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Who's Who from Company E (Special Operations) (Draft)

The listings of all personnel in our database, assigned to the organizational elements shown below are drafts for you to check. If you were assigned to any of these elements or you can correct any errors or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076.

Company E (Provisional)
Detachment C-5 (Special Operations) - see Who's Who from MACV-SOG

Detachment B-50 (Project OMEGA) - see also Who's Who from MACV-SOG
Detachment B-51 (VNSF Training Center - Dong Ba Thin)
Mobile Strike Force Training Command
Detachment B-52 (Project DELTA)
Recondo School Instructor and Graduate Orders
Recondo School Instructors (Alphabetical List)
Detachment B-53 - see Who's Who from MACV-SOG
Recon Team Leaders Course Class Lists
403rd Special Operations Detachment (Radio Research)
Command Liaison Detachment (TOC/B-55/CLD/JCCD)
Detachment B-55 (5th Mobile Strike Force Command)
Detachment A-501 (Nung Security Force)
Detachment A-502 (Trung Dung)
Detachment A-503 (1st MSF Battalion)
Detachment A-504 (2nd MSF Battalion)
Detachment B-56 (Project SIGMA) - see Who's Who from MACV-SOG
Installation Defense Command (IDC)
Detachment B-57 (Project GAMMA)

Special Operations Augmentation to C&C, CCN, CCC, CCS, TF1AE, TF2AE, TF3AE, SMAG,STDAT - see Who's Who from MACV-SOG Also see Errata listing.
Who's Who from MACV-SOG Part I - Alphabetical Index (In Progress)
Operations Lists - Team Discussion Forums: C-5, B-50, B-56, CCS, TF3AE
Operations Lists - Team Discussion Forums: FOB2, CCC, TF2AE
Operations Lists - Team Discussion Forums: C&C, CCN, TF1AE
Team Discussion Forums: SOG HQ, B-53, TCAE, SMAG, STDAT

While not part of 5th Special Forces Group, the following links are offered:
81st Group (Ranger Advisors)
Task Force Ivory Coast (Son Tay Raiders)
Military Equipment Delivery Team - Cambodia (MEDT-C)

Also of interest is a 281st Assault Helicopter Company Website.

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