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If you received a phone call from me, a further explanation is in order. Welcome to Maggie's Buddy Search. You have been found!

My name is Steve Sherman. I served in 5th SFGA in Pleiku (C-2, Company B) and Nha Trang (SFOB) in 1967-68. Recently I have become the defacto archivist for the Special Forces and Special Operations Associations. Both organizations have annual reunions. Go to FAQs for more information on these organizations and the reunions.

From the database, we are publishing a series of Special Forces "Who's Who" Reference booklets. We have posted and are revising a list of all the 5th SFGA PCS personnel at each detachment and staff section in each Corps area, at the SFOB, Signal Co and at the Special B-Detachments. You have a chance NOW to give some input. Go to work-in-progress and select the Flash you wore and then select a Corps area or the SFOB from the map. This will take you to a list of detachments in one of six areas. If you have any corrections to offer, please do so. (You are now able to post your corrections to a Team Discussion Forum and find some former teammates. Use your full name, and MI in the Forum.) My email address which is on the bottom of each page. ALSO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM and MAIL IN ANY AWARDS, ORDERS, AAR's and ROSTERS you may have been hanging on to for all these years to the address below. This is the reason for which you've been saving them.

We also have published a series of SF-related books and CD ROMS. You can get details at the Catalog Page, but let me turn your attention to the reprint of the Green Beret magazines. You do remember the monthly magazines that Group published from 1966 to 1970? Well, we have collected, indexed and reprinted the complete set -- and done a great job of it even if I say so myself -- and you'd better get a set this time around while you still have a chance, which may not be all that much longer.

We also have a limited buddy search capability for SF troopers who served with SOG or USASF in SE Asia to contact their comrades from that time. This will expand as we learn to handle this medium. We've also provided a number of resources here to help you register to be included in and to use the buddy search, to help us add to the database, and for you to report bugs, suggest improvements and links to other SF information resources.

Mail copies of your awards, etc. to RADIX Press, 2314 Cheshire Lane, Houston, TX 77018.
Please use snail mail for sending me these documents, my email gets clogged up easily.
You may also obtain further information by telephone at 713-683-9076; and by e-mail to sherman1@flash.net.

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If you don't have the Green Beret Magazine Reprint, buy it before the stock is sold out!!!
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