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Who's Who from Detachment B-24 (Kontum) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-21/B-24 (Kontum). If you were assigned to B-24 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment B5/320 established a headquarters in Kontum which was redesignated B-21. The detachment was relocated to Song Be o/a 5/??/65 as B-34. B7/1 was sent to Kontum o/a/ 1/??/66 and was redesignated B-24. B-24 and B-25 were consolidated o/a/ 8/??/66. Note the numbering of A detachments in this region as A-21x, A-24x and A-25x, reflecting these changes. O/a 9/??/68 responsibility for A-251, A-253, A-255 and A-113 (formerly A-252) was taken over by the DCO of Company B in C-2. Either the DCO or XO of C-2 had that task until the camps were turned over to Border Ranger. B-24 was turned over to the Border Ranger program o/a/ 1/31/71. Kontum was located in Kontum District, Kontum Province.

B-21 (Kontum)

Sakey Mitchell A   MAJ 01/01/65 06/01/65 DET CO B5/320 to B-34 DEC
Hanawald Len M   CPT 01/01/65 06/01/65 DET XO B5/320 A-251? DOW
Frander Robert 'Moe' SGM 01/01/65 12/31/65 DET SGM B5/320 swapped with Todd, Forest? DEC
Shick Roland M   CPT 01/01/65 04/24/65 S-1/S-4 B5/320 DEC
Troyan Paul P Jr SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-1 NCOIC B5/320 DEC
Clough Stanley M   1LT 01/01/65 06/01/65 S-2 B5/320  
Fisher Paul D   CPT 01/16/65 06/01/65 S-2/S-3   YE.
Clements Edwin L   SFC 01/01/65 REPLACED S-2 NCOIC B5/320 DEC
Todd Forrest E   SFC 12/01/64 01/23/66 S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Ryan David P   SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-2 NCO B5/320 YE
Arsenault Philip N   CPT 01/01/65 06/01/65 S-3 B5/320 DEC
Gabe Robert E   MSG 01/01/65   S-3 NCOIC B5/320 Y
Carrasco Pedro A "Pete" SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65   B5/320  
Stahl Vincent E   1LT 01/01/65   S-4 B5/320 YE.
Campo Arthur M   SFC 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-4 NCOIC B5/320 DEC
Station Michael   SSG 01/01/65 DROPPED S-4 NCO B5/320 Y
Muzquiz Fernando   SSG 12/01/64 02/01/65 S-4 NCO B5/230 YE
Martin Aldege A Jr SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD SPVR B5/320 DEC
Bartlett Richard S III SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD OP B5/320 DEC
Martinez Donald J   SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD OP B5/320 DEC?
Switney Robert F   SGT 01/01/65 DROPPED RAD OP to A-102 YE
Young Horace E   SGT 01/01/65 05/01/65 RAD OP B5/320 KIA
Pierce Coy L   SGT 01/01/65 10/31/65 RAD OP SigCo Tm 5 YE.
Culbreath Johnie K   PFC 01/01/65 05/11/65 RAD OP SigCo Tm 6 KIA
Crockett Charles D   SFC 01/01/65   DEMO B5/320 DEC
O'Krusky Paul R III SP4 01/01/65 12/31/65 DEMO B5/320 DEC
Britt Douglas N   SFC 01/01/65 04/01/65 MED SPVR B5/320 DEC
Sadler Barry A   SP5 01/01/65   MEDIC B5/320 transferred? DEC



Dallas Frank J   MAJ 01/03/66 06/14/66 DET CO B7/01 DEC
Radosevich Joseph J   LTC 06/01/66 04/04/67 DET CO   YE.
Van Strien James M   MAJ 04/01/67 09/18/67 DET CO   DEC
Cole William H   LTC 06/29/67 02/26/68 DET CO 2/27/67-6/28/67 NOR DEC
Emmons Earl   LTC 02/27/68 08/15/68 DET CO   DEC
Marquis Andrew J   LTC 08/01/68 07/29/69 DET CO   DEC
Hennigan John R   LTC 08/10/69 04/01/70 DET CO   DEC
Venn Raymond D   LTC 04/01/70 10/01/70 DET CO   Y,
Montes Juan A   MAJ 10/01/70 01/01/71 DET CO   YE.
