68 05/29/68 S-4    
Thomas George H   SFC 02/11/68 09/01/68 SUPPLY    
Cameron Don G AATTV WO2 02/01/66 07/01/66 PLT LDR    
Holmes D G AATTV WO2 04/15/66       DEC
Pettit J G AATTV WO2 05/01/66 08/08/66     KIA
Fitzpatrick T J AATTV WO2 02/01/66 05/16/66     DEC
Barker J E AATTV WO2 3/01/66 04/18/66     DEC
Harris G D AATTV WO2   01/17/67     DEC
Bulow K A AATTV WO2 04/22/66 04/03/67     DEC
Holmes D G AATTV WO2 01/01/66 07/01/66     DEC
Siggers Anthony P AATTV WO2 09/19/66 08/21/67 PLT LDR To MGF DNH
Stone John M AATTV WO2 09/09/66 02/01/67 PLT LDR To MGF KIA
Prosper Bruce M AATTV WO2 09/19/66 01/01/67 PLT LDR To MGF Y
Sharples M F AATTV WO2 06/01/66 12/10/66      
Weir Roy L AATTV WO2 03/01/66 07/01/66 PLT LDR   Y
Gill T W AATTV WO2 07/01/66   PLT LDR    
Neitz Graham C AATTV WO2 04/01/66 09/20/66 PLT LDR   YE
Blanck Wayne D 'Snowy' WO2 04/01/66 09/20/66 PLT LDR   KIA
Rust Barry J AATTV WO2 06/01/67 08/31/67 PLT LDR    
Deglman Robert J   CPT 03/08/67 06/01/67 DET CO    
Dermody C David AATTV WO2 05/01/67 08/31/67   From MGF  
Austin Jerry J   1LT 06/01/67 09/14/67 DET CO/XO? Fm Date?  
Wilson William L   1LT 02/01/66 10/14/66 DET XO    
Carter Virgil R II 1LT 09/19/66 01/15/67 DET XO   YE
Perkins William R   1LT 01/15/67 07/09/67 DET XO   YE
Loff Ralph A   SFC 10/01/66 01/01/67 OPNS SGT    
Price Robert K   SFC   02/01/67 TM SGT    
Cloer William H   MSG 03/01/68 6/01/68 TM SGT    
Cerebe George P   SGT 09/01/66        
Formyduval Samuel T   SFC 09/01/66   DEMO    
Johnson David   SFC 12/11/66 06/15/67 INTEL    
Higgins Richard P   SFC 02/01/66 08/01/66 WPNS    
Upton Jackie E   SSG 10/01/66 03/01/67 WPNS w/Folwell?  
Adami Harold J   SSG 06/01/66   RAD OP    
Best Richard K   SGT 01/01/67   RAD OP RECON  
Aken Clayton D   SP5 04/29/67 01/01/68 RAD SPVR    
Yost Daniel J   SP5 05/04/67 01/06/68 DEMO? Sig Co?  
Willsey Gerald A   SP4 03/18/66 06/01/66 MEDIC    
Smith Donald P   SGT 06/01/66 11/18/66 MEDIC   KIA
Neidlein Thomas W   SSG 01/01/67 01/25/68 MEDIC    
Elliott Lawrence C   SP5     MEDIC No ords/date? Y
Pavel James H   SGT 01/01/67 12/01/67 MEDIC    
Woods Patrick J   SFC 04/01/67 03/26/68 WPNS LDR    
Reid Billy A   SFC 06/01/67 01/01/68 WPNS LDR    
Brande Harvey G   SFC 04/11/66 09/01/66 PLT LDR To MGF  
Petersen Karl H   SSG 06/01/66        
Traylor William B   SSG 06/01/66        
Ellis Millard K   SFC 01/01/67        
Mills Richard D   SGT 04/20/67 01/01/68      
Newman Bobby W   SFC 01/01/67        
Hunt Lawrence D   SP5 06/01/67     CPT? NOR  
Hargus Carl A   SFC 01/28/68 05/10/68 RAD SPVR    
Coles Thomas G Jr SGT 10/08/67 05/01/68      
Johnson Leonard   SSG 01/01/68   MEDIC    

A-161 (1st Battalion [Vietnamese]

Newkirk Robert L   CPT 12/15/68 04/01/69 BN CDR 113 CO  
McDonald Richard   CPT 09/01/69 12/22/69 BN CDR 111 MSF CO  
Lee Paul E   CPT 10/01/69 10/26/69 BN CDR M/E  
Romey Jean-Francois J   CPT   01/12/70 BN CDR 111 MSF CO  
Siefert James B   1LT 06/18/68 06/14/69 DET XO 111 MSF CO  
Prather Billy   SFC 06/01/69     111 MSF CO  
Hoskins James H   SFC 09/01/67   PLT LDR 111 MSF CO  
Cunningham Howard L Jr SSG 10/01/69     111 MSF CO  
Armijo Sergio   SP4 06/01/68 09/09/68 RAD OP 111 MSF CO  
Williams Willie Jr SFC 01/01/68   Hvy WPNS 111 MSF CO  
Thomas George H   SFC 02/11/68 03/09/69 PLT LDR 111 MSF CO  
Bagley Daniel M   SP5 01/01/69     111 MSF CO  
Eller Richard W   SSG 06/24/69     111 MSF CO  
Cook Robert L   SP4 10/01/69     111 MSF CO  
Cook David M   SSG 09/29/69 03/01/70 PLT LDR 111 MSF CO  
Ortiz Andres O   SP5 01/01/69   MEDIC 111 MSF CO  
Curtis Paul B   SFC 08/28/68 03/01/69 CO CDR 112 MSF CO  
Zickefoose Noble W   SFC 08/30/68 05/01/69 CO CDR 112 MSF CO  
Owens Thomas M III SGT 10/24/68 06/01/69 CO XO/MD 112/111 CO  
Janka James E   SSG 11/08/68 03/08/69 PLT LDR 112 MSF CO KIA
Cziprusz John S   1LT   01/11/70 CO CDR 113 MSF CO  
McNiff Thomas G   SFC 11/01/68 04/13/69 MEDIC 113 MSF CO  
Schaefer Francis J   SP4 06/01/68 01/01/69 CO XO 113 MSF CO  
Turcotte Gilbert R   SSG 12/01/68   2 PLT LDR 113 MSF CO  
Wyson Kurt M   SFC 12/12/68 12/11/69 Plt Ldr/MD 112/113 CO  
Thomas Garfield   SSG 06/01/69     113 MSF CO  
Merritt James H   SFC 07/01/69 07/01/70 PLT LDR 113 MSF CO  
Ronnow John C   SGT 11/12/68 06/01/69 RAD OP 113 CO/14 YE

Mike Force Advisors (1970)

Romey Jean-Francois J   CPT 01/12/70 2/15/70 BN ADV 1 MSF BN  
Archer John B   1LT 04/01/70 11/10/70 CO ADV 1 MSF BN  
Arellano-Morales Jorge   1LT 01/12/70 09/15/70 BN ADV 2 MSF BN  
Risner Arthur C   SGT 10/21/69 10/20/70      
Segalle Anthony F   SP5 03/01/70 10/22/70 MEDIC    
Jackson Robert E   SGT 01/01/70 12/01/70 RAD OP    
Rice Steve A Jr SGT 01/01/70   RAD OP    

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