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I CTZ Mobile Guerilla Force/Mobile Strike Force Operations (Draft)
[B-16] [A-100] [A-110] [A-111/161] [A-112/162] [A-113/163] [List of Known Operations]

The following is a listing of operations by elements of the I CTZ Mike Force/Mobile Guerilla Force. If you can correct any errors or if you can add any specifics, particularly if you have any After-Action reports or rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076. I’ve compiled the above list reviewing historical material, AAR’s and awards in my files. What is needed is for someone to check the MOPSUMS against this list and identify the missing operations.


List of Known Operations

[Sept 1964] 10 day operation Nung Reaction Company final exercise south of KHAM DUC
16-20 Nov 64 100 man element of Da Nang Nung Force Atlas Two.  
17-24 Dec 64 one company of the Nung Force Atlas Three area assessment of proposed camp site south of Kham Duc.
6-11 Jan 65 Nung Force Atlas Four with a CIDG Company, a clearing operation near Gia Vuc in the Song Re River Valley north of the camp.
Jan 65   operation to retrieve the bodies of two USAF pilots killed in the crash of T-28  
Feb/Mar 65 Nung Reaction Force airmobile security squads for a classified U.S. Air Force project (Retrieving unmanned drones) and aircraft recovery missions.  
[No ICTZ MOP SUM Apr 65]      
May 1965 Nung Reaction Force w/Kham Duc CIDG Phi Ho I SE of Kham Duc in Quang Tin Province.
May 1965 Nung Reaction Force with CIDG from Gia Vuc and Ba To. Phi Ho II NE of Gia Vic
June 65 Nung Reaction Force Phi Ho III near Ba To in Quang Ngai Province
  Nung force patrols in previously unpatrolled border areas bolster defenses at Quang Ngai airstrip, Ba To & Ha Thanh,
Jul Nung force interdict suspected VC infiltration routes. camps Khe Sanh, Ashau, Aloui (FOB) & Ha Thanh
[Jul 65] Nung Reaction Force. two company size clearing operations to relieve the pressure Camp Ba To
  one company of Nungs CA’d along a known infiltration route southwest of Aloui.
. Three platoons of Nungs reinforcements Camp Ha Thanh
2 Jul 65 one squad of Nungs attacked by an estimated 300 VC while participating in the recovery of a downed USMC helicopter. in the vicinity of AT950600
20 Aug 65 4 USSF, 1 Australian, and 36 Nungs emergency helicopter recovery mission, security for a downed helicopter during emergency repairs.  
21 Aug 65 2 USSF and 27 Nungs classified mission.  
22 Aug 65 2 USSF, one Australian and 60 Nungs DZ Security/personnel parachute drop.  
23 Aug 65 Two USSF, one Australian and 16 Nungs emergency helicopter recovery mission  
24 Aug 65 Two USSF and 120 Nungs reinforcement element. Camp Ashau
24 Aug 65 2 USSF and 28 Nungs classified mission.  
25 Aug 65 2 USSF and 28 Nungs classified mission.  
28 Aug 65 1 USSF, 1 Australian and 110 Nungs security force for new camp. 3-5 platoons maintained throughout Sep. Tra Bong
29 Aug 65 3 USSF and 27 Nungs classified mission.  
Sep 65 Nung Reaction Force Five operations with USAF as a security force on classified missions.  
Oct 65 Platoons of the I CTZ Mike Force reaction force to relieve operation Phung Hoang 2B6, Camp Ashau
4 Nov-5 Dec 65 Two (2) platoons of Nungs, 3rd company operations and local security Camp Ashau.
4 Nov-5 Dec 65 One (1) platoon, 3rd company, operations and local security Camp Aloui.
2-16 Nov 65 4 AATTV, 2 interpreters, 1 coy of Nungs   Camp Gia Vuc
13 Nov 65 Two platoons of Nungs reaction with CIDG force from Camp Ha Thanh Camp Tra Bong
18-19 Nov 65 4 USASF and 37 Nungs secure a downed helicopter Tien Phuoc
28 Nov 65 4 USASF and 110 Nungs security and patrol element for new camp Tien Phuoc
Nov 65 Nung Reaction Force Three classified missions  
16-22 Dec 65 Nung Company reaction mission Camp Bato
Jan 66 MOP- SUM not found      
9-10 Feb 66 Nung Reaction Force Blue Springs operation, Several other Blue Spring operations were aborted.  
9 Mar 66 one company MIKE FORCE alerted for stand by Ashau
12 Mar 66 one company   Ba To
14 Mar 66 1 platoon   Tra Bong
2 Apr-14 May 66 Mike Force 1 platoon on rotation with USMC battalion (to 11 April) and 20 April one company of Mike Force from Nha Trang May 1966 Camp THUONG DUC.
Jun 66 . No operations  
Jul 66   4 combat patrols, 2 company and 2 platoon sized and 7 recon patrols, 6 platoon and 1 squad sized  
1 Aug 66 Two (2) Mike Force Cos combined operations with RF/PF and CIDG Tra Bong
5-23 Aug 66 ‘C’ Company Mike Force operations and camp security. Ha Thanh
11 Aug 66 ‘A’ & B Companies search and medical patrols south of Marble Mountain
15 Aug 66: Mike Force squad sized ambush/listen-ing post. south of the Special Forces Compound at Da Nang East
