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Who's Who from Detachment B-57(Project GAMMA) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-57 (Project GAMMA). (I still have some confusion in separating the TOC/CLD personnel in Saigon from the earlier assignments to B-55 under MAJ Terry and its later incarnation as B-57. I have also tried to put specific camp assignments for non-staff personnel. I have decided to publish field names with real names against this list where such names are given, but your advice would be appreciated. If you were assigned to B-57 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Originally under the cover designation of Detachment B-55 and located in Saigon, this project ran unilateral intelligence collection networks. O/a 8/1/66 the original SF staffing was replaced, in part, by personnel from 525th MI Detachment and the project was redesignated B-57 (Gamma). It moved from 911 Cao Ba Nha, Saigon to a compound within the SFOB o/a 6/1/67. A General Order (not found) assigned B-57 to 5th SFGA for Admin, OPCON to MACV J-2 sometime in 1968. The Project had a troubled history with three incidents of suspected double agent penetrations (at approximately 18 month intervals). It was finally deactivated March 31, 1970. Some of the operational code names included Project OAK, Project CHERRY, BLACKBEARD and NANTUCKET.

Details Reported: A cover designation for personnel re-assignment was TF McCLAIN? Used Collins KWM2A radios with M30 or M13 amplifier, shackled up in voice what was put on Diana pads. Also used PRC-74s.  Most of the time, operating using morse code, B-57 had one of the fastest nets in RVN.


Det CO  
Terry Curtis D   MAJ 1/1/66 8/1/66 C-5S   Y?
Murray Patrick B   MAJ 07/09/66 01/30/67 NOR   D
Nandor George J   MAJ 01/31/67 08/30/67     Y
Adams Hugh W H   MAJ 07/29/67 01/21/68 DATES?   Y
Schweikert Eugene G   MAJ 04/01/68 09/01/68      
Thrasher Robert H   MAJ 08/31/68 06/01/69      
Crew David E   MAJ 06/01/69 07/14/69      
Richfield Robert F   MAJ 08/01/69 12/09/69     Y
Steiger Donald W   MAJ 12/06/69 04/01/70      
Det XO  
Guild William B   MAJ 01/29/67 06/27/67     D
Steiger Donald W   MAJ 07/02/69 12/05/69 ASSIGN?    
Johnson Cap T   MSG 08/01/66        
Darcy Paul M   SGM 01/01/67 09/01/67     D
Davidson Forrest L   SGM 01/18/67       D
Fisers Arturs   SGM   05/22/68   med-evaced from A-244 6/17/67  
Voter John E   SSM 04/07/68 06/07/69     Y
Fisers Arturs   SGM 06/01/68     ?  
Warren Richard D   SSM 05/15/69 05/14/70     Y
McDonnell John T   1LT 01/01/66 02/19/66 C-5S    
Eiland Michael D   CPT 11/11/66 01/30/67     Y
Alpern Stephen I   CPT 01/31/67 09/27/67 @A-323   Y
Clement James L   1LT 09/18/67 09/17/68     D
S-1 NCO  
Clegg Robert G   MSG 03/23/67 06/01/68 97B4L29 CONTINGENCY FUND NCO D
Clegg Robert G   MSG 06/01/68 03/20/70 97B4L29 CONTINGENCY FUND NCO D
Sherrod Jesse E   SFC 01/16/69 07/07/69     S
Coulter Edward A   MSG 04/02/69 04/01/70      
Levay Dean A   SP5 01/09/69 01/08/70   S-1 CLERK  
Koford Joel L   CPT 01/01/66 05/24/66 B-55 Not on Aug Roster  
Kennedy James L   CPT 11/10/66 05/28/67 @A-233    
Kieffer Joseph S III CPT 01/18/67 01/09/68      
Tonkin Marvin H   CW2 06/09/67 01/01/68   S-2 CI OFF 588MI Y
S-2 NCO  
Knoll William P   SFC 01/08/68 01/06/69      
Willis Jack H   MSG 05/20/68 05/01/69   11F5S Y Y
Dorman Michael J   SGT 10/18/69 07/18/69   97C4P Y Y
S-3 Special Projects  
Ferguson Kenneth D or A?   CPT 01/01/66 11/24/66 C-5S Not on Aug Roster  
Nandor George J   MAJ 08/31/66 01/31/67 Spec Proj   Y
Eiland Michael D   CPT 01/31/67 07/04/67   CASE OFF OP CHERRY Y
Clark Allen B Jr CPT 09/02/66 03/01/67 SGN CASE OFF OP CHERRY Y
Rutherford Glenn F   MSG 06/20/67 06/01/68   OP CHERRY D
Macris William   SFC 01/01/67     OP CHERRY  
Hancock Ben W   SFC 01/01/67     OP CHERRY Y
Terry Curtis D   MAJ 07/09/66 11/04/66 Spec Proj   Y
Carrier William S III 1LT 01/01/66 04/04/66 C-5S    
Werbiski Phillip M   CPT 09/01/64 10/09/66 C-5S   D
Pronier Robert A   MSG 01/01/66   C-5S   Y
Wilson Elliott L   SSG 04/01/66 06/01/66 C-5S   Y
Anderson John C   SFC 02/10/66 10/13/66 SGN CASE OFF Y
Kamalu Winsley F "Wes" SSG 01/01/66   C-5S Rad Op Y
Project OAK (Under C-3, then B-57, then C-5, then Group S-2)  
Junot Tony   MSG 06/01/65 12/10/65 C-5S Tm Chief Y
Grandy James H   MSG 09/01/65 06/01/66 C-5S Tm Chief D
Goodwin Sheldon         SMIAT (Advised OAK personnel) ?
