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Who's Who from Training & Support Headquarters (TSH) (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in Training & Support Headquarters (TSH). If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names, particularly those who extended their SF tours after the colors went home, or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Training and Support Headquarters took over the administrative functions of 5th SFG(A) after the Group colors were returned to Ft. Bragg. TSH primarily administered the personnel functions of USARV Individual Training Group (UITG/FANK) and Special Operations Augmentation (MACV-SOG Advisory Elements). I would like to obtain specific information on the closure of TSH from personnel who participated in the closure of the SFOB. There is a long list of personnel assigned to HHC whose specific assignment is unknown. This list will be posted at a later date. Some of these personnel may have continued their tours of duty with TSH.

Chamberlain George R   LTC 03/01/71 12/20/71 DET CO    
Jobert A Philip R   LTC 12/01/71 04/01/72 DET CO   Y
Williams Budge E   MAJ 04/01/72 04/19/72 DET CO   Y
Thompson Joseph E Jr MAJ 03/01/71 07/06/71 DET DCO    
Jobert A Philip R   LTC 10/23/71 11/30/71 DET DCO   Y
Doyle David E   MAJ 04/29/71 02/01/72 DET XO    
Johnston Thomas D   CPT 01/20/72 03/02/72 DET XO    
Childress Wilbur H   SGM 04/01/72 04/18/72 DET SGM   DNH
Hentz James D Jr CPT 03/01/71 05/10/71 XO/S-1    
Legassie Lawrence R   1LT 05/01/71 10/10/71 S-1    
Edwards Jerry K   1LT 10/01/71 09/17/72 S-1    
Kaplan Jack L Jr 1LT 03/01/71 03/12/71 S-1 ASST    
Thorner Lawrence P   CPT 11/02/71 12/12/71 S-1 ASST    
Nielsen Harland R   CW2 03/01/71 04/12/72 S-1 PERS PROTOCOL  
Crosson Kenneth A   CW2 10/10/71 10/02/72 S-1 PERS    
Levorse Charles J   MSG 03/01/71 06/12/71 S-1 NCOIC    
Cook Carl   SSG 01/02/72 04/01/72 S-1 RECORD    
Endersby Robert D   SP4 03/01/71 07/01/71 71H20 I&O PROC  
Tibbetts Alan C   LTC 03/01/71 05/14/71 CHAPLAIN D OF CHRIST  
Ortiz Michael G   CPT 03/01/71 10/24/71 CHAPLAIN R CATHOLIC  
Kleinhans Douglas P   SP4 03/01/71 08/15/71 CHAP ASST   Y
Dixon Carroll L   PFC 03/01/71 10/31/71 CHAP ASST 71M2P  
Davis Daniel O Jr CPT 07/23/71 07/16/72 CHAPLAIN    
Ditaddeo Alessandro   CPT 10/03/71 07/23/71 CHAPLAIN    
Jolis Paul O   1LT 03/01/71 10/09/71 SJA    
Johnston Thomas D   CPT 07/16/71 01/19/72 SJA    
Legassie Lawrence R   1LT 03/01/71 10/10/71 S-1 ASST    
S-2/3 & STAFF
Salsbery Winston N Ii 1LT 02/24/71 12/06/71 S-2/S-3    
Murray Roy A Jr CPT 01/21/72 06/01/72 S-2 HHC S-2  
Harvey Bruce M   SP5 03/01/71 05/01/71 97D20    
Brown Bart C   MSG 03/21/72 05/01/72 S-3 OPS    
Franklin Billy R   CPT 05/29/71 05/20/72 S-4 QMC  
Brinson Leland J   CW3 03/01/71 06/29/71 S-4 SUP    
Hebron Theodore R   SSG 03/01/71 06/17/71 43E4P RIG  
Labbe O'Neal L   SP5 03/01/71 05/01/71 43E2P RIG  
Harris Gene C   SP4 03/01/71 01/01/72 S-4 CLERK    
McCall David G   SGT 01/01/71 08/01/71 RAD OP ASSIGN  
Syler James J   CPT 01/25/71   GP VET OFF    
Payette Paul F   CPT 03/01/71 05/08/71 F&A OFF    
Hettlinger Michael T   1LT 03/01/71 07/06/71 TM CHIEF NAF AUDIT TM  
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