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Who's Who in SFA/SOA $20.00

[Digital version, 3rd Edition] An alphabetical listing of 18,000 members of the Special Forces and Special Operations Associations, showing member number, Chapter (if known), status (if known) and a cross reference to other Who's Who monographs. Inactive and dropped members are included; the latter are so indicated. This monograph does not represent an official list of either organization. The current version includes names from the Green Beret magazine and other sources. The revised version will update the membership roles for the last several years and drop the non-member listings.The digital version supercedes the paper booklet. If you have the second edition of the paper version (8 1/2" x 7") and want the upgrade free, send the booklet to RADIX and the digital version will be sent to you. If you don't have a computer and want the old paper version, call 713-683-9076 and see if we have received any returns.
*Only available if you have previously purchased the Green Beret magazine set.
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