Judd Patrick O         SMIAT (Advised OAK personnel) Y
Lishchynsky George   SFC 06/01/65 06/01/66 C-5S Case Officer D
Rusidoff Paul A   MSG 01/01/66 01/01/67 C-5S Case Officer  
Fryer John A   MSG 04/01/66 04/01/67 C-5S Tm Chief Y
Buckelew Alvin H   MAJ 03/01/67 09/26/67 Spec Proj Tm Chief Y
Haefer Hal D   SGT 04/01/67   B-57 Case Officer  
Starsiak Richard P   1LT 04/20/67 06/23/67 B-57 Case Officer  
Campbell Sidney C   PFC 07/01/67 02/01/68 B-57 613MI Y
Starsiak Richard P   1LT 06/23/67 10/19/67 C-5 Case Officer  
Starsiak Richard P   CPT 10/20/67 05/19/68 HHC Case Officer  
Wilkenson Robert W   CPT 09/27/67 07/13/68 HHC Tm Chief  
Marshall Elbert M   CPT 10/02/66 06/28/67     Y
Cumings Thayer   CPT 06/28/67 01/10/68     Y
Andrews Darlington F   CPT 09/07/68 06/11/69     Y
Williams Budge E   CPT 06/01/69 07/14/69     Y
Adams Charles F   CW2 08/06/69 01/01/70 613MI    
S-3 NCO  
?     SSG     SGN FN: Tracy Goodwin  
Haines Ralph W   SP5 12/27/66 12/23/67 SGN 96D Y
Kohlmann Milton N   PFC 04/25/67 04/24/68 SGN 613MI Y
Ishimoto Wade Y   SFC 07/01/69 03/01/70   OPS NCOIC Y
Zdyb Edward J Jr SSG 10/14/68 10/13/69   REPORTS NCO Y
Cruse Richard W   SFC 12/20/68 12/19/69   OPS NCO D
Cuthbertson Robert J   CPT 12/16/65 06/01/66 C-5S    
Young James A   CPT 11/10/66 07/01/67   to A-233  
Krommenhoek Pieter J   1LT 06/09/67 02/01/68   to A-253 Y
Baker Barry N   1LT ?05/01/68 11/18/68      
Fisher Carl R   1LT 11/18/68 05/14/69   or 7/10/68  
Wolf Robert A   CPT 05/07/69 05/06/70      
S-4 NCO  
Gillespie Bernard J   SSG 09/13/67 06/01/68 76Y4P   Y
Gillespie Bernard J   SSG 06/01/68 09/12/68 76Y4P   Y
Potter Ross D   SFC ?02/26/69 04/19/70 76Y4S   D
Butler James J Jr CPL 01/01/69     No Record  
Sig Off/RAD SPVR  
Gainey Bobby M   CPT 01/01/66 06/27/66 C-5S    
?Loggins William C Jr SFC 06/01/66     RAD SPVR Y
Hain Kenneth H   SFC 10/31/66 05/08/68   FN: John Larkin Y
Hain Kenneth H   SFC 08/01/69 02/01/70   FN: John Larkin Y
Harper Jack G   SFC 08/20/69 01/17/70   RAD SPVR Y
Hiner Charles F   SFC 11/10/69     RAD SPVR D
Rad Op  
Hargus Carl A   SSG 01/01/66 09/01/66 C-5S   Y
Bognar Lawrence R   SGT 01/01/67     Rad Op (no orders) D
Cole Ronald L   SP5 10/04/66 06/01/68      
Leon Barry R   SFC 01/01/67 11/01/67     Y
Shoff Donald B   SFC 01/01/68       Y
Basilici Richard A   SFC 04/01/68 06/01/68      
Basilici Richard A   SFC 06/01/68 03/31/69      
Counts Clarence   SFC 06/01/68 02/28/69     Y
Minatra Billy M   SP4 06/01/69        
Trimiar James A Jr SFC 06/01/69 11/17/69      
B-57     Rank From To      
Sewell James W   2LT 04/25/67 07/01/67 @A-108 613 MI  
Campbell Sidney C   PFC 04/25/67 07/01/67 @A-108 613MI Y
Chernisky James M   SGT 04/25/67 07/01/67 @A-1xx 613MI D
Eager Richard G   CPL 04/25/67 07/01/67 @A-104 613 MI Y
Tayloe Edward D II PFC 04/25/67 07/01/67 @A-107 613 MI Y
Smith Peter V   SSG 12/10/67 06/01/68 @C-1?    