Price Maurice H   MAJ 01/03/66 01/02/67 DET XO B7/01 Y,
Frost Theodore N   MAJ 07/25/66 12/01/66 DET XO   DEC
Braa Emery W   MAJ 11/23/66 07/01/67 DET XO   DEC
Cochran Jere N   CPT 08/13/67 02/16/68 DET XO   YE.
Enloe Donald R Sr MAJ 09/11/67 05/28/68 DET XO   DEC
Rozanski Gordon P   MAJ 04/12/68 04/07/69 DET XO & ACTING CO Y,
White Jerry W   MAJ 02/01/69 11/17/69 DET XO   DEC
Wilson Billy B   MAJ 05/28/68 11/14/68 DET XO or B-42? DEC
Ramos Ricardo J Jr MAJ 11/10/69 08/27/70 DET XO   YE.
Montes Juan A   MAJ 06/01/70 10/01/70 DET XO   YE.
Buczacki John B   CPT 09/01/70 01/12/71 DET XO   Y,
Arrowood Steve Jr SGM 01/03/66 09/01/66 DET SGM B7/01 DEC
Davis Fred E Sr SGM 08/01/66 03/08/67 DET SGM   DEC
Roy John W   MSG 04/01/67 10/01/67 DET NCOIC   DEC
Pietrowski Edward F   SSM 11/05/67 05/06/68 DET SGM   DEC
Campbell Richard E   SSM 11/03/68 05/31/70 DET SGM   DEC
Rainey Edward A   SGM 06/20/70 11/30/70 DET SGM   DEC
Roberts William F   1LT 11/12/65 06/01/66 S-1    
Roberts Clyde C   1LT 01/03/66 02/05/66 S-1 B7/01 to A-252 YE,
Jackson John H   CPT 01/25/66 04/01/66 S-1   DEC
Dobbins Robert E   CPT 03/25/66 06/01/66 S-1   YE?
Miller William L Jr CPT 06/21/66 09/01/66 S-1 to A-244 DEC
Layton Michael L   CPT 08/01/66 04/11/67 S-1   YE.
Kallam Luther P Jr CPT 03/07/67 09/25/67 S-1   DEC
Goorley John T III CPT 08/09/67 12/13/67 S-1   DEC
Rizzato Bruno F   CPT 11/30/67 08/12/68 S-1   YE.
Kuplinski Leonard R   CPT 07/22/68 01/15/69 S-1   YE.
Jones Gordon L   CPT 01/23/69 03/15/69 S-1   YE,
Latta Jerry B   CPT 03/12/69 05/19/69 S-1   YE.
Dooley George E   CPT 05/05/69 10/18/69 S-1   DEC
Gallaway David M   CPT 11/24/69 02/11/70 S-1   YE,
Wallace Jon R   1LT 09/01/70 12/02/70 S-1   YE,
Roberts Terrance C   1LT 11/30/67 06/01/68 S-1 ASST   A0Y
Ellis George H   1LT 12/06/68 01/20/69 S-1 ASST   YE.
Trost Henry M   CPT 11/28/69 07/27/70 S-1 ASST   YE.
Nelligan Harold M   SSG 05/17/68 07/31/69 S-1 ADMIN   Y.
Gallaway David M   1LT 02/11/69 06/01/69 CLUB OFF   YE,
Legassie Lawrence R   SSG 01/03/66 12/01/66 S-1 NCOIC B7/01 DEC
Ross Milton   SP4 01/01/67 12/01/67 S-1 CLERK medevaced YE.
Caines Raphael S   SSG 06/01/67   Mess Spvr   DEC
Werner David R   CPT 01/03/66 06/01/66 S-2/S-5 B7/01 DEC
Monroe Mark A   CPT 06/01/66 10/24/66 S-2   DEC
Clark Richard L   CPT 10/15/66 03/05/67 S-2    
Stephens Charles R   CPT 03/06/67 05/05/67 S-2   DEC
Thompson Fred B III CPT 05/02/67 02/20/68 S-2 SOA YE.
Foote Lester M   CPT 02/20/67 05/15/68 S-2   YE.
Carr Donald G 'Butch' CPT 01/10/68 04/29/68 S-2 plei djereng? MIA
Kelson John M   1LT 08/04/68 08/03/69 S-2   YE.
