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Who's Who from Task Force Ivory Coast (Son Tay Raid - November 21, 1970) (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, participating in the Son Tay Raid. If you were assigned to Task Force Ivory Coast, please correct any errors or add any names and details. If you have any rosters or orders, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: This list corresponds to the listing in Benjamin E Schemmer's book, The Raid, and is cross-checked against awards received for this operation.

Simons Arthur D   COL 18 IC/18C D
Sydnor Elliott P Jr LTC TG IC/AIS Y
Cataldo Joseph R   LTC A IC/SG  
McClam James W   CPT 6 IC/6A  
Turner Daniel D   CPT 6 IC/6A  
Walther Udo H   CPT 6 IC/6D  
Jaeger Thomas W   CPT 7 IC/7A Y
Nelson Eric J   CPT 7 IC/7B  
McKinney Dan H   CPT 7 IC/7D Y
Meadows Richard J   CPT TG IC/AIS D
Rouse Glenn R "Bob" CPT TG IC/IMA Y
Petrie George W   1LT 6 IC/6D Y
Kemmer Thomas J   MSG 6 IC/6B  
Kittleson Galen C   MSG 6 IC/6B Y
Moore Billy K   MSG 6 IC/6C Y
Spencer Herman   MSG 7 IC/7C  
Lupyak Joseph W   MSG 7 IC/7D Y
Adderly Tyrone J   SFC 6 IC/6A  
Bleacher Earl R   SFC TG IC/IMA YE
Howell Marion S   SFC 6 IC/6A  
Martin Billy R   SFC 6 IC/6A Y
McGuire Gregory T   SFC 6 IC/6A  
Murray Joseph M   SFC 6 IC/6A  
Robbins Lorenzo O   SFC 6 IC/6B Y
Strahan Ronnie   SFC 6 IC/6B  
Suarez Salvador M   SFC 6 IC/6B Y
Jakovenko John   SFC 6 IC/6C  
Taapken Donald E   SFC 6 IC/6C  
Tapley William L   SFC 6 IC/6C Y
Masten Charles A Jr SFC 6 IC/6D  
Wingrove Donald R   SFC 6 IC/6D  
Doss Freddie D   SFC 6 IC/6H  
Joplin Jack G   SFC 6 IC/6H  
Jurich Daniel   SFC 7 IC/7B  
Valentine Richard W   SFC 7 IC/7B  
Carlson Leroy N   SFC 7 IC/7C  
Lawhon David A Jr SFC 7 IC/7C  
Quezada Noe   SFC 7 IC/7D Y
Dodge Anthony G   SFC TG IC/IMA  
Hill Jerry W   SFC TG IC/IMA  
Nelson Robert F   SSG 6 IC/6B  
Poole Paul F   SSG 6 IC/6B  
Rodriquez John E   SSG 6 IC/6C  
McMullin Kenneth E   SSG 6 IC/6H Y
Miller Walter L Jr SSG 6 IC/6S  
Nickerson David S   SSG 6 IC/6S  
Erickson Charles G   SSG 7 IC/7B  
Powell Thomas E   SSG 7 IC/7D  
Young Laurence A   SSG TG IC/IMA  
Medenski Keith R   SGT 6 IC/6B  
Roe Franklin D   SGT 6 IC/6B  
Keel Gary D   SGT 6 IC/6C  
St Clair Patrick   SGT 6 IC/6C  
Thomas Marshall A   SGT 6 IC/6D  
Buckler Terry L   SGT 7 IC/7D  
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