Smith Peter V   SSG 06/01/68 06/12/68 @C-1?    
A-233 (Ban Don)
Terry Curtis D   MAJ 07/09/66 11/04/66 @A-233 Spec Projects Y
Walters Jerry R   CPT 10/05/66 04/10/67 @A-233 CASE OFF  
Young James A   CPT 11/10/66 11/05/67 @A-233    
Peters Stephen F   1LT 08/15/66 06/13/67 @A-233 Det XO or B-57? K
Meehan William F Jr 1LT 09/29/66 04/11/67 @A-233 CASE OFF  
Elkins Harry F   SFC 10/01/66 04/01/67 @A-233   Y
A-239 DUC LAP  
Ihli Amandus M   1LT 09/23/66 05/01/67 @A-239 FN: Ralph Sanderson Y
Amisano Guy L   PFC 04/25/67 04/25/68 @A-239 FN:John Marino 613 MI Y
Kline Harold F   SSG 06/24/67 08/26/68   KIA Small Arms K
Yancey Charles E   1LT 12/04/67 12/03/68   DATES FM AM (NOR) Y
Butler James J   MSG 05/18/68 06/07/69   & C-4?  
Uchino Shigeo   SFC 06/01/68   @A-239? 97C4L  
Letellier Silas W   WO1 09/11/68 09/06/69 @A-239 971A FN: ‘Zeke’ S W Y
Adams Charles F   CW2 01/01/70 03/01/70 613MI CASE OFF  
A-244 DAK TO  
Clark Allen B Jr CPT 03/01/67 06/17/67 @A-244 IR PROD FN:Allen Copley Y
Fisers Arturs   SGM 05/21/67 05/22/68 @A-244 DATES? Med-evaced 6/17/67  
Guild William B   MAJ 06/27/67 02/02/68 @A-244 TM LDR D
A-245 DAK SEANG              
Henderson Terry L   SGT 04/17/67 04/16/68 @A-245 588MI  
A-251 PLEI DJERENG              
Cooper Patrick A   SGT 06/08/67 06/08/68 @A-251? 588MI (floater) Y
A-253 DUC CO  
?Forsythe Glenn R   SSG 08/01/66 06/01/67 @A-253 after Jan 67? What earlier? FN: Y
?Hargus Carl A   SSG 09/01/66 01/01/67 @A-253 after Jan 67? What earlier? FN: Y
Stevens Howard A   SFC 12/01/66 02/20/67 @A-253 FN: Y
Garrison James H   SFC ?06/01/66 06/01/67 @A-253 after Jan 67? What earlier? FN: D
Hargus Carl A   SSG 01/01/67 04/01/67 @A-253 CASE OFF FN: Y
Cumings Thayer   CPT 01/12/67 06/28/67 @A-253   Y
Counts Clarence   SFC 06/02/67 06/01/68 @A-253   Y
Cooper Patrick A   SGT 06/08/67 06/08/68 @A-253? 588MI (floater) Y
Adams Hugh W H   CPT 06/29/67 07/28/67 @A-253 ‘RAD OP’ FN:Roy Moore Y
Krommenhoek Pieter J   1LT 02/01/68 05/30/68 @A-253 FN: Peter Hook Y
Koebbe Carroll J   1SG 08/01/68 07/29/69 @A-253   Y
Montgomery William D   SGT 09/24/68 07/09/69 @A-253 FN: William Montjoy  
Davis Thomas B III CPT 01/13/69 01/07/70 @A-253 AREA INTEL  
Kayanan Daniel N   SGT 03/26/69 03/25/70 @A-253 FN:Daniel Keeno D
Pronier Robert A   MSG ?10/15/69 02/15/70 or @A-239? FN: Robert Price Y
Godin Robert H   SSG 11/18/68 11/17/69 @A-2XX?    
