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Who's Who from 5th Mobile Strike Force Command (B-55 Staff) (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in the 5th Mobile Strike Force Command (B-55). If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names, particularly those whose specific assignment is unknown, or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: B-55, 5th Mobile Strike Force Command, conducted operations in support of beleaguered camps throughout RVN as directed. Originally B-55 was used to designate the Command Liaison Detachment in Saigon until May 23, 1968 when B-55 was activated. After Action Reports from B-55 and its subordinate elements will be published on CD-ROM at a later date. Mik Sharp has an A-503/B-55 website.

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Clark Richard A   MAJ 04/19/68 08/01/68 DET CO    
Borgman John E   MAJ 07/24/68 04/21/69 DET CO   Y
Crysel James W   MAJ 04/04/69 07/08/69 DET CO    
Nix John U   MAJ 07/01/69 10/24/69 DET CO    
Hinds Sidney R Jr LTC 09/12/69 12/15/69 DET CO ASSGN?  
Lynch Homer M   LTC 12/16/69 04/01/70 DET CO    
Black Charles S Jr LTC 02/06/70 07/25/70 DET CO    
Lopez Louis Jr MAJ 07/26/70 12/31/70 DET CO   Y
Lynch Homer M   LTC 10/01/69 12/15/69 DET DCO ASGN?  
Blankenship Malcolm W   MAJ 01/13/67 08/12/67 DET XO GAMMA?  
Nix John U   MAJ 03/01/69 07/01/69 DET XO    
Kelley Martin P   CPT 01/01/69 06/22/69 DET XO & FUNDS OFF  
Blow Melvyn R   CPT 06/10/69 05/08/70 DET XO    
Lopez Louis Jr MAJ 05/12/70 07/25/70 DET XO    
Barmore Benjamin S   SGM 06/01/68   DET SGM    
Burdge John W   SSM 09/12/68 10/04/69 DET SGM   DEC
Taylor Ben B 'Jaws' SSM 09/01/69 11/09/69 DET SGM    
Richardson John E Jr SGM 01/01/70 01/01/71 DET SGM    
S-1 & S-1 STAFF
Simens Stewart S   1LT 08/01/68 03/24/69 S-1    
Littnan Charles L   CPT 08/09/68 02/27/69 S-1 TO 101 ABN  
Connelly Thomas E   CPT 02/20/69 02/15/70 S-1    
Sale Lafayette L III CPT 11/22/69 06/02/70 S-1    
Twining Stephen N   CPT 05/21/70 02/02/71 S-1   Y
Trafford Mel L   SSG 08/20/68 11/18/69 S-1 NCOIC   Y
Greve Gary J   SFC 09/27/69 09/26/70 S-1 NCOIC    
Matthews Roger S   PFC 08/05/69 03/01/70 CLK TYPIST RTT OP  
Niceley James E Jr SP5 10/02/69 10/01/70 CLK TYPIST    
Howard Charles L   SSG 06/01/69 10/08/69 CLUB NCO    
King Malen M 'Fat Cat' SFC 05/13/69 05/12/70 MESS SGT    
S-2 & S-2 STAFF
Carlock Billy N   1LT 04/27/68 02/02/69 S-2   Y
Buzzelli Don E   1LT 07/20/68   S-2    
Elmore Darrell G 'Moe' 1LT 10/01/68 03/01/69 S-2   Y
Meyer Leo J 'John' CW4 12/18/68 02/01/69 S-2 ASST    
McNutt Frank E   CPT 01/08/70 05/04/70 S-2   KIA
Jones Robert W   1LT 05/05/70 05/25/70 S-2    
Novoa Juan M   1LT 05/26/70 12/31/70 S-2    
Nunez Rudolph   SFC 06/01/68 3/17/69 S-2 NCOIC    
Talley John M   SSG 08/05/68 03/01/70 S-2 NCOIC    
Soublet Paul J   MSG 09/18/69 09/17/70 S-2 NCOIC    
S-3 & S-3 STAFF
Bozeman John R   CPT 11/23/68   S-3    
McNutt Frank E   CPT 09/07/69 01/07/70 S-3   KIA
Boone Timothy A   CPT 01/08/70 08/01/70 S-3   Y
Ficken James W   CPT 07/20/70 11/26/70 S-3   Y
Driver Russell W   CPT 02/24/70 08/01/70 S-3 ASST    
Jones Robert W   1LT 12/16/69 05/04/70 S-3 ASST    
