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Who's Who from Company C (Det C-1 Danang) (Partial Draft)

The listings of all personnel in our database, assigned to the organizational elements shown below are drafts for you to check. If you were assigned to any of these elements or you can correct any errors or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076.

Company C (ICTZ) Detachment C-1 (Danang) & Staff
Det B-11 (Quang Ngai City/Chu Lai)
Det B-13 (Kham Duc)
Det B-16 (1st Mobile Strike Force Command incl. MGF, MSF, Con Thien, Sa Huynh) A-100, A-110, A-111/161. A-112/162, A-113/163, Operations
Det A-101 (Khe Sanh/Lang Vei/Mai Loc )
Det A-102 (A Shau/Tien Phuc)
Det A-103 (Gia Vuc)
Det A-104 (A Ro/Ha Thanh)
Det A-105 (Kham Duc/Nong Son)
Det A-106 (Ba To)
Det A-107 (Tra Bong)
Det A-108 (Ming Long)
Det A-109 (Thuong Duc)

Early TDY Teams are noted in other Publications
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