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Who's Who from Detachment A-501 (Nung Security Force) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-501 (Nung Security Force) at the Project Delta Compound, Camp A Nguyen Van Tan, Nha Trang. If you were assigned to A-501 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: A-501 was set up to run the Nung Security Force ("Palace Guard") by the survivors of A5/218 after the battle at Dak Sut. This was separate from the Mobile Reaction Force at Trung Dung by earlier TDY teams which was designated A-503. [Further details required.] In September of 1966, the detachment was sent to Danang and their portion of the compound was turned over to the Recondo School.

Cook Kenneth J   CPT 08/19/65 01/12/66   Y
Earleywine Gene A   CPT 01/03/66 09/01/66 to Danang Y
Jennings Keith R   1LT 10/11/65 06/01/66    
Marler Bobby H   1LT 08/01/66 09/01/66 to Danang Y
Hanks James V Jr MSG 09/01/65 04/01/66   Y
Callahan John R   MSG 12/01/65 02/01/66 Medevaced  
Bray William L   MSG 05/01/66 09/01/66   Y
Adkins Bennie G   SFC 11/01/65 01/01/66   Y
Gibson Milton T   SFC 01/07/66 01/06/67 to Danang  
Ledbetter William C Jr SFC 09/01/65   Assign?  
Cartwright Richard T   SFC 01/16/66 09/01/66 to Danang  
Daniels Robert M   SSG 07/28/66 01/01/67 to Danang  
Loff Ralph A   SFC 07/29/66 10/01/66 to Danang Y
Colon Orlando   SP4 08/01/66 09/01/66 to C-3  
Burch Robert G   SGT 08/18/65 01/23/66    
Foley David L   SSG 09/01/65 01/23/66    
Pease Larry L   SFC 12/04/65 09/01/66    
Britton Frederick E   SSG 12/13/65 09/01/66 to Danang Y
Geoghegan Peter Y   SSG 06/01/65   or A-202?  
Martin William P   SP5 09/01/65 01/23/65    
Cappel Edward E   SGT 12/13/65 12/13/66 to Danang  
Donahue James J Jr SP4 01/20/66 01/19/67    
Schlegel John D   SGT 12/01/64 11/30/65 A5/312  
Perez Juan   SSG 01/01/65      
Kisling Edwin A   SSG 09/01/65 01/23/66    
Giezentanner Jan A   SGT 09/01/65 01/23/66    
Lansberry Albert   SFC 05/03/66 09/01/66 to Danang  
Robinson David R   SGT 12/09/66 03/27/67 to Danang  
Konarski Leszek K L   SP4 01/01/65   A-225?  

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