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A Command History of Special Forces Participation in the CIDG Program (1961-1971) $30.00

As 5th SFG(A) was leaving RVN in 1971, a number of people were assigned to review historical documents that were being packed for shipment or destruction. Six copies of a command history of Special Forces participation in the CIDG program were compiled. We have located most parts of these command histories from two of the addressees. Three booklets have been thus far produced, containing the histories of Companies A, B and C, and the S-1, S-4, S-5, Engineer and Signal sections. A CD ROM version of this history includes the history of Company D and the S-2 section, which in not in the paper version. Thus far the S-3 annex is still missing. Though the material is sketchy in some parts, it represents the most comprehensive overview of the role Special Forces played in the CIDG program currently available.
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