Teachey William M   CPT 08/01/69 11/10/69 S-2 A-246? 2/21/69  
Ricci John T   1LT 12/22/69 05/12/70 S-2 earlier assign? Y
Hendrix Roger T   1LT 06/01/70 11/30/70 S-2   DEC
Rockholt Eugene   SFC 01/07/66 01/08/67 S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Bradford Roy A   MSG 05/01/67 08/01/67 S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Shiflett Jesse J   MSG 11/21/67 11/28/68 S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Grant Willard P "Pappy" MSG 11/24/68 06/23/70 S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Pova Miroslav   SFC 01/01/69   S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Morgan Lee R   SP6 01/01/66 01/01/67 S-2 NCO   YE.
Schappert Harold W   SSG 01/01/66 01/01/67 S-2 NCO   YE.
Barner Lawrence A Jr "Larry" SFC 09/01/66 01/11/67 INTEL   Y.
Cameron Arthur E   PFC 01/01/67 12/01/67 S-2 OB   DEC
Hooker Bennie W   SP4 04/01/67 01/01/67 96B20   YE.
Andreas Mark J "Andy" SSG 11/23/67 12/15/67 S-2 NCO   YE.
            S-2 NCO    
Logan William M   SSG 09/10/69 03/16/70 S-2 NCO   YE.
Fry James R   SP5 05/14/70 08/05/70 S-2 NCO   YE
Barner Lawrence A Jr "Larry" MSG 08/01/70 11/17/70 INTEL   Y.
Hall Charles K   CPT 01/03/66 03/01/66 S-3 B7/01 DEC
Jasaitis Edward J   CPT 01/26/66 06/01/66 S-3 NOR DEC
Sanford Samuel S   CPT 06/01/66 11/25/66 S-3   YE,
Rodriguez Joe A   CPT 10/25/66 11/30/66 S-3 or 03/24/67 YE.
Enloe Donald R Sr CPT 03/29/67 09/10/67 S-3 & LNO 4ID DEC
Gossett Larry S   CPT 09/01/67 01/02/68 S-3   DEC
Wolfe Robert M   CPT 07/03/67 10/29/67 S-3 & C-4? DEC
Hartley Charles R   CPT 12/21/67 06/18/68 S-3   DEC
Stanger Rodney T   CPT 05/20/68 09/15/68 S-3   YE,
Burgardt Charles H   CPT 09/12/68 06/03/69 S-3   DEC
Rodriguez Felix L   CPT 06/04/69 12/31/69 S-3   DEC
Dooley George E   CPT 12/23/69 04/22/70 S-3   DEC
Pena Maclovio Jr CPT 04/01/70 12/14/70 S-3   DEC
Gregory Tony G   1LT 12/18/66 04/17/67 S-3 ASST   DEC
Griffith John S   1LT 09/01/68 10/05/68 S-3 ASST   YE.
Yocum Michael S "Mike" 1LT 11/03/68 02/23/69 S-3 ASST   YE.
Ware John R II 1LT 01/21/69 07/11/69 S-3 ASST   YE,
Walther Udo H   CPT 12/24/69 03/01/70 S-3 ASST   DEC
Landers Paul W   CPT 05/01/70 07/17/70 S-3 ASST   YE
Edwards Vernon D   1LT 09/01/70 12/07/70 S-3 ASST from A-244, 241 DEC
Dodd Jack E Jr 1LT 03/08/69 06/01/69 RCRTG ASST   Y,
Brown Robert D   1LT 07/01/69 01/06/70 S-3 AIR    
Krommenhoek Pieter J   CPT 12/22/69 01/25/70 S-3 AIR   YE,
Ferguson William C   CPT 01/15/68 06/04/68 LNO 4ID   YE.
Adkins David P Jr 1LT 11/30/67 10/11/68 LNO 4ID   YE.
Cook David D N   1LT 11/28/69 05/13/70 REC OFF   Y
Aldridge Thomas M   MSG 01/03/66 06/01/66 S-3 NCOIC B7/01 DEC
Erwin Robert W   MSG 01/01/67 01/01/68   Assign? DEC
Smith Bucky N   MSG 01/13/69 05/01/69 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
Smith Bucky N   MSG 08/01/69 01/12/70 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
Alger Thomas L   SFC 01/01/66 10/14/66 LT WPNS   DEC
Cleaves William R   SGT 01/01/66 06/01/66 WPNS DIST ADV DEC
Douglas Michael   SFC 01/03/66 06/01/66 LT WPNS B7/01  
Roberts Elmer L Sr MSG 05/22/66 05/21/67 S-3 NCO CCC, B-24, C-4 DEC
Comini Jon C   SP5 10/01/68 12/01/68 FLOATER   A0Y
Hanscom John A   SP4 10/01/69 01/15/70 OPS ASST   YE.
