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Who's Who from Detachment A-233 (Trang Phuc aka Ban Don, etc) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-233 (Buon Mi Ga, Buon Ea Yang/Trang Phuc aka Ban Don). If you were assigned to A-233 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (281) 879-5688 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A5/2 (AKA A5/212) replaced a 1st SFG(A) TDY team at Buon Mi Ga. The team was redesignated A-233 on 01/08/65. O/a 4/28/65, that camp was closed and a new camp reopened at Buon Ea Yang. O/a 8/8/66, the camp was relocated to Trang Phuc aka Ban Don in ? District, Darlac Province. The earlier TDY teams, from the 1st SFGA, are listed in a previously published monograph. An augmentation team from B-57 was present in late 1966-67. The camp was turned over to the 72nd Border Ranger Battalion on 09/20/70.

Willoughby Lawrence C   CPT 09/01/64 08/31/65 DET CO A5/212 DEC
Abraham Jack B   CPT 01/25/65 07/01/65 DET CO A5/121 to C-2? YE
Andersen Arne   CPT 06/01/65 11/01/65 DET CO   YE,
White Robert W Sr CPT 08/11/65   DET CO   DEC
Mize Ola L   CPT 01/03/66 10/01/66 DET CO   DEC
Daniel William D Jr CPT 05/01/66 12/01/66 DET CO   DEC
Wolfe Robert M   CPT 11/09/66 07/02/67 DET CO & C-4? DEC
Peters Stephen F   1LT 06/14/67   DET CO   KIA
Hamilton Emery   CPT 08/03/67 01/20/68 DET CO   DEC
Spoerry Stephen J 'Jim' CPT 01/05/68 03/06/68 DET CO   YE
Worthy George A   1LT 03/07/68 11/12/68 DET CO   YE
O'Harra James P   CPT 08/30/68 01/25/69 DET CO   Y
Gritz John P   CPT 01/26/69 09/17/69 DET CO   Y
O'Neal Ralph K   1LT 07/18/69 07/18/70 ACTING CO   A0Y
Janous William J   CPT 08/12/69 12/01/69 DET CO   YE,
Whiteside Richard I   CPT 12/01/69 04/01/70 DET CO   DEC
Heslin Thomas F   CPT 03/28/70 07/01/70 DET CO   DEC
Dahlman Robert W   CPT 06/01/70 10/30/70 DET CO   DEC
Riddle Steven G   1LT 09/01/64 08/31/65 DET XO A5/212 DEC
Smith Jimmy J   1LT 10/12/65 10/11/66 DET XO   DEC
Peters Stephen F   2LT 10/11/66 06/13/67 DET XO   KIA
Janik William J   2LT 07/09/67 12/27/67 DET XO   A0Y
Ratcliffe William S   1LT 11/26/67 04/09/68 DET XO   YE.
Elmquist Ronald E   1LT 04/10/68 10/01/68 DET XO MED-EVACED? Y
Cronin Joseph T II 1LT 10/07/68 04/01/69 DET XO   DEC
Mitchell John R   1LT 04/01/69 09/09/69 DET XO   YE,
O'Neal Ralph K   1LT 07/18/69 07/18/70 DET XO   A0Y
Beck Andrew J   1LT 07/01/70 11/01/70 DET XO   YE.
