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Special Forces Personnel Known to have Been Captured (POW's) (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who were known to have been Prisoners of War. If you can correct any errors or if you can add any specifics, particularly regarding Hardy and Flora, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Ballenger Orville R Sr SGT 04/22/61 08/15/62 Demo FA-54 Captured & released Y
Moon Walter H   CPT 04/22/61 07/22/61 Det CO FA-54 Captured & executed DIC
Gabriel James Jr SP5 04/08/62 04/08/62 Demo A-35 Captured & executed KIC
Marchand Wayne E   SSG 04/08/62 04/08/62 Wpns A-35 Captured & executed KIC
Quinn Francis "Frank" SFC 04/08/62 05/01/62 Hvy Wpns A1/132 Captured & released Y
Groom George E   SGT 04/08/62 05/01/62 Rad Op A1/132 Captured & released Y
Pitzer Daniel L   SFC 10/29/63 11/11/67 Medic A-23 Captured & released DEC
Rowe James N 'Nick' MAJ 10/29/63 12/31/68 Det XO A5/23 Captured & escaped KIA
Versace Humbert R 'Rocky' CPT 10/29/63 09/26/65 MAAG w/A5/23 Captured & executed MIA
Camacho Issac   SFC 11/24/63 07/13/65 Hvy wpn A5/21 Captured & escaped Y
McClure Claude D   SP5 11/24/63 11/28/65 Demo A5/21 Captured & released Y
Roraback Kenneth M   SSG 11/24/63 11/24/63 Rad Op A5/21 Captured & executed KIC
Smith George E   SGT 11/24/63 11/28/65 Medic A5/21 Captured & released  
Thompson Floyd J 'Jim' LTC 03/26/64 03/16/73 Det CO A731 Captured, repatriated Y
Jackson James E Jr SSG 07/05/66 11/11/67 Medic A5/431 Captured & released  
Hardy William H   CPT 06/29/67 02/12/73   A-32x Captured, repatriated  
Flora Carroll E Jr SFC 07/21/67 03/05/73     Captured, repatriated  
Brande Harvey G   MSG 02/07/68 03/16/73 MSF P/L @A-101 Captured, repatriated  
McMurry William G Jr SP4 02/07/68 03/16/73 Rad op @A-101 Captured, repatriated  
Young John A   SP4 02/07/68 03/16/73 Lt Wpns A-101 Captured, repatriated  
Thompson Dennis L   SFC 02/08/68 03/05/73 Rad Op A-101 Captured, repatriated  
Leopold Stephen R   1LT 05/09/68 03/05/73 CAPO A-244 Captured, repatriated Y
Cavaiani Jon R   SSG 06/05/71 03/27/73 Scty T/L TF1AE Captured, repatriated Y
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