Shelsta Stanley D   1LT 11/01/70 12/09/70 SCTY OFF   YE.
Chandler Billy G   1LT 01/03/66 05/01/66 S-4 B7/01  
Lynn Larry D   CPT 06/01/66   S-4    
Kai John C   CPT 08/01/66 01/13/67 S-4   DEC
Pendleton Raymond A   CPT 09/18/66 05/17/67 S-4   DEC?
Scott Lowell M   CPT 05/18/67 11/18/67 S-4   YE.
Duus Richard E   CPT 10/19/67 04/21/68 S-4   YE.
Thorne Ronnie E   1LT 09/17/68 04/01/69 S-4   DEC
Latta Jerry B Jr CPT 09/12/69 03/11/70 S-4   YE.
Adams William J   CPT 09/18/70 11/30/70 S-4   DEC
Britton Frederick E   CPT 03/21/70 03/22/70 S-4 ASST or A-245 CO YE.
Sunrich William A   SSG 01/03/66 06/01/66 S-4 NCOIC B7/01 Y.
Taylor Alden F   MSG 05/25/66 03/15/68 S-4 NCOIC   DEC
O'Hara Thomas M   SP5 11/03/67 04/11/68 S-4 NCO   YE.
Gladfelter Richard L   1LT 10/11/65 06/01/66 CAPO   Y,
White Fay T Jr "Tom" CPT 12/01/65 11/30/66 CA OFF ATTD? YE.
Reed Donald J   1LT 01/03/66 02/01/66 S-5 B7/01 to Mang Buk YE.
Weinfurter Robert J   1LT 01/25/66 05/01/66 S-5   DEC
Scott Lowell M   CPT 11/19/66 01/16/67 S-5   YE.
Goorley John T III CPT 12/14/66 03/28/67 S-5   DEC
Acosta Ramon   CPT 11/30/67 03/15/68 S-5   DEC
D'Antonio Dominic A   1LT 04/13/68 02/16/69 S-5   YE.
D'Antonio Dominic A   CPT 02/17/69 02/09/70 S-5   YE.
Stroud Henry R   1LT 02/01/70 07/01/70 S-5   YE.
Cook David D N   CPT 07/20/70 01/12/71 S-5   YE.
Stewart Charles W III "Wes" 1LT 01/03/66 01/15/66 RF/PF ADV B7/01 DEC
Carr Sammie T   CPT 02/12/66 08/01/66 SR ADV DIST ADV DEC
Meehan William F Jr 2LT 03/01/66 06/19/66 RF/PF OFF   YE.
Hall Charles K   CPT 06/01/66 09/01/66 RF/PF ADV   DEC
Word Larry E   CPT 09/01/66 12/18/66 RF/PF   DEC
Berg William L Sr SGT 06/01/68   S-5 NCO    
Dighton Clarence R   SFC 01/03/66 06/01/66 RAD SPVR B7/01 DEC
Haney Harold R   SFC 09/01/66 02/19/67 RAD SPVR   DEC
Williams David H Jr SFC 10/01/67 10/01/68 RAD SPVR    
Olson Stephen F   SFC 06/01/68   RAD SPVR   DEC
Hibbert Douglas A   SFC 08/01/66 03/08/67 RAD SPVR/A   DEC
Clemens John M Jr SSG 09/01/65 09/01/66 RAD OP   YE.
Sevilla Joe A   SP4 11/20/65 11/19/66 RTT OP   YE.
Baxter Donald W   SGT 01/03/66 01/03/67 RAD OP B7/01 YE.
Griskelis Kestutis   SGT 01/03/66 06/01/66 RAD OP B7/01 SOA Y
Ogo David V   SGT 01/03/66 06/12/66 RAD OP B7/01 DEC
Crooks Robert G   SGT 02/01/66 04/21/66 05363   DEC
Hostak Larry M   SP4 01/01/67 03/04/67 RAD OP   YE,
Hogbin Ronnie E   SGT 03/18/66 03/17/67 RTT OP   KIA
Maketa John L   SGT 06/01/66 07/01/66 RAD OP   YE.
