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Who's Who from Detachment B-40 (4th MSFC) (Partial Draft)
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The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-40 (4th Mobile Strike Force Command). If you were assigned to B-40 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the bottom of this page shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Det A-430 (see A-401) was redesignated B-43 o/a Jan 67 and redesignated B-40 o/a Feb 67. The B Detachment established a camp at Can Tho across the runway? from Detachment C-4 o/a March 1968 (or January 10, 1965.) The Detachment was designated at 4th Mobile Strike Force Command on 05/23/68. The camp was closed o/a May 31, 1970. B-40 was located at Can Tho in Phong Dinh District, Phong Dinh Province. Medical, Signal, Intelligence and Engineering augmentations are presently listed with the parent element at the SFOB. For a list of B-40 Operations, Click here.

Marecek George R   MAJ 04/06/67 12/10/67 DET CO A-431? DEC
Scharnberg Ronald O   CPT 12/17/67 04/04/68 DET CO   KIA
Anderson James H 'JH' MAJ 01/01/68 06/25/68 BN CDR   A0Y
Topp Robert G   MAJ 09/04/68 11/22/68 DET CO medevaced DEC
Quist Francis H   LTC 01/18/69 01/21/69 DET CO   DEC
Dubovick Richard R   LTC 01/22/69 05/01/69 DET CO   YE.
Acre Lawrence D   MAJ 03/09/69 09/22/69 TF CDR "Strangler" KIA
Boggs William J   MAJ 08/13/69 11/26/69 DET CO   DEC
Bridgewater Tom W Jr MAJ 11/26/69 05/31/70 DET CO   DEC
Harvey Michael R   1LT 12/13/67 03/31/68 DET XO CO CDR A0Y,
Yoder Kenneth E   MAJ 02/13/68 02/12/69 DET XO   YE.
Boggs William J   MAJ 01/09/69 08/12/69 DET XO   DEC
Wagner Hans O   MAJ 11/02/69 04/20/70 DET XO   YE.
Moody John W   MAJ 02/11/70 07/27/70 DET XO   DEC
Mollica Leonard C   SSM 11/26/67 11/26/68 DET SGM   YE.
Batton Roy M   SSM 08/11/68 08/10/69 DET SGM   DEC
Petry Charles 'Slats' SGM     DET SGM No Orders DEC
Durham Pierce   SGM         A0;
Smythe Earl J   SGM 01/06/70 05/31/70 DET SGM or B-43? Y,
Murtagh James P   1LT 04/01/68 08/12/68 S-1   DEC
Johns Lawrence D   1LT 08/04/68 03/01/69 S-1 DATES? YE;
Hector Lionel   1LT 03/01/69 05/21/69 S-1   YE.
Lombard Bruce A   CPT 03/14/70 06/05/69 S-1 Asst S-2 YE.
Tenorio Santos D   CPT 12/17/69 05/01/70 S-1   DEC
White Thomas H   1LT 05/01/70 06/01/70 S-1   YE.
Regan John M   1LT 01/01/69 02/19/69 S-1 FUNDS   DEC
Canavan Michael A   CPT 07/31/69 11/18/69 S-1 FUNDS   YE.
White Thomas H   1LT 11/02/69 05/01/70 S-1 FUNDS   YE.
Cardwell Steven M   SP4 08/01/66 03/01/67 S-1 CLERK   DEC
Ibarra Enrique   SFC 12/28/67 01/28/70 S-1 NCOIC   Y,
Marques-Jaramillo Jose G   SSG 01/01/69 06/30/69 TYPIST    
Thurston Daniel G   1LT 12/17/67 03/01/68 S-2/S-3   DEC
Dowd Thomas M   1LT 09/01/68 12/15/68 S-2   YE.
McGinnis David L   1LT 01/01/69 02/19/69 S-2   YE.
Davis Wayne A   CPT 04/20/69 11/19/69 S-2   YE.
Taylor Roger L   CPT 11/22/69 06/27/70 S-2   DEC
Bradford Gene W   SFC 11/27/66   S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Bucca Joseph M   SFC 01/01/68 01/01/69 S-2 NCOIC   DEC
Fielder Donald L   SSG 10/01/68 11/15/68 S-2 NCOIC   YE.
Greene James F   MSG 10/31/68 10/30/69 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
McCarthy Edward S   SP4 09/15/69 06/01/70 96B20   YE.
Photopoulos Louis   CPT 08/11/68 12/15/68 S-3   DEC
Dowd Thomas M   1LT 12/16/68 03/29/69 S-3   YE.
Daniels Thomas M   CPT 01/30/69 05/01/69 S-3   YE.
Southworth John A   CPT 08/10/69 02/01/70 S-3   DEC
Canavan Michael A   CPT 03/01/70 07/01/70 S-3   YE.
Keating David P   1LT 06/01/68 09/06/68 S-3 AIR   DEC
Regan John M   1LT 02/20/69 04/30/69 S-3 ASST & BN CDR DEC
Claxton Philander P III 1LT 12/21/69 02/04/70 S-3 ASST   YE.
Fox Terry A   1LT 01/08/70 03/01/70 S-3 ASST   YE.
Shepherd Eugene Jr MSG 01/01/68 04/27/68 S-3 NCOIC   YE.
