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Who's Who from Company A (Det C-3 Bien Hoa) (Partial Draft)

The listings of all personnel in our database, assigned to the organizational elements shown below are drafts for you to check. If you were assigned to any of these elements or you can correct any errors or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076.

Det B-33 (Hon Quan)
Det A-331 (Loc Ninh)
Det A-332 (Minh Thanh)
Det A-333 (Chon Thon/Chi Linh)
Det A-334 (Tong Le Chon)
Det B-34 (Song Be)
Det A-341 (Bu Ghia Map/Bu Dop)
Det A-342 (Dong Xoai)
Det A-343 (Duc Phong)
Det A-344 (Bunard)
Det B-35 (Hiep Hoa/Duc Hoa)
Det A-351 (Hiep Hoa)/A-353/A-325(Duc Hue)
Det A-352-4 (Hiep Hoa Area Training Camps:)
Det A-352 (Hiep Hoa/Tra Cu)
Det A-353 (Xuan Loc/Luong Hoa)

Det A-354 (Hiep Hoa/Hon Quan)
Det B-36 (3rd Mobile Strike Force Command
incl. MSF, MGF, Rapid Fire and subordinate dets)
B-36 Staff (to be posted)
B-36 (Assignment unknown) (to be posted)
A-301/A-363?(to be posted) (3rd Bn)
A-302/A-362 (2nd Bn)
A-303/A-361 (1st Bn)
A-304/A-364 (4th Bn)
MSF/MGF Operations

Company A (III CTZ) Detachment C-3 (Bien Hoa)
C-3 Staff
C-3 Miscellaneous Staff
C-3 Assignment Unknown (to be posted)
Det B-31 (Phuoc Vinh/Xuan Loc)
Det A-311 (Tanh Linh)
Det A-312 (Phuoc Vinh/Xom Cat)
Det B-32 (Tay Ninh)
Det A-321 (Ben Soi)
Det A-322 (Suoi Da/Prek Klok/Katum)
Det A-323 (Trang Sup/Trai Bi/Thien Ngon)
Det A-324 (Nui Ba Den)
Det A-325 (Bao Don)
Det A-326 (Ben Cat/Go Dau Ho (new))

Early TDY Teams and UITG/FANK Training Centers are noted in other Publications
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