Mizer Robert E   SGT 06/01/66 11/19/66 RAD OP    
Thomas Billy W   SSG 07/01/66 08/25/67 RAD OP medevaced DEC
Jamerson William C   SP4 08/22/66 08/21/67 RTT OP    
Solberg John H   SP4 09/01/66 02/21/67 RAD OP   DEC
Hostak Lary M   SP4 01/01/67 03/04/67 RAD OP from ? YE,
Warner Hal L   SP5 02/01/67 04/01/67 RAD OP   YE,
Howze William H Jr SGT 02/20/67 09/21/68 RAD OP SIGCO A0Y
Solberg John H   SP4 06/01/67 03/21/68 RAD OP   DEC
Council Thomas M   SP4 06/01/67   RAD OP    
Gomilla Frank J Jr SGT 10/06/67 11/01/68 RAD OP   YE.
Fenton Thomas M   SGT 10/08/67 05/09/69 RTT OP SIGCO  
Williams John T   SP5 11/01/67 01/01/68 RAD OP   YE.
Albracht Robert D   SP4 01/01/68   RAD OP   DEC
Sisk Robert A   SFC 01/01/68   RAD OP   ?
Nuber Gerard E   SSG 06/01/68 10/18/68 RAD OP   YE.
Ratliff Michael V   SGT 01/15/69 03/15/69 RAD OP   YE,
Monday Carol E Jr SSG 07/25/69 08/19/69 RAD OP   YE,
Gomilla Frank J Jr SGT 10/01/69 05/07/69 RAD OP   YE.
Glumac Alexander   SGT 12/01/69 05/01/70 RAD OP   YE.
Eleam John W   SFC 01/01/70 05/12/70 RAD OP   DEC
Kush Donald F   SGT 01/01/70 05/01/70 RAD OP   YE.
Kush Donald F   SGT 11/30/70 01/31/71 RAD OP   YE.
Terrazas Oscar F   SFC 01/03/66 09/01/66 DET ENGR B7/01 DEC
Wilkinson Donald I   SFC 09/01/66 05/22/67 DET ENGR from Plei Me YE.
Thomas Billy W   SFC 10/01/67 10/01/68 DEMO   DEC
Rodda John H   SP5 10/01/68 03/01/69 DEMO medevaced YE.
Thomas Billy W   SFC 11/06/68 05/06/69 DEMO   DEC
Gonzales Jesse   SFC 01/03/66 06/01/66 MED SPVR B7/01 DEC
McGinley Daniel T   SFC 04/12/68 04/01/69 MED SPVR   DEC
Blessing David H   SFC 03/11/69 03/10/70 MED SPVR   YE
Clark Robert E Jr SGT   02/02/68 MEDIC    
Sesler Mason B Jr SGT 06/01/66 02/20/67 MEDIC A7/12 DEC
Graham Gene A   SSG 10/01/66 12/01/66 MEDIC   DEC
Kendall Timothy J   SP5 06/29/68 06/28/69 MEDIC A-244, A-245 Y,
Craig Glen K   SSG 07/02/68 09/01/68 MEDIC float DEC
Beikirch Gary B   SGT 08/03/69 10/02/69 MEDIC   YE.
Brown James W   SSG 10/10/69 04/16/70 MEDIC @A-244, A-243 YE.
Jarrett Edwin R   SFC 07/30/70 11/15/70 MEDIC   DEC?
Kallam Luther P Jr CPT 09/26/66   FUNDS OFF   DEC
Littleton Sammy L   1LT 11/30/67 03/14/68 FUNDS OFF DET XO/A YE
Elmeer Phillip S   1LT   07/13/68 FUNDS OFF   DEC
Trost Henry M   1LT 09/10/68 03/01/69 FUNDS OFF   YE.
Light Melvin D   1LT 03/01/69 10/15/69 FUNDS OFF   YE.
Bacque Odon L Jr "Don" 1LT 10/01/69 09/15/70 FUNDS OFF @A-245 YE.
