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Who's Who from Special Forces in Thailand $20.00 [Digital Edition]

This monograph comes in two parts. The first part is a listing by location and detachment of the 2000 SF troopers assigned PCS to 46th Special Forces Company (Thailand) and its various redesignations. Included here are Non-SF aviation personnel and non-SF augmentees to Project FOLDER MARK as well as TF CLARKE TDY personnel. Part two lists 1st Special Forces Group personnel who were assigned TDY tours to Thailand, either in early FTX's and MTT's or later in Project UNITY. Part Two also contains an alphabetical listing indicates detachment number and camp location, as well as SFA/SOA member number (if applicable), Chapter (if known), status (if known) and a cross reference to other Who's Who monographs. End papers list camps, losses, a chronology, and a bibliography.There are tables that attempt to clarify the redesignation and attachment of various teams as well as inserts containing some interesting ephemera.
The Paper version is out of print and this information is only available in a digital (.pdf) format.
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