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The Official Lite History (& Cookbook) of the Vietnam War by Alan Dawson $7.95

Couching a lot of history in an hilarious question and answer format, this book is a must read for VN vets who may wonder if the war they have been reading about for the last three decades is really the same one they remember. It is also an excellent book for the friends and families who want to share the "slanguage" and the private, until now, humor they have been denied. It will also benefit the students of the Late, Great Indochina Conflict who would like some balance to the "history" lessons they are being fed.
Dawson correctly points out that the Vietnam Experience did not end on a Freedom Bird, but includes the abuse or neglect that was our homecoming. He differentiates between the "anti-war" and the "anti-U.S." elements in the protest movements of the era. He