Greene James F   MSG 10/31/68 10/30/69 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
Klinker Ronald W   MSG 11/10/69 06/01/70 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
Tindall John W   MSG 01/14/69 01/13/70 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
Ransone James F Jr SP4 12/16/69 04/03/70 OPS SGT FOB @B-43? aA-405 DEC
Sydney Harry F Jr SGT 10/20/66   LT WPNS   DEC
Marques-Jaramillo Jose G   SSG 06/01/67   LT WPNS    
Tharpe John R Jr SP4 09/19/66 03/01/67 HVY WPNS A-404 YE;
Burtness Alan C   SP5 01/01/68 02/20/69 LT WPNS A-40x KIA
Steppe Robert N   SFC 09/28/68 09/24/69 HVY WPNS   DEC
Hart Jimmy D   SGT 11/05/68 11/04/69 LT WPNS   DEC
Critzburg Lloyd C   SP6 07/07/69 07/06/70 OPS NCO B-43 DEC
Murtagh James P   1LT 06/01/67 11/11/67 S-4   DEC
Deal Reginald E   1LT 12/17/67 08/12/68 S-4   DEC
Murtagh James P   1LT 08/12/68 11/02/68 S-4   DEC
Snapp Earl T Jr 1LT 01/01/69 04/30/69 S-4   YE.
Johns Lawrence D   1LT 03/01/69 05/04/69 S-4   YE
Snapp Earl T Jr 1LT 05/25/69 05/01/70 S-4   YE.
Battles Fred C   CPT 05/01/71 07/01/70 S-4   YE.
Snapp Earl T Jr 1LT 11/05/68 01/01/69 S-4 ASST S-1? YE.
Brandon William T   SFC 05/30/68 05/31/70 S-4 NCOIC    
Perry Anthony L   SP4 05/08/68 05/07/69 S-4 CLERK GEN SUPPLY YE.
Wiest Lawrence P   CPT 09/01/68 02/28/69 S-5   YE.
McGinnis David L   1LT 09/27/68 01/01/69 S-5 ASST   YE
Lahman Larry D   1LT 02/15/69 08/14/69 S-5   YE
Gooch Leonard G Jr CPT 12/21/69 05/05/70 S-5   DEC
Hammers Mike A   SGT 07/04/69 02/09/70 CAPO NCO   YE.
Hayakawa Donald T   SFC 01/28/68 01/27/69 RAD SPVR   DEC
Stebbins Donald A   SSG 11/24/68 12/05/69 RAD SPVR   Y
Wagner Carl   SFC 01/01/69 07/03/70 RAD SPVR   DEC
Garrison George L   SP4 01/01/66   RAD OP   A0U
Howell William R   SGT 01/01/66 08/08/68 RAD OP   A0Y
Blevins Robert R   SGT 06/01/66 07/01/66 RAD OP   YE
Williams Ray A   SGT 08/01/68 12/19/68 RAD OP   YE.
Erickson William L   PFC 12/11/67 12/10/68 RAD OP    
Lenhart Joseph L   SGT 12/01/67 07/03/68 RAD OP   YE
Richardson Robert D   SGT 01/01/68   RAD OP 47 MSF CO DEC
Mucci Edward A   SP4 09/23/68 09.22.69 RAD OP   YE
Nelson Thomas A   SGT 10/15/68 09/10/69 RAD OP   YE.
Bernard John A   SGT 01/15/69 10/04/69 RAD OP   YE,
Rossiter Thomas R   SGT 02/13/69 01.01.70 RAD OP   A0U
Stinson Mark W   SP4 09/18/69 01/23/70 RAD OP   YE
Duboise John D   SGT 01/01/70 04/01/70 RAD OP   YE.
Brown William T   SGT 12/25/67 01/01/69 CMBT ENGR   MIA
Jessick James E   SSG 01/01/70 08/22/70 DEMO   DEC?
Miller Ned L   MSG 02/01/68 06/01/68 MEDIC From 254 AML Det YE.
Hapka James A   SFC 08/03/68 10/02/69 MEDIC   YE.
Griffin Gary R   SP5 08/28/68 08/27/69 MEDIC PREV MED A0Y?
Heineman Robert P   SGT 01/10/69 11/07/69 MEDIC   YE
Lott Riley     10/01/69   MEDIC   DEC
Gee Archie G   SFC 10/01/68       DEC
Gonzales Manuel P   SFC 12/25/66 06/01/67      
Thrasher Max E   2LT 08/12/67       YER,
Thurston Daniel G   1LT 09/12/67 12/16/67     DEC
Astalos Peter V   MSG 09/21/67 09/20/68     DEC
Bruce James W   SSG 02/01/68 12/15/68     YE;
Knuuttila William W   SFC 03/01/68 10/01/68 PLT LDR 47 MSF CO DEC
Reese Add H   1LT 04/28/68 08/04/68 CO CDR   Y,
Astalos Peter V   MSG 06/01/68 09/20/68     DEC
Nesbitt John E   SSG 06/01/68     OR B-55 YE.
Roesch Heinz K   1LT 06/19/68 06/25/68 CO CDR   DNH
Miller John L   MSG 10/03/68 07/03/69 CO CDR   DEC
MAP of B-40 (Can Tho)

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