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Who's Who from Headquarters & Headquarters Company (SFOB) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Headquarters & Headquarters Company at the SFOB, Nha Trang. While everyone at the SFOB was nominally assigned to HHQ, this list is only meant to contain those personnel assigned to slots in the HHQ section. If you were assigned to HHQ or you can correct any errors or can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Headquarters and Headquarters Company was located at the SFOB, Nha Trang, in Khanh Hoa Province. The earlier USASF-V(P) and TDY personnel from the 5th SFGA are listed in a previously published monograph.

HHQ Company Commander  
Short Edward A   CPT 01/14/65 10/31/65 HHC CMDR  
Manges Duff G III CPT 11/07/65 08/12/66 HHC CMDR  
White Lawrence L   CPT 08/13/66 02/05/67 HHC CMDR  
Gregory Tony G   1LT 04/18/67 08/07/67 HHC CMDR  
Touhey Henry J   MAJ 07/21/67 01/18/68 HHC CMDT  
Peeler William R II CPT 08/10/67 01/17/68 HHC CMDT  
Murtagh James P   1LT 11/11/67 11/06/68 HHC CMDT  
Calloway Joseph W   1LT 12/04/67 07/05/68 HHC CMDT FROM 12/1/66-12/4/67?  
Newman Frank D   CPT 12/07/67   HHC CMDT  
Raineri Sal C   CPT 04/25/68 11/11/68 HHC CMDT  
LeBlanc Victor A   MAJ 11/04/68 12/09/69 HHC CMDT DDUS 8/12/67-MPC  
Wilson Lee B   MAJ 11/15/69 03/26/70 HHC CMDT  
Gervasini Richard C   MAJ 03/17/70 07/14/70 HHC CMDT Y
Pippin Presley L Jr MAJ 01/05/70 07/05/70 HHC CMDT  
McDonnell John T   1LT 02/20/65 01/01/66 HHC XO  
?     1LT     HHC XO  
Jennings Keith R   1LT 06/01/66 10/10/66 HHC XO  
Brosch Gary E   1LT 10/01/66 12/02/66 HHC XO  
Johnson David C   1LT 10/16/66 03/13/67 HHC XO  
Connelly Thomas E   1LT 04/06/67 12/12/67 HHC XO 12/12/66-4/6/67 ?  
Herrington Wade T Jr 1LT 12/21/67 05/10/68 HHC XO  
Stollings Ronald W   1LT 02/04/68 06/09/68 HHC XO  
Sheets John W III 1LT 06/10/68 11/09/68 HHC XO  
O'Neal Eddie E   1LT 11/01/68 02/02/69 HHC XO  
Hearst John R   CPT 01/29/69 08/19/69 HHC XO  
Sheffield William M   CPT 10/15/69 03/19/70 HHC XO  
Small Richard W   1LT 08/14/70 03/01/71 HHC XO  
Salsbery Winston N II 2LT 10/05/70 02/24/71 HHC XO/A  
HHQ First Sergeant/SGM  
Nabinger George E   MSG 06/01/65 08/01/66 HHC 1SG  
Casey Dennis R   MSG 07/01/66 03/01/67 HHC 1SG  
Stevens Howard A   1SG 05/01/67 04/01/68 HHC 1SG  
West Daniel R   SSM 11/01/68 06/29/69 HHC SGM  
Garcia Robert A   SSM 11/30/68 10/16/69 HHC SGM  
Grant ?Gerald V   MSG 08/04/69 08/03/70 HHC 1SG or CCN/MLT1?  
Admin Section  
Van Achthoven Willem P H M   SFC 01/01/67   HHC S-1  
Van Achthoven Willem P H M   SFC 12/10/69 12/09/70 HHC S-1  
Fix Larry J   SP4 01/01/66   HHQ S-1 PERS Y
Hyde Clarence A   SSG 01/01/67 11/01/67 HHC S-1  
Witcher Randolph   SP5 06/16/67 06/15/68 HHQ CLERK  
Cox Terry R   SSG 02/14/69 09/03/69 HHQ S-1 Y
Blanciak Thomas A   SP5 05/01/69 02/01/70 HHQ Clerk Y
Arnold Gary J   SP5 06/12/69 06/11/70 HHC CPO  
Operations Section  
Tasker Paul D   CPT 11/15/69 05/22/70 HHC OPS  
Boyer Landis G   SSG 04/13/67 04/12/68 HHC S-3  
Logistics Section  
O'Neal Eddie E   1LT 02/03/69 10/24/69 HHC S-4  
Irvin L D   SSG 03/04/67 03/03/68 HHC S4 NCO  
RevDev Section  
Easterly Charles T   1LT 12/20/67 06/02/68 HHC S-5  
Hood David C   2LT 10/15/69 10/14/70 HHC S-5/A  
HHQ Engineering  
Ashley Charles E   SP4 10/01/67 09/30/68 R & U MARSHALL HOMER? FILLED SANDBAGS  
Freeman George E   MSG 06/01/68   HQ Staff Eng  
HHQ Replacement Detachment  
Grady Clyde E   SFC 01/01/67   HHC RPLCMT  
Grady Clyde E   SFC 12/15/67 07/15/68 HHC RPLCMT  
Cardinal Henry   MSG 01/01/68   HHC RPLCMT  
Faath Anthony J   SP5 06/27/68 06/26/69 HHC RPLCMT  
HHQ Security Company
Anthony Billy J "Tony"   2LT 04/10/67 05/28/67 SEC CO Y
Byrne Robert D 'Dean' SSG 12/14/69 01/01/70 SEC CO NCO Y
Fitzwater Harrison V   SP5 09/09/70 02/28/71 SEC CO Y

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