Reilley Richard A   SFC 05/23/68 01/27/69 CO CDR 7 MSF CO  
Jones William R   MSG 12/11/68 08/16/69 S-3 NCOIC    
Helmstetter Jerome B   MSG 07/17/69 07/12/70 S-2 NCOIC    
S-4 & S-4 STAFF
Kress Donald W Jr 1LT 01/12/69 12/13/69 S-4    
Burruss Lewis H 'Bucky' CPT 10/20/69 06/07/70 S-4   Y
Bishop Richard D   CPT 07/08/70 11/03/70 S-4   Y
Frazel Stephen H   1LT 04/01/70 12/31/71 S-4 ASST   Y
Flory Noble W   MSG 06/25/68 05/25/69 S-4 NCOIC    
Rittenhouse Thomas E   SSG 06/23/69 01/01/70 S-4 NCOIC    
Hall Jerry L   SFC 01/05/70 01/04/71 S-4 NCOIC    
Geffken Thomas W   SSG 09/01/69 03/01/71 S-4 NCO    
Sunrich William A   MSG 10/01/69 09/30/70 S-4 NCO    
Nystrom Edwin O   SP4 06/01/69 02/05/70 S-4 C:LERK    
Cheatham John B   1LT 06/21/68 06/07/69 CAPO & CRP LDR  
Roberts James D   CPT 07/06/69 11/15/69 S-5    
Bishop Richard D   CPT 11/10/69 05/21/70 S-5   Y
Randall Charles M   CPT 05/22/70 07/15/70 S-5    
Abbott Allen L   1LT 07/16/70 09/19/70 S-5    
Esqueda [Estrada] Arnulfo M   SFC 07/13/68 07/12/69 S-5 NCOIC    
Hux David F   SFC 01/01/70 04/02/70 S-5 NCOIC    
Osborne James W   SFC 09/27/69 03/01/70 S-5 NCOIC    
Barnes David J   MSG 01/18/69 01/17/70 RAD SPVR    
Fairley James C   SFC 01/01/70 01/01/71 RAD SPVR    
Fair Robert L   SP4 08/28/68 01/01/69 RAD OP    
Scott Breelan A Jr SGT 09/24/68 03/01/69 RAD OP    
Clark George E   SSG 11/21/68 03/01/69 RAD OP & CRP  
Hagan James L   SGT 10/13/68 10/05/69 RAD OP & CRP LDR  
Olsen Anthony P   PFC 06/01/69 01/01/70 RTT OP Fm Sigco?  
Johnson Quinten T   SGT 09/15/69 09/14/70 RAD OP    
Harvey Francis L   SFC 09/01/69 05/26/70 RAD OP    
Brown Mansel L Jr SFC 09/08/69 01/01/70 RAD OP    
Sanchez John M A   SFC 11/27/69 11/26/70 RAD OP Duty w/S-3  
Strode Paul A   SGT 10/11/69 03/01/70 RAD OP Duty w/S-3  
Bitowf Dennis M   SGT 04/01/70 10/01/70 RAD OP    
Wiltgen Floyd D   SGT 06/01/70   RTT OP   Y
Thornton Jackie M   SGT 07/01/70 03/01/71 RAD OP    
Dougherty Robert J   SGT 10/01/70 12/31/70 RAD OP    
Jones Harvey G   SFC 06/01/68 01/01/69 MED SPVR From Avn Co  
Bunnell Derald R   SFC   12/10/68 MEDIC   Y
Dews Hampton II SGT 12/01/68 07/15/69 MEDIC    
Delahanty James F   SP4 01/01/68   MEDIC    
Woody Edward L   SP4 04/15/68 04/13/69 PREV MED 91S4S  
Link Robert C   SSG 08/04/69 08/03/70 MEDIC    
Smith Henry Ray   SFC 09/22/69 04/30/69 MED SPVR    
Thompson Tom H   SSG 07/23/69 01/01/70 PREV MED    
Maxwell Patrick G   SFC 09/23/69 03/01/70 MED SPVR    
Dalton David W   SP5 01/01/70 11/01/70 PREV MED    
Oliver Owen L   SSG 01/01/70   MEDIC    
Woodcroft Richard L Jr SGT 01/01/70   MEDIC    
Langland Clayton E Jr SGT 01/01/70 02/01/70 91B4S Gp Wire Detail Y
Follini Peter A   SSG 03/01/70 08/15/70 MEDIC   Y
Dirks Charles E   SP4 07/01/70 09/14/70 MEDIC    
Meredith Dennis G   SP5 07/01/70 10/23/70 MEDIC    
Metcalf Earl R   SGT 07/08/70 12/31/70 MEDIC    
Garday Phillip R   SGT 10/01/70 12/31/70 MEDIC    
Jones Herman A Jr SFC 10/01/70 12/31/70 MEDIC    
Kauppi Kenneth E   SGT 10/01/70 12/31/70 MEDIC DATES?  
Kirby Wickliffe B III 2LT 09/01/69   FUNDS OFF    
Prieto Ernesto A   CPT 12/27/69 06/09/70 FUNDS OFF    
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