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CCS/B-50 (OMEGA)/B-56 (SIGMA) Aviation Support (Partial Draft)

We are tyring to collect copies of all awards for personnel earned while paerticipating in/supporting Projects Omega, Sigma and CCS/TF3AE. If you have orders/awards/documents which can add to the information shown, please send copies by snail mail to 2314 Cheshire Lane, Houston, TX 77018. (PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL!!!) Use the following table to help identify operations and provide your comments as thread in the appropriate forum noted below:



B-56 660910-18 GOLF  
B-50 660910-20 (1-66)  
B-56 660914-16 SHAKEDOWN  
B-56 660923-1005 TAZEWELL  
B-50 661001-1030 CLINTON (2-66) Recon
1-0 SFC DJ Warczak SS 1-1 WIA
B-56 661012-25 FONDULAC  
B-56 661022    
SGT BW Anderson KIA SS*; SSG MR Newbern KIA
B-56 661103-26 POINT LANSING  
B-50 661109-1204 BLACKHAWK I (3-66)  
B-56 6611??-1222 MGT?  
B-56 661115-18 BRAVO  
B-56 6611??-?? ?? (OPORD 8-66)  
B-50 661212-670112 BLACKHAWK II (3-66)  


B-56 670104-06 TORONTO  
B-56 670105 ?? Recon
1-? SSG HC Herpers PH
B-56 670117-18 SHEBOYGAN  
B-56 670118-19 NASHVILLE  
B-56 670120-0206 REGINA I  
B-50 670122-0212 STARK (1-67)  
B-56 670213-26 REGINA II  
B-50 670303-0403 DAWES (2-67)  
SGT HB Carpenter MIA-BNR (6)
B-56 670310-19 OCEAN DRIVE  
B-56 670403-07 LIBERTY BLACKJACK POW rescue
B-56 670408 ?? Recon
1-0 SFC CR Smith PH
B-50 670415-0515 BUCKNER (3-67)  
1-1 SSG RG Patterson BSV(22) 1-1SSG RS Langston BSV (24)
B-56 670427-0524 BLACKJACK 33 w/A-303  
B-56 670430    
1-0 SSG JM Aaron PH
B-56 670511    
BN CDR RC Disney SS SP4 R Ledellaytner ACMV
B-56 670519    
CPT BG Moon PH SP4 CR Jones PH
B-56 670606-0703 PIKESVILLE  
B-56 670611    
1-0 ?? PH 1-1 SP4 GD Sommesi PH Recovery SF PH
B-50 670617-24 FTX CALKIN  
B-56 670625   1st Co? 1 1 FO? KIA 6/21
1-0 1-1 SFC RA Lavoie SS  
B-50 670708-0903 MARCH I (4-67)  
B-50 670919-1030 MARCH II (4-67)  
B-56 670921-29 WARM-UP  
B-56 670924    
SFC RA Charest PH
B-56 671008-25 SHORTSTOP  
B-56 671021    
SFC LC Dane Co Adv SS SGT JC Harrison SS
B-56 671029 Tm #3 Recon
1-0 SFC CH Webb SS
B-50 and B-56 OPCON to MACVSOG effective 11/01/67

If you were involved in any such operations and wish to contribute to the details of what went occurred, join the discussion at the appropriate Green Beret Forum (linked below). If you have photographs, you can add a weblink to an image (or any) URL to the forum, but when I get around to pulling this off to a CD version, I will need to call upon you to get a hi-res version. Do NOT send the high res or even copies of the pictures to me at this time. I have divided the forum up in to several threads by Calendar Year. Title your discussion entry by the date (or dates) of the operation you wish to chime in on. Make separate entires for different operations. If the guides that I provide don't help you identify the date, come as close as you can. This is an experiment to recreate the after action reports for these operations (which, as far as we can tell do not exist). Let's see how well the internet serves to accomplish this task.

Chronologies of Operations:

List of Operations Discussion of Specific Operations
[SIGMA 1966-1967 (Named, In-country Operations)]
[AAR's are available and published for most of these operations]
[OMEGA 1966-1967 (Named, In-country Operations)]
[AAR's are available and will be published on all these operations]
[OMEGA 1967-1968 (Daniel Boone)] [Discussion]
[SIGMA 1967-1968 ] few details are available
for the many in-country recon ops run by B-56 for IIFFV
[CCS - 1969-1970 (Salem House)] [Discussion]
[CCS/TF3AE 1971-1973 (Thong Not)]
Operations severly curtailed after Aug 23, 1970]
[Aviation Support For All of the Above] To add to the narrative discussion, use the
appropriate chronological category above

[CCS Discussion Forum]
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