Robey Lyle G   1LT 08/05/65 03/01/65 CAPO   DEC
Peters Stephen F   2LT 08/15/66 10/11/66 CAPO   KIA
Husband Chester A Jr 1LT 04/09/67 09/02/67 CAPO ASSIGN? YE,
Elmquist Ronald E   1LT 02/04/68 04/09/68 CAPO   Y
Brackett Richard P   1LT 09/06/68 02/12/69 CAPO   YE,
Mills Stewart C   1LT 12/26/68 03/01/69 CAPO   YE,
Kivipelto John D   1LT 03/23/69 01/21/70 CAPO   DEC
Beck Andrew J   1LT 07/01/70 11/01/70 CAPO   Y
Duarte Antonio Jr 'Tony' MSG 09/01/64 01/01/65 TM SGT A5/212 DEC
Farrell Jimmie L   SFC 09/01/64 08/31/65 TM SGT A5/212 DEC
Heathman Howard V   SFC 09/01/65 01/01/66 TM SGT   DEC
Ashcraft Leland   MSG 01/01/66 04/01/66 TM SGT to SGM DEC
Pylant Minor B   MSG 04/01/66 10/01/66 TM SGT   DEC
Taylor Lewis R 'Smokey' MSG 01/01/67 01/01/68 TM SGT   DEC
Boody Thomas T 'Ted' MSG 01/01/68 08/01/68 TM SGT   YE,
Jessee Thomas J   MSG 09/23/68 03/01/68 TM SGT   DEC
Ratleff Roy J   MSG 09/01/68 05/01/69 TM SGT   DEC
Miller Hugh W   MSG 03/10/69 03/09/70 TM SGT   DEC
Ledbetter William C Jr MSG 11/01/69 03/01/70 TM SGT   DEC
Maynard Kennie W   MSG 01/01/70 04/01/70 TM SGT   Y
Cherry Owen L   MSG 04/01/70 11/01/70 TM SGT   DEC
Gaydosik Edward H   SFC 08/01/64 08/31/65 INTEL A5/212 DEC
Kling Daniel J "Danny" SFC 05/01/65 08/01/65 INTEL   DEC
Pawlick William J   SGT 05/01/66 05/01/67 INTEL   DEC
Rubio Anthony L   SSG 01/01/67   INTEL   YE,
Christy Gale P   SFC 06/01/67 01/28/68 INTEL   DEC
Holton Archie B   SSG 06/01/67   INTEL/A   DEC
Massingill Roy G   SFC 01/01/68   INTEL   DEC
Cummings David L   SP5 07/01/68 01/01/69 INTEL/A   YE
Dawkins James R   SFC 08/24/68 08/23/69 INTEL   DEC
Roseberry Larry D   SSG 08/01/68 10/08/68 INTEL/A   DEC
Speyrer Lloyd E   SFC 03/03/69 03/02/70 INTEL   DEC
Freyser William O 'Bill' SSG 09/01/64 08/31/65 LT WPNS A5/212 to A-103 (PH)? DEC
Anderson James H Jr SSG 12/01/64 09/01/65 LT WPNS A5/312 Y
Bowman James C   SSG 09/01/64 08/31/65 WPNS A5/212 DEC
Blanchard Alexander C   SGT 11/01/65 11/01/66 LT WPNS   Y
Hughes Glenn C   SSG 12/05/65 06/01/66 HVY WPNS   DEC
DeLuca Thomas A   SFC 03/01/66 03/01/67 HVY WPNS COMMISSIONED YE,
Ramirez Robert C   SGT 04/01/67 05/01/67 LT WPNS   YE,
Morris Jimmie   SSG 04/29/67 12/01/67 LT WPNS medevaced, commissnd YE.
Gale Donald A   SFC 10/01/67 09/01/68 HVY WPNS   YE,
Bonner Jack L   SFC 09/01/67 03/18/68 HVY WPNS   DEC
Camacho Fred A   SSG 12/06/67 11/05/68 LT WPNS   YE
Taylor Terrell "King Kong" SFC 03/10/69 03/09/70 HVY WPNS   Y
Pierelli Daniel J   SGT 06/01/69   LT WPNS   YE,
Gilbert Michael W   SGT 06/10/70 09/30/70 LT WPNS   DEC
James Charles G   SGT 09/01/64 08/31/65 RAD OP A5/212 Y
Bonner Robert W   SP4 01/01/65 03/01/66 RAD OP   YE,
Bain Neville G   SP4 06/01/65 11/01/65 RAD OP from SIGCO TM B-3 YE,
Miller Byron S   SGT 11/15/65 05/08/66 RAD OP   YE,
Collier William D   SFC 01/01/66   RAD OP   DEC
Ballou Richard D   SGT 01/01/66 01/01/67 RAD OP ALSO C-2 DEC
Clemmer James L   SP4 09/01/66 05/01/67 RAD OP   DEC