B-24 KONTUM or with A- team?  
Jamerson William C   SSG 10/04/67 06/01/68 @B-24    
Jamerson William C   SSG 06/01/68 07/10/68 @B-24    
C-3 At Bien Hoa or with A team?  
Chernisky James M   SGT 07/01/67 04/23/68 @C-3 613MI D
Chase Thomas H   SGT 04/25/67 04/24/68 @C-3 613MI  
Wilcoxon Steven A   SGT 06/01/68   @C-3    
A-331 LOC NINH  
Callahan Edward G   CW2 04/25/67 04/23/68 @A-331 CASE OFF 613MI FN: Carmody  
Forsythe Glenn R   SSG 06/01/67 01/01/68 @A-331 RAD OP FN: Glenn Foxworth Y
Tonkin Marvin H   CW2 06/09/67 06/08/68 @A-331 FN: Y
Hargus Carl A   SSG 06/05/68 09/01/69 @A-331 RAD OP FN: Charles Hanson Y
Tom Jeffrey G H   CPT 06/09/68 07/08/69   AREA INTEL  
Forsythe Glenn R   SFC 06/14/68 05/01/69 @A-331 RAD OP FN: Glenn Foxworth Y
Kieff Nelson R   SGT 10/01/68 06/30/69 @A-331 FN: Nelson Keffer Y
Willis Jack H   MSG 05/01/69 12/20/69 @A-331 11F5S Y
Parris James D   SFC 06/01/69 05/06/70 @A-331 RAD OP  
Russell Harry F Jr CPT 08/07/69 06/01/70 @A-331 CASE OFF  
Dunakoskie Benny F   MSG 12/15/69 03/31/70 @A-331    
A-341 BU DOP  
Anderson John C   MSG 04/01/68 06/01/68 @A-341 CASE OFF FN: John Adamson Y
Anderson John C   MSG 06/01/68 12/03/69 @A-341 CASE OFF FN:John Adamson Y
Griffin Christopher M   SSG 06/01/68 03/13/69 @A-341 97C4L28  
Shafer Wesley M   SFC 05/16/68 09/01/68 @A-341 FN: George T Sheppard Y
Ishimoto Wade Y   SFC 09/01/68 07/01/69 @A-341 AGNT HNDLR Fn: Y
Parris James D   SFC 11/24/68 05/06/70 @A-341 RAD OP  
Hargus Carl A   SFC 09/01/69 03/01/70 @A-341 RAD OP FN: Charles Hanson Y
Jensen Sydney N   SSG 12/11/68 12/10/69 @A-344 RAD OP Y
Slugocki Albert   MSG 03/01/66 01/01/67 @B-32 Also A-239 Y
Marshall Elbert M   CPT 06/29/67 09/21/67 @B-32   Y
McCarthy John J Jr CPT 09/18/67 01/30/68 @B-32 FN: John McAllister (to LBJ)  
McDowell O J   MSG 08/11/67 06/01/68   97C50 FN: McDaniel? D
Hamlet Donald W   SSG 01/01/68     FN: Hamilton?  
Moley David E   1LT 02/18/68 06/01/68 @B-32 FN: Harry B Morgan Y
Ishimoto Wade Y   SFC 07/01/68 09/01/68 Survey AGNT HNDLR Fn: Y
Wysk Hans   MSG 09/01/68 09/01/69 @B-32   Y
Nolte Frank E   SP5 09/21/68 09/01/69   FN: NOWAK?  
O'Hara James A   CPT 12/21/67 06/24/69   AREA INTEL 613MI  
Fisler Warren E "Ed" SFC 02/26/69 02/25/70 @B-32 RAD OP  
C-4 At Can Tho or with A team?  
Campbell Sidney C   PFC 02/01/68 04/23/68 @C-4 613MI Y
Butler James J   MSG 05/18/68 06/07/69 @C-4 &A-239?  
