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Who's Who from Detachment C-1 (Company C, Danang) (Partial Draft)
Command Section
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The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to the Command Section of Detachment C-1 (Company C, Danang). If you were assigned to C-1 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the page shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. The personnel augmentations from headquarters for Surgeons, Medical Supply Officers, Staff Engineers, Signal Personnel, Riggers and MI are not being posted here yet, since there are too many corrections to try to do it in two places. Please refer to the [hyperlinked] references for this information. Same applies to KB teams, B-57 and 403rd RR and other augmentees that are not hyperlinked but can be found under their parent detachment. I need the PCS orders and official team phot for C5/300.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment C5/3 took over the [Danang East] Camp McBride from B1/410, 1st SFG(A). It was redesignated Company C, Detachment C-1. Camp McBride was turned over to the Border Ranger program o/a 11/16/70. Camp McBride was located in Hoa Van District, Quang Nam Province.

Allen Richard L Jr LTC 11/01/64   DET CO C5/1 DEC
Ross Charles G   LTC 06/01/65   DET CO NO ORDERS  
Facey Kenneth B   LTC 11/10/65 10/09/66 DET CO   Y
Stein Lewis I   LTC 09/01/66 02/12/67 DET CO    
Parmly Eleazar IV 'Lee' LTC 02/18/67 07/31/67 DET CO    
Raymond Robert E   MAJ 08/01/67 08/21/67 DET CO    
Schungel Daniel F   LTC 08/21/67 06/01/68 DET CO    
Connelly Daniel J   LTC 07/06/68 03/31/69 DET CO    
Rountree Wadie J   LTC 12/01/68 06/27/69 DET CO    
Reeder Claire J   LTC 07/27/69 11/28/69 DET CO    
Shackleton Ronald A   LTC 11/19/69 08/05/70 DET CO    
Matson James M   LTC 07/01/70 11/16/70 DET CO    
Williams Maurice C   LTC 07/17/68 12/07/68 DET DCO    
Stallings Joseph L   LTC 01/10/69 07/09/70 DET DCO    
Matson James M   LTC 11/17/69 01/03/70 DET DCO    
Venn Raymond D   LTC 12/13/69 04/01/70 DET DCO    
Angus Jack E   MAJ 02/01/70 09/01/70 DET DCO    
Henry Thomas M   MAJ 11/01/64   DET XO C5/300 Y
Sakey Mitchell A   MAJ 06/01/65 12/31/65 DET XO   Y
Truesdale John H   MAJ 11/10/65 09/15/66 DET XO    
Keefe John V   MAJ 04/01/66 01/30/67 DET XO    
Jenkins Brian M   1LT 12/27/66 03/04/67 DET XO Assign to Tm?  
Jones Willis D   MAJ 02/22/67 08/25/67 DET XO & S-3?  
Raymond Robert E   MAJ 02/22/67 07/31/67 DET XO Assign?  
Raymond Robert E   MAJ 08/22/67 12/16/67 DET XO    
Hoadley Wilbur M   MAJ 11/15/67 04/12/68 DET XO   Y
Clark Richard A   MAJ 08/03/68 02/05/69 DET XO    
Morrison James J   CPT 09/01/70 11/16/70 DET XO   DEC
Macauley Theodore F "Ted" SGM 11/04/64 04/01/65 DET SGM Med-evac Y
Vidrine George A   SGM 05/01/65 01/01/66 DET SGM med evaced  
Hodge Harmon D 'Preacher'   SGM 12/01/65 10/01/66 DET SGM    
Booth George   SGM 08/01/66 08/01/67 DET SGM   DEC
Hoffman Phillip J   SGM 08/01/66 08/01/67 DET SGM    
Wells Marvin   SGM 10/01/66 05/03/67 DET SGM or C-3?  
Bailey Roy L 'Beetle' SGM 06/01/67 09/01/67 DET SGM    
Hodge Harmon D 'Preacher'   SGM 08/05/67 08/04/68 DET SGM    
Vidrine George A   SSM 08/23/68 08/22/69 DET SGM    
Vandervort Albert J   SSM 09/01/68 09/01/69 DET SGM    
Rodriguez Adrian A   SGM 05/26/70 11/01/70 DET SGM Dates?  

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