Gaab Jeffrey J   1LT 08/07/70 12/05/70 FUNDS OFF   DEC
Gainer William G   SSG 01/03/66 DROPPED DROPPED B7/01 DEC
Stogdill George E   SFC 01/03/66 01/02/67   B7/01 DEC
McKeithan Henry H III CPT 10/01/66 12/01/66      
Kuschner Andrew K   CPT 12/04/66 04/01/67   ASSIGN? DEC
Reading Harry P   SP5 05/09/67 12/09/68     DEC
Ricci John T   1LT 05/11/69 12/21/69      
Trost Henry M   CPT 11/28/69 02/01/70   Escort MR. Joint Op, ext lv YE
A-Detachment Assignments Unknown
Jones Charles B   SGT 09/22/69 01/01/70 MEDIC A-24x DEC
Brown Roger L   SGT 04/01/70 06/01/70 MEDIC A-24x  
Asher Charles D "Bud" SFC       A-24x DEC
Trost Henry M   1LT 06/24/68 09/09/68      
Ladner Milton R   SSG 01/29/69 01/15/70   A-24x  
Cook Walter L   SFC 09/15/69 09/14/70   A-24x DEC
Bowers Glenn R   SFC 01/01/70     @A-242 YZ
B-24 MSF (see A-204)
B-57 (Project Gamma Personnel at B-24)
Jamerson William C   SSG 10/04/67 06/01/68 RTT OP @B-24 DEC
Jamerson William C   SSG 06/01/68 07/10/68 RTT OP @B-24 DEC
403rd SOD (Radio Research)
Champoux George R   SFC 04/23/68 10/23/68   400S @B-24  
Tomczak Thomas J   SGT 04/23/68 07/23/68 05H 400S @B-24 & A-242 KIA
Hill Terry L   SSG 03/06/69 10/22/69   B-24 YE.
Bice John B   SFC 09/15/66 09/14/67 98C @B-24 DEC
Cagle George L   SFC 09/15/66 09/14/67 05H @B-24  
McCallum Andrew Jr SSG 09/15/66 09/14/67 05H4S @B-24 Y
Stebbins Donald A   SSG 02/11/66 11/08/66 RTT SPVR @B-24  
Trizila Johnnie M Jr SP5 09/15/66 09/14/67 33C4S @B-24  
Hiett Eddie H   SSG 09/28/66 09/27/67 05H4S @B-24 A0Y
Prodoehl Paul   SP5 06/01/68 07/01/68 05D4S @B-24 YE
Croyle Thomas L   SP5 09/15/66 09/14/67 05H @B-24  
Daniels Charles H "Chuck" SSG 09/15/66 04/01/68 05D4S61 @B-24,  
Herr William M   SP5 09/15/66 09/14/67 05H @B-24, 246, 101 Y
Garcia Robert Jr SP5 08/01/67 09/27/67   @B-24  
Quinn Duane E   SP4 05/01/67 09/28/67   @B-24 YE
Halterman Kenneth C   SFC 08/01/67 02/01/68 OPS NCO (O5H4P) @B-24 2/2/68-8/1/68 SFC 509RR @SGN DEC
Langevin Maurice L "Joe"   SSG 02/26/67 08/25/68 98C3SFR B-24, C-2, Y
Criess Lewis D   SSG 05/01/67 04/01/68 05H4S68 @B-24  
Dearing Howard R   SSG 05/01/68 01/01/69 05H4S @B-24 DEC
Miller Nicholas P   SP5 08/22/67 08/21/68 98C2S61 @B-24  
Rose Kenneth E   SSG 09/28/67 04/28/68 05H4S58 @B-24  
Wilson Damian P   SFC 12/07/67 12/02/68 05H4S27 @B-24  
Turney Thomas W   SSG 10/01/68 01/01/69   @B-24 YE
Johnson Charles   SP5 12/08/68 12/01/69   @B-24  
Hopkins Joel H   SSG 02/13/69 02/12/70 05H4S @B-24  
Lamberty Gary F   SP5 06/01/69 09/01/69 05G2S29 @B-24 DEC
Seal Douglas C   SSG 07/30/69 01/01/70 05H4SW7 @B-24, A-245 YE
Lewis Roland C Jr SSG 09/18/69 09/17/70 05H4P @B-24  
Lasseter Edward L Jr SP5 10/28/69 10/22/70 05D2P @B-24 Y
Campbell Shirley J   SFC 12/11/69 12/10/70 05H4S @B-24  
Ouimet Paul A   SSG 01/01/70 02/07/70 98C2P @B-24 Y
Coyle Dennis J   SSG 10/01/67 04/27/68 05H4S80 @B-24 TDY?  
Huffine Calvin W   SSG 02/13/68 09/12/69 05H4S B-24, B-23, B-36 DEC
Holzer Robert M   SSG 06/01/68 08/01/68 05H4S68 @B-24 DEC
Carden David C   SSG 07/03/69 02/17/70   @B-24@FOXTROT  
Pacini Lauren R   SSG 07/17/69 10/11/69 05D4S @B-24 YE
Farmer Kenneth W   SFC 06/01/70 01/01/71 05H4P @B-24 Y
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