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Special Forces Order of Battle [Draft] $40.00

A listing by Country, Headquarters and Corps Area of the Commanders and Senior NCO's of each Special Forces Detachment in South East Asia. Three Booklet Set: Part I (Headquarters, I CTZ, II CTZ), Part II (III CTZ, IV CTZ, Special Operations Detachments), Part III (Laos [HOTFOOT/White Star], Thailand, MACV-SOG). An index of camp locations (RVN) as well as miscellaneous tables, e.g. Triple CIB recipients, SF Doctors in RVN, Dual Awards of CMB/CIB in RVN, etc, are included as end papers in Part II. This monograph is shown as a "draft" because some of the information is incomplete, but there are no plans to revise this edition. Additional details and corrections, as they are received, will be applied to the Who's Who series for the respective CTZ area.
*Only available if you have previously purchased the Green Beret magazine set.
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