Williams Gene H   SP4 01/01/67 07/01/67 RAD OP   YE
Holcomb Charles R   SSG 01/01/67   RAD OP   DEC
Krajicek Russell J   SSG 06/01/67   RAD OP   DEC
Hoskins Edward L   SSG 07/04/67 12/01/67 RAD OP   YE
Brown Brian A   SSG 11/17/67 11/01/68 RAD OP   YE,
Pawelko Michael J Jr SGT 06/01/68   RAD OP rash ? DEC
Vermillion Michael L   SGT 09/23/68 09/22/69 RAD OP   AOU
Smith Jack E   SSG 05/08/69 04/12/70 RAD OP   YE,
Helm Edward L   SFC 05/20/69 05/19/70 RAD OP   A0U
Henke James J   SGT 09/01/69 09/01/70 RAD OP   DEC
Ordway Stephen D   SGT 03/01/70 11/30/70 RAD OP   YE,
Dreblow Harold H   SSG 09/01/64 12/01/64 DEMO A5/212 to B-52? DEC
Escher Casey H Jr PFC 09/01/64 08/31/65 DEMO A5/212 YE,
Poole Thomas D   SP5 10/01/65 04/01/66 DEMO   YE,
Webster Earle E   SSG 11/01/65 11/01/66 DEMO or B-52 Y
Stedman Gary M   SSG 03/01/66 12/01/66 DEMO   YE,
Eckhardt Eric G   SSG 12/02/66 12/07/67 DEMO   YE,
Kreis Marvin M   SSG 06/01/67   DEMO    
Arbizo Santiago M   SSG 10/23/68 09/22/70 DEMO   DEC
Trout Donald K   SGT 09/01/64 08/31/65 MEDIC A5/212 Y
Dillinder Troy D   SSG 09/01/64 01/01/65 MEDIC A5/212 DEC
Dare Ronald A   SGT 01/01/65   MEDIC   Y
?Spivey Gene   SSG     MEDIC   DEC
Nation Robert H   SGT 08/01/65 08/01/66 MEDIC   DEC
Meade Patrick W   SP4 09/01/66 08/01/67 MEDIC   YE
Brackett Richard P   SSG 05/01/66 11/01/66 MEDIC   YE,
Knuble Vitauts   SGT 05/01/67   MEDIC   DEC
Schroeder Bryant J   SGT 06/01/67   MEDIC   Y
Smith James W   SGT 05/01/68 08/23/68 MEDIC @A-239? KIA
Hill Robert M   SFC 06/01/68   MEDIC   DEC
Chestnut William J   SP4 09/01/68 12/01/69 MEDIC & C-2 YE.
Green Thomas D   SFC 01/07/69 05/01/69 MEDIC   DEC
Celaya Raymond   SGT 09/01/69 05/01/70 MEDIC   YE,
Hinton Thomas H   SP5 07/01/70 11/18/70 MEDIC   DEC
Scull John F Jr SP4 01/01/66 03/21/66 PHOTOG Group PIO KIA
Hamilton Christopher B   SGT 12/08/69 11/12/70      
B-57 (Project Gamma Personnel at A-233)
Terry Curtis D   MAJ 07/09/66 11/04/66 @A-233 Spec Projects DEC
Walters Jerry R   CPT 10/05/66 04/10/67 @A-233 CASE OFF YE,
Young James A   CPT 11/10/66 11/05/67 @A-233    
Peters Stephen F   1LT 08/15/66 06/13/67 @A-233 Det XO or B-57? KIA
Meehan William F Jr 1LT 09/29/66 04/11/67 @A-233 CASE OFF  
Elkins Harry F   SFC 10/01/66 04/01/67 @A-233   DEC
403 RR (ASA Personnel at A-233)
Bagley Michael F   SSG 09/15/66 04/27/68 05H4S @A-233 Y,
Herr William M   SP5   09/14/67 05H @A-233 YE.
Larsen John A   SSG 08/05/67 07/31/68 98C4S68 @A-233 YE.
Alligood James Jr MSG 09/01/67   98Z OPS NCOIC DEC
McCallum Andrew Jr SSG 09/01/67 09/14/67 05H4S YE,
Campbell James H III SSG 08/01/67 08/27/68 05D4P    
Toten William L   SSG 08/01/67 08/23/68 05D4S69    
Quinn Duane E   SP4 09/01/67 09/14/67 05H4S @A-233 malaria YE.
Hubbard Michael E   SSG 08/29/67 09/14/67 05D4S @A-233 malaria YE.
Semmler James W   SSG 10/15/67 11/05/68 05H2P @A-233 YE,
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