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Special Forces in SE Asia - General Information

MAGGIE, The Mutha of All Special Forces Databases, is undergoing a facelift. When it is reorganized, it is expected to contain records on 20,000+ Special Forces and SOG personnel who served in SE Asia, ~40,000 records of awards and badges to those individuals and ~40,000 records of the individuals' assignments in SE Asia. Using the existing databases, we are able to confirm the identity of about 95% of people who served in SF/SOG (in SE Asia). We are able to locate individuals (see Buddy Search) and we will be able to quickly list people assigned to a specific detachment or who currently reside in a specific geographical area today.

Our files contain almost all of the 5th SFG(A) General Orders for 1965, 1968-1971(over 8,000 orders). We would particularly like to find the few general orders issued in 1966 & 67 (less than 200 orders). We have a lot of 5th SFG(A) Special Orders and some rosters as well as some USARPAC, MACV, USARV Special/General Orders. As you can see from the tables which follow, we have all of the Senior Awards (MOH, DSC), most of the Silver Stars, but a much smaller proportion of the junior awards, purple hearts and badges. We would appreciate it if you would send us any orders you have from SF assignments in SE Asia. Don't be shy. We probably already have a record on you. By helping to correct that record, you are helping to make sure the history is correct and make sure your buddies (who may be on some document you have that we don't) get credit for being there.

We are able to provide copies of awards for people who have lost their own copies. (But the requests are getting to the point where we will soon have to establish a small charge for this service.) We can search for people who received an award for valor or purple heart on a specific day or time frame, by CTZ area, which allows us to find persons who were present when such events occurred, which lets us put Next of Kin together with the guys who can help to answer their questions or locate witnesses to specific injuries for disability compensation purposes.

We have already documented those SF personnel who were in SE Asia other than in a PCS assignment to 5th SFG(A), i.e., White Star, 46th Co, FANK, USASF-V(P), TDY and MACV-SOG, as per the preceding list. Over the next few years we plan to cover everyone down to and including A-team level. We need your help to do it right.

Send orders and rosters to Steve Sherman, 2314 Cheshire Lane, Houston, TX 77018 or fax to 713-683-8314. If you want to ask a question, locate someone, or to check my records on you, call me on my voice line at 713-683-9076. My email address is sherman1@flash.net.

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