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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Group S-5 (Civil Affairs/Psychological Operations/RevDev Section (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in the Group S-5 Section. If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Earlier personnel, serving with US Army Special Forces - Vietnam (Provisional), are noted in the 5th SFGA TDY booklet. It appears that the earlier S-5 Staff operated out of the TOC in Saigon. The S-5 maintained warehouse facilities in Saigon -see CLD) There is a long list of personnel assigned to HHC whose specific assignment is unknown. This list will be posted at a later date. See also personnel assigned to CLD.

Stuart William P H   MAJ 11/01/64 10/31/65 S-5 CA    
Smith Billy D   MAJ 11/01/64 10/31/65 S-5 PSYOPS    
David Edgar G Jr MAJ 11/07/65 07/01/66 S-5 PSYOPS    
Hooper Clarence M   MAJ 07/05/66 10/14/67 S-5    
Arrington Edward W   MAJ 02/08/67 08/19/67 S-5 RDSA Fm 8/20/66?  
McCarden Carl M A   MAJ 08/30/67 09/10/68 S-5   Y
Stanberry Billy M   MAJ 03/11/68 07/11/68 S-5   Y
Weil Louis J   LTC 07/11/68 11/03/68 S-5    
Corey Jim   LTC 10/26/68 02/24/69 S-5 -10/23/69? D
Lanter Marshall A   LTC 02/25/69 10/01/69 S-5    
Groesbeck Wesley A   MAJ 01/04/70 09/20/70 S-5    
Braa Emery W   CPT 07/02/66 11/22/66 S-5/ASST CA Y
Aust Paul M   CPT 10/27/66 02/21/67 S-5 ASST    
Hawley Eric B   MAJ 12/01/66 01/06/67 S-5 ASST   Y
Cook Milton W Jr CPT 08/24/68 01/02/69 S-5 ASST    
Sciriaev Lolly   CPT 11/27/68 07/19/69 S-5 ASST    
Prettol Donald C   CPT 12/03/68 11/01/69 S-5 ASST    
Gutner Robert C   MAJ 12/06/68   S-5 ASST    
Beebe Michael   1LT 01/04/69 05/15/69 S-5 ASST    
Romey Jean-Francois J   CPT 02/19/69 01/11/70 S-5 ASST    
Fishbein Gary L   CPT 08/09/69   S-5 ASST    
Prichard Joe D   CPT 08/12/69 08/11/70 S-5 ASST    
Groesbeck Wesley A   MAJ 09/21/69 01/03/70 S-5 ASST    
Downing Patrick H   CPT 11/24/69 04/23/70 S-5 ASST    
Brooks William H   1LT 04/06/70 06/04/70 S-5 ASST    
Patton Milton K   CPT 07/21/65 07/19/66 S-5 CA    
Jenkinson Harlan H   CPT 07/02/66 02/28/67 S-5 or Comptr Asst?  
Browning John C   CPT 02/14/67 10/11/67 S-5 CA OFF    
McCarden Carl M A   CPT 02/26/67 08/29/67 S-5 CA    
Robinson Stephen M   CPT 06/04/67 06/20/68 S-5 CA RDSA  
Proehl Eldean L   1LT 09/25/68 09/14/69 S-5 CA OFF Agriculture  
Lunger Richard T Jr 1LT 01/18/69 01/08/70 S-5 CA OFF    
Bergman James D   CPT 05/16/69 02/09/70 S-5 CA    
Scanlin Joseph E   CPT 11/01/64 10/31/65 S-5 CA/A    
Snetzer Michael A   1LT 08/23/65 08/22/66 S-5 CA/A    
Carney Orville D Jr SSG 11/12/67 05/10/69 CA NCO    
Bair Arthur H Jr CPT 11/01/64 10/31/65 S-5 PSYOPS or Blair  
Werbiski Phillip M   CPT 10/10/65 01/01/66 S-5 PSYWAR    
Lybrand John G   CPT 01/07/66 06/01/66 S-5 CA?    
Gantt John S "Scott"   CPT 08/30/67 08/26/68 S-5 PSYOPS    
Carter Tennis H "Sam"   MAJ 05/25/68 02/21/69 S-5 PSYOPS 4/15/68- D
Riccinto Patrick J Jr CPT 11/11/68 04/23/69 S-5 PSYOPS    
Moore William H   CPT 04/10/69 04/05/70 S-5 PSYOPS    
Dimmitt Frank R   1LT 10/11/65 10/11/66 S-5 PW/A    
Kloss John R   1LT 07/27/67 01/01/68 S-5 PO/A    
Lucci Daniel M   1LT 09/11/67 08/15/68 S-5 PO/A    
Gingras Ronald W   CPT 07/20/65 02/01/66 S-5 ASST Min Affairs  
Mendoza Charles J   MAJ 11/07/66 05/02/67 S-5 RDSA    
Arrington Edward W   MAJ 8/20/66? 02/07/67 S-5 RDSA    
Doniphan Vernon G   MAJ 07/21/67 07/12/68 S-5 RDSA    
Kimbrough "Sweet" Roy T   1LT 09/08/67 04/17/68 S-5 M&I    
Huddleston Gordon D   CPT 07/20/68 06/27/69 S-5 M&I Dates? NOR  
Sherman Stephen G   1LT 06/08/68 08/12/68 S-5 PLANS    
Parkinson Roger P   1LT 07/20/68 05/20/69 S-5 PLANS    
Warren Roger R   1LT 06/01/70 09/15/70 S-5 FUNDS    
Williams Richard Jr SFC 01/01/66   S-5 NCO   D
Wilson Eric P   SFC 12/01/66 12/01/67 S-5 RDSA    
Webster Buddie J   SFC 11/24/67 11/30/68 S-5 NCO    
Bennett Robert L   MSG 01/01/68 03/17/68 S-5 NCOIC    
Sass Harry   SFC 08/13/69 09/13/70 S-5 NCO    
Shaaber Jack D   SSG 10/03/69   S-5 NCO    
Winder George   SFC 01/01/70 01/01/71 S-5 OPS    
Scott Richard W   SSG 06/01/70   S-5 NCO    
Other S-5 Personnel
Seymour William J   SFC 08/30/69 08/29/70 S-5 AST-1    
Moore John W "Rusty"   SSG 04/02/67 04/01/68 S-5 AST-2    
Flores Alejandro "Alex" SFC 03/01/68 09/05/68 S-5 AST-2   Y
Campbell Richard F   SSG 04/14/68 11/15/68 S-5 AST-3    
Pritchett William A   SSG 01/01/68 03/23/68 S-5 AST-4    
Elrick Thomas E   SSG 05/01/68 08/07/68 S-5 AST-4   Y
Miller Leroy   SSG 03/23/70 04/01/71 S-5 AST-    
Gruschow James F   SP4 04/04/70 09/17/70 S-5 PIO   Y
Kitts William W   SSG 07/01/68 02/01/70 S-5 CLERK    
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