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The Official Lite History (& Cookbook) of the Gulf War by Gordon Rottman, Steve Sherman and Scott Summers $8.00

This book tells the true story of how the benevolent and paternal despot, Uncle Sadammy (who just likes to pat young boys on the head) tried to liberate his cousins to the south (over their loud objections). How he withstood 4000 hours of severe finger-wagging by the world community and how he scorned 1000 hours of "battlefield preparation-H" by Yankee Air Pirates. How he was willing to fght ot the last of his men in a 100 hour struggle in the burning jungle-without-trees of the Arabian desert. And how he was abandoned in the end by the media, certain congressmen, Ramsey Clark, and an army of professional protestors. Learn how American SF sneaked through the desert in rented camel costumes (the original camel-flage?). Read it to find out how the Vietnam War really ended, how the Gulf War really started and who really were the winners and losers.
Without holding back, this book tells how our soldiers survived the desert, bares the women's participation, decodes the slanguage, uncloaks the black humor, details the campaign against the media, identifies the allies, exposes the secret war, describes Silicon Valley's triumph in the Fertile Crescent, maps the real war plans, provides scriptural authorities and much more.
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