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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Command Section (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served as Group Commander, DCO, XO or SGM. Were there aides, clerks, drivers or others assigned to the command section (and if so, who were they?) or were these additional duties given to people in slots in other sections? If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: US Army Special Forces - Vietnam (Provisional) is included in the 5th SFGA TDY booklet. Training and Support Headquarters (TSH) will be on another, separate, table.

Spears John H   COL 08/01/64 07/15/65 SF-V D
Hughes Irving C   LTC 04/23/65 04/28/65 ACTING D
Hughes Irving C   LTC 06/27/65 06/30/65 ACTING D
McKean William A "Bulldog" COL 07/16/65 06/12/66   D
Kelly Francis J "Blackjack" "Frank" COL 06/13/66 06/03/67   D
Ladd Jonathan F   COL 06/04/67 06/03/68   D
Aaron Harold R   COL 06/04/68 05/08/69   D
Ross Charles G   LTC 01/13/69 01/18/69 ACTING Y
Ross Charles G   LTC 03/18/69 03/23/69 ACTING Y
Ross Charles G   LTC 05/09/69 05/28/69 ACTING Y
Rheault Robert B   COL 05/29/69 07/20/69   Y
Lemberes Alexander   COL 07/21/69 08/30/69    
Healy Michael D   COL 08/31/69 12/30/69   Y
Healy Michael D   COL 12/31/69 01/10/70   Y
Healy Michael D   COL 01/11/70 03/25/70   Y
Healy Michael D   COL 03/26/70 08/09/70   Y
Veazey Eli L   LTC 08/10/70 09/12/70 ACTING Y
Healy Michael D   COL 09/13/70 12/16/70   Y
Lawrence Paul S   LTC 12/17/70 01/01/71 ACTING Y
Healy Michael D   COL 01/02/71 01/15/71   Y
Hughes Irving C   LTC 10/01/64 10/01/65 A&L D
Spragins C E "Pete" LTC 04/01/65 10/01/65   Y
Bennett John C   LTC 10/11/65 03/31/66   D
McCracken Walter S   LTC 03/09/66 08/14/66 NOR SFOB? Y
Stein Lewis I   LTC 05/26/66 09/01/66 (A&L)  
Warren John S   LTC 07/01/66 10/19/66 (SO) D
Simpson Charles M III LTC 07/25/66 07/24/67 (CI) D
Norman William C   LTC 09/08/66   (SO) Y
Kinney Howard D Jr LTC 10/17/66 12/01/66 (A&L) Y
Kelley Eugene Jr LTC 07/04/67 06/16/68    
Faistenhammer Ludwig Jr LTC 11/16/67 02/01/67 (A&L) Y
Hassinger Robert W   LTC 02/07/68 07/21/68   Y
Cerrone Michael J Jr LTC 05/13/68 10/21/68    
Schungel Daniel F   LTC 06/01/68 08/11/68   D
Vipperman Louis O   LTC 10/30/68 12/29/68 (A&L)  
Facey Kenneth B   LTC 11/03/68 08/09/69   Y
Catchings Evell J Jr LTC 11/09/68 06/13/69 A/DCO (A&L) T
Ross Charles G   LTC 04/01/69 08/19/69    
Hettlinger Walter   LTC 11/07/69 04/17/70   D
Lillard James A   LTC 12/16/69 06/30/70   Y
Veazey Eli L   LTC 07/06/70 08/10/70   Y
Lawrence Paul S   LTC 08/01/70 12/16/71   Y
Veazey Eli L   LTC 09/13/70 10/26/70   Y
Tullis Murl F   LTC 01/16/71 04/08/71    
Dechert Louis T   LTC 01/28/71 10/26/71   Y
Collins Franklin W   LTC 02/01/71 02/23/71    
Rheault Robert B   LTC 10/01/64 05/01/65 (O&I) Y
Vail James N   LTC 04/21/65 04/22/66    
Gustafson Melvin E   LTC 02/13/66 06/13/66 (CI) Y
Gilbert Robert R   LTC 04/01/67 09/01/68    
Beck William J   LTC 06/01/67 03/25/68    
Hoyt Charles J   LTC 07/25/69 12/15/69    
Norton Charles W Jr LTC 10/06/69 12/16/69    
Veazey Eli L   LTC 10/30/69 07/06/70 OR S-4 Y
Vipperman Louis O   LTC 12/30/69 09/23/69    
Chamberlain George R   LTC 09/14/70 02/28/71    
Schmidt James O   SGM 06/01/64 10/01/64   Y
Francis Clyde W   SGM 10/01/64 10/01/65   Y
Pioletti John F   SGM 10/01/65 08/01/66    
Dunaway George W   SGM 08/01/66 06/03/67   Y
Mattox Robert D   CSM 06/04/67 06/03/68   Y
Odom George W   CSM 06/03/68 06/01/69   Y
Bowser Myron J "Ron" CSM 07/01/69 02/01/71   Y
Darcy Paul M   CSM 01/01/71 02/28/71   D
Other Staff in Command Section
Mullane Joseph F   SSM 03/27/69 04/03/70 Asst to CO Y
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