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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Company E (Signal) Headquarters Elements (Draft)
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The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who were assigned to Signal Company Headquarters. If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: US Army Special Forces - Vietnam (Provisional) is included in the 5th SFGA TDY booklet. Training and Support Headquarters (TSH) is on another, separate, table. In 1967-68 Detachment C-5 (Special Operations) was called Co. E and later Signal Company was redesignated Co E (Singal) when C-5 became CCS.

Rapaport Benjamin 'Ben' CPT 08/04/64 07/01/65 CO CDR   YE
Gainey Bobby M   CPT 06/28/65 01/01/66 CO CDR    
Elliott John A III CPT 01/05/66 01/04/67 CO CDR    
Truffa John J   CPT 03/16/65 03/15/66 CO CDR   DEC
Hogue Jack P   CPT 01/04/67 04/09/67 CO CDR   DEC
Bergquist William R   CPT 04/10/67 10/10/67 CO CDR DEROS 3/27/68?  
Boeve Lucas III CPT 11/11/67 11/10/68 CO CDR   Y
Guignon Thomas F Jr 1LT 11/08/68 11/07/69 DET CO ? SIG DET Y
Willcut Roger G   CPT 11/13/69 11/13/70 CO CDR   Y
Nihoul Thomas L   1LT 11/13/70 02/09/71 CO CDR   YE
Hughes Bobby R   2LT 11/01/64 10/31/65 PLT LDR HHC  
Yardas Douglas A   1LT 01/01/65   PLT LDR    
Walters James P   CPT 06/07/66 09/02/66 SIG OFF    
Thomas Donald W   CPT 12/19/66 04/10/67   -6/30/65  
Mcclendon Ronald   CPT 03/23/67 03/01/68 SIG OFF    
Todd George B   2LT 09/11/67 10/28/67 SIG OFF   DEC
Ringwald Richard   1LT 12/08/67 06/20/68 SIG OFF NOR  
White C T Jr CPT 01/01/68     NOR  
Mcternan Bernard   CPT 02/09/68 08/02/68 SIG OFF    
Gibson Murray W   CPT 03/13/68 06/06/68      
Ringwald Richard   CPT 12/01/68 07/07/69 SIG OFF/A    
Lauer Ronald A   CPT 04/07/69 11/01/69 SIG OFF/A    
Lauer Ronald A   CPT 11/01/69 04/06/70 SIG OFF    
Nihoul Thomas J   1LT 07/27/70 11/12/70     YE
Vaughn Terry L   2LT 06/22/67 02/15/68 DET XO    
Prince David A   1LT 04/22/68 03/30/69 DET XO    
Brooks Walter M   1LT 02/26/69 02/25/70 DET XO @C-2  
White Dewey   1LT 01/01/64 01/01/65 FO PLT LDR    
Henderson John W   1LT 01/06/66 06/01/66 FO PLT LDR FWD OPS  
Smith George E   1LT 07/02/66 07/01/67 FO PLT LDR FWD OPS  
Daluz David A   1LT 03/18/67 10/26/67 FO PLT LDR FWD OPS  
Henderson John W   1LT 06/01/66 01/05/67 PLT LDR BASE RAD PLT  
McClellan Henry G   MSG 01/01/65     OR C-5?  
Gordon Hugh   MSG 08/01/64 08/01/65 CO 1SG EMERGENCY LV DEC
Gordon Hugh   SGM 09/01/65 08/01/66 CO SGM   DEC
Borkowski Janusz S   1SG 01/01/66       DEC
Cherry Roy E   MSG 01/01/66   31Z5P   DEC
Benbenek Francis J   MSG 05/27/66 01/01/67      
Hillman Francis J Frank SGM 09/01/66 04/12/67 DET SGM    
Ray Lester D   MSG 01/01/67 01/01/68   OR C-5?  
Roberts Norman W   SGM 04/17/67 04/16/68 CO SGM RNGR ADV?  
Dunshee Warren E Sr MSG 08/06/67 08/13/68 CO 1SG    
Loyd Lee R   1SG 10/23/68 10/22/69 CO 1SG    
Olsen Gerald D   MSG 01/01/69     OR C-5  
Howerton Harry C   SFC 07/25/68 02/17/68 CO 1SG    
Richardson Billy J   SFC 03/15/67 03/04/68 RAD PLT NCOIC  
Mcmullen John C   CW2 11/01/64 10/31/65 CRYPTO TCH    
Draper William H   CW2 10/08/65 10/07/66 COMSEC OFF    
Harrison William J   CW3 09/16/66 09/15/67 CRYPTO OFF    
Boyd John F   CW2 09/15/67 09/08/68 COMSEC OFF CRYPTO CUST  
Mcmullen John C   CW3 09/07/68 09/07/69 CRYPTO TCH    
Davis Marvin E   CW3 08/21/69 03/20/71 CRYPTO OFF OIC COMM CTR  
Wrightman Larry K   SGT 11/01/64 10/31/65 72363 HHC OPS  
Howerton Harry C   SFC 02/16/68 07/25/68 CTR NCOIC    
Sellers Carl W   CW3 10/18/65 10/17/66 SIG MAINT    
Meadows John H   CW2 11/03/65 11/02/66 SIG MAINT    
Metelski John G   CW2 12/27/65 06/01/66 SIG MAINT    
Hilgart Raymond   CW2 04/20/66 04/19/67 SIG MAINT    
Butcher Leo F Sr WO1 08/17/66 02/05/68 COMM TECH   DEC
Sellers Carl W   CW3 12/12/66 12/06/67 SIG MAINT    
Mirabal Simon   CW2 10/23/67 10/13/68 COMM ELEC    
Little Alvin F   CW2 04/30/68 11/30/69 SIG MAINT COLL ELCT RPE  
Taylor Donald R   CW4 06/19/70 01/01/71 SIG MAINT    
Poe Gerald E   SFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 05373 FO PLT  
Richardson Billy K   SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 35113 FO PLT  
Callahan Daniel R   SP4 01/01/66   RADAR AUG    
Dipperman Franklin G   SGT 01/01/66     SIG TRNG TM  
Hart William D   SFC 12/05/67 04/15/68 PLT LDR DATES  
Lofthouse Lionel F   SFC 01/01/68   31Z4S    
Ferrell Andrew L   SFC 01/10/68 02/11/69 31Z4S    
Curvan Leonard J James SP4 07/01/68 02/01/69 CMD CRYPTO HHC CMD  
Gregory Frederick L   1SG 04/29/69 03/01/71 31Z5S    
Ferrell Andrew L   SFC 11/15/69 11/14/70 31Z4S    
Martin John C   CW2 04/24/70 09/19/70 286A7 Seems P error  
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