Maurer Raymond F   SP4 06/01/68   @C-4    
Stull Gary V   2LT 12/04/68 12/21/68 @C-4    
Battiste Guy J II CW2 06/09/69 06/08/70 @C-4 AREA INTEL D
Clark Johnny W Jr SFC 08/21/68 02/28/70 @C-4 RAD OP  
Williams Budge E   CPT 01/10/69 06/01/69   AREA INTEL FN: Ben Wells Y
Reiman Lawrence N Jr CPT 11/13/68 11/12/69   AREA INTEL Y
Smith Theodore R Jr SFC 11/27/68 11/26/69      
Newsome James D   MSG 03/01/69 02/09/70 @A-405   Y
Sabol Paul   MSG 03/01/65 02/15/66 @A-412? SGN (TDY)  
Tayloe Edward D II PFC 07/01/67 04/23/67 @A-414 97C20 613 MI Y
Yavasile Klare W   1LT 03/13/68 03/07/69 @A-414 AREA INTEL FN: Clay Yanick Y
Smith Alvin L Jr SFC 10/15/68   @A-414 FN: Peter Sands @Muc Hoa  
Olivarez Norman L   SGT 11/19/68 07/05/69 @A-414    
Marasco Robert F   1LT 01/17/69 07/24/69 @A-414 FN: Robert A Martin Y
A-423 BA XOAI  
Pronier Robert A   MSG 01/01/66   ?@A-423   Y
Stephanski James   SFC 06/01/66   @A-423 INTEL D
Hudkins Richard M Jr SFC   01/01/68 @A-423    
Forsythe Glenn R   SFC 01/01/68 06/14/68 @A-423 FN:Glenn Foxworth Y
O’Byrne Michael D   1LT 07/25/68 01/10/69 @A-423 AREA INTEL to CCN  
Shafer Wesley M   SFC 09/0168 05/01/69 @A-423 FN: George T Sheppard Y
Baker Jack A   SSG   01/01/66 C-5S Is This The Right Baker? D
Gupton Charles E   SFC   02/01/66 CLD    
Lambert Keith A D   CPT 03/11/67 07/18/67   From 7/19/67- ?529 MI try  
Jones Thomas A III SFC 04/09/67 04/25/68   S  
Corscadden William J   1LT 04/15/67 09/18/67     D
Desilets Gary E   SGT 04/25/67 02/28/69   613MI Y
May John H   SP5 06/12/67 06/01/68   ALSO B-56?  
Sutherland Garrell E   1LT 07/14/67 10/17/67      
McDowell O J   MSG 08/11/67 06/01/68   97C50 D
Griffin Christopher M   SSG 08/14/67 06/01/68   97C4L28  
Anderson Jay H   1LT 10/06/67 10/05/68      
Pierce Nelson W   SGM 12/01/67 05/01/68      
Sherrod Jesse E   SFC 12/15/67 01/15/69     Y?
Cheatham Ernest W   MSG 07/01/67 07/01/68   91B50  
McIntyre Richard J   SGT 01/03/68 01/03/69      
O'Connor Philip M   MSG 02/01/68 06/01/68   97B5L29  
Mahinske Ronald A   SGT 03/20/68 02/01/69   588MI T
Lavagetto Lloyd W   SGT 04/22/68 04/10/69     T
Cooper Robert E   1LT 05/09/68 04/30/69   AREA INTEL  
Robinson Loren L   SFC 05/15/68 05/14/69     T
May John H   SP5 06/01/68 06/29/68   97D20  
Cole Ronald L   SP5 06/01/68 12/17/68   71L2S  
Johnson Virgil L Jr SP5 06/01/68 09/24/68   12B3S  
McDowell O J   MSG 06/01/68 08/10/68   97C50 D
O'Connor Philip M   MSG 06/01/68 06/16/68   97B5L29  
Yoshihata Kazu   MSG 06/01/68 08/03/68   97C5L40  
Rutherford Glenn F   MSG 06/01/68 06/15/68   11F5S D
Overstreet Kenneth G   MSG 06/01/68     97C40  
Roberts James G   CPL 09/22/68 09/21/69      
Kenny Joseph H Jr SGT 09/24/68 09/23/69      
Brown Floyd S Jr SSG 01/01/69     Or C-3?  
Covington Jimmy C   SFC 01/01/69       D
Barson Keith J   SP4 01/05/69 01/04/70      
Brown Merle C Jr CPT 04/21/69 04/14/70   CASE OFF  
Loggins William C Jr SFC 04/29/69 04/28/70   RAD SPVR? Y
Parone Richard A   SSG 05/02/69 05/01/70      
Violette Kenneth A   SFC 06/04/69 03/01/70      
Campbell Robert T   CPL 06/04/69 03/01/70      
Reuter John R   SGT 06/04/69 03/01/70      
Clark Gary R   SSG 07/19/69 01/14/70      
Carter Johnnie F   CW2 09/01/69 05/08/70 588MI OPS OFF  
Gilliam Johnny D   SP4 11/01/69 02/15/70      
Zapata Carlos   CW3 12/09/69 12/03/70   CASE OFF  

Books of Interest:
Albert Slugocki, The Autumn Man, a memoir.

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