18-31 Aug 66. ‘B’ Company assist in operations Tien Phuoc
24 Aug 66 one (1) plt from ‘C’ Company camp security. Minh Long
25 Aug 66 ‘A’ Company security while camp was relocated. Thuong Duc
2 Sep 66 1 AATTV and 33 Nungs 6 weeks of basic training Kham Duc
7-8 Sep 66 Company “B”   Dong Ha
7-15 Sept 66 Company “C”   Kham Duc.
8 Sep 66 one platoon MF departed survey. Gio Linh
11-27 Sep 66 Company “B” . Ha Thanh
15 Sep 66 Company “A”   Thong Duc.
1-10 Oct 66 A-113 w/A Co   Thuong Duc.
14-24 Oct 66 A-100 w/ B and C Companies   Gia Vuc.
26 Oct 66 squad sized ambush patrols vicinity of C-Team Compound south to Marble Mtn.
27 Oct-22 Nov 66 A-100 Operation Longstreet  
1 Nov-14 Nov. 66   Local security night ambush and combat patrols. south of MF compound to Marble Mountain.
15-22 Nov 66 60 MF, 2 Int, 5 AATTV joint operation Ha Thanh
25 Nov -- MF move for opn on 29 Nov Thuong Duc
No MOPSUMS Dec ‘66      
21 January 67 MGF 768 support camp defense. Thuong Duc
2-8 February A-100 trng op    
15 and 16 Mar A-100 two-day training operation SW Thuong Duc TAOR.
1-20 April 1967 A-100 OCONEE (Blackjack 12)  
25-26 May 67 A-100 Blackjack 13  
1-8 Feb A-113   Ha Thanh
13-23 Feb A-113 DCG-41   Ha Thanh.
March 1967 no operational combat missions aside from one squad size night ambush conducted south of the camp.  
29 Mar-2 Apr A-113 Company sized west of Danang
13 to 21 Apr 67 A-113   Gia Vuc
9 to 21 May A-100   Con Thien
27 May to an indefinite date A-100   Lang Vei.
21-26 Jul 67 Eleven Company   Tra Bong area.
August 1967 11th and 16th Company HOOD RIVER and BENSON assigned to the U.S. 101st airborne.
Aug 1967 14th Company (Chieu Hoi’s) operations to find a lost CIDG patrol Kham Duc.
10 Sep 1967 14th Company FOB Sa Huynh rotated on a 30-60 day basis
29 Nov-26 Dec 67 11th Company for camp defense. Lang Vei
4-11 Dec 67 12 Company   Thuong Duc TAOR
22 Dec 12 Company   Camp Lang Vei
12 Jan-9 April 16 Company   Sa Huynh
26 Dec 6731 Jan 68     Tien Phuoc TAOR
-8 Feb 13th Co   Lang Vei
4 March 14 Company Search and Destroy Camp Ba To
18 March one plat of 15 Company convoy security Camp Thuong Duc
22 Mar-10 May 11 Company (FOB Ngok Tavak) Camp Kham Duc
9-26 Apr 68 15 Company   Sa Huynh FOB
27 Apr-14 May 14 Company Operation Quick Track, joint reconnaissance op w/ 7th Marine Regt Recon Co to locate the 2d NVA Div.
? 12 May 12 Company   KhamDuc
2-19 May 15th Company   Thuong Duc.
5-19 May 16th Company   Thuong Duc
17 May-17 Jun 14th Company   Hill 52
21 May 16th Company   Camp Thuong Duc
22 May-19 Jun 15th Company   Hill 52
27 May 11th Company   Tien Phuoc
End of May (5th Company from Mobile Strike Force at Nha Trang   at Danang as Ready Force.)
15-26 Jun 68 12th Company training Camp Gia Vuc
18 Jun 68 11th Company joint operation with Americal Camp Tra Bong
24 Jun 68 14th, 15th and 16th Companies to assist in building two new Special Forces Camps Mai Loc and Nong Son
1–31 Jul 68 16th MSFC 5 company-size operations with FWMF/GVN units  
July 1968   3 company-size operations in support of CIDG camps
1–31 Aug 68      
22-29 Aug 16th MSF reaction force Thuong Duc
  14th MSF Company   Hill 52
25 Aug 15th MSF Co   Ha Thanh
for 23 days 11th & 12th MSF Co’s with the Americal Division    
1–31 Oct 68   Continuous combat ops Thuong Duc
1–30 Nov 68 four companies search and destroy op A-104
Nov 68   screening & interdiction op A-109
1–31 Dec 68 3 MSF cos joint search and destroy operation with A-106 and A-108 [Operation Robin Hood]. A-106
Dec 68 2 MSF co. att’d to 196th LIB [Fayette Canyon] 196th TAOR
Dec 68 One MSF Co. [C-99] deployed at A-105
(Operations, 1969)   Operation Meade River  
    Operation TAYLOR COMMON Thuong Duc
10-23 Jan   Operation CALIGULA south-southwest of Nong Son
30 Jan-?   Vulpine (OPORD 2-69)  
23 Feb-24 Mar     Siege of Tien Phuoc,
9-10 April two companies   Thuong Duc
21-26 Aug   C-41-B  
4-10 Aug MSF and CIDG RAINBOW II (retrieval of a downed aircraft) SW part of Ha Thanh's AO
20 Oct-11 Nov   C44-47A (OPORD 12-69) Ba To
25 October MSF   Tien Phuoc AO.
12-22 Nov   C48-51A (OPORD 13-69) Thien Phuoc AO
Dec 1st MSFC cancelled due to weather. NW of Thuong Duc
11 Jan 1970, completion on 30 June 1971 B-16, A-161, 162 and 163 USASF advisors withdrawn deactivation part of the planned conversion VNSF assumed operational control of the MSFC.
      The Siege of Mai Loc
. ~20 May 1st MSFC   Camp Thuong Duc
July-Aug 5th MSF   Thuong Duc
24 Sept-31 Oct 1st MSFC   Thuong Duc
On 16 Nov Co C stood-down and redeployed to Nha Trang, ending USASF/CIDG MR-1 operations. [The Mike Force units were programmed to be phased out gradually by placing companies in converted CIDG camps with low personnel strengths.]


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