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Who's Who from Headquarters, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) (Draft)
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5th SFGA Command Group
Training and Support Headquarters (TSH)/USARV Training Advisory Group (TAG)
S-1 (Admin) (Including Open Mess, Chaplain, SJA, Admin, CPO, PIO, A&D, UPO)
SF Procurement Team - Vietnam
S-2 (Intelligence) (Including Admin, Collections, Operations, CI, Plans and Att'd MI Units)
585th MI Detachment
588th MI Detachment (Counter-Intelligence)
613th MI Detachment (Collection)
629th MI Detachment
630th MI Detachment
631st MI Detachment
633rd MI Detachment
634th MI Detachment
641st MI Detachment
703rd MI Detachment
S-3 (Operations) (Including Admin, Training, Plans)
21st Military History Detachment
S-4 (Logistics) (Riggers, Motor Pool, LSC warehouses: MedSup, Food, Signal, Eng. Ord)
S-5 (RevDev Sup Act) (Including Civil Affairs,PsyOps,Plans)
Medical Platoon (including Medical, Dental, and Veterinarian)
WRAIR/FEST (Walter Reed Army Instutute Research/Field Epidemiological Survey Teams)
Other Staff: (Liaison, Protocol, Aviation, PMO, CRT, GP Sig Off, GP Eng Off)
Comptroller (Including CIDG Finance and Audit Teams)
Co E (Signal) and Attached Signal Detachments
251st Signal Detachment
487th Signal Detachment
522nd Signal Detachment
540th Signal Detachment
539th Engineer and 31st Engineer Detachments
Headquarters and Headquarters Company
Installation Defense Command (IDC)
Command Liaison Detachment (B-55/CLD/JCCD)
Other Headquarters Personnel - Assignment Unknown (to be posted)
Co E (Special Operations)
Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) serving with Special Forces
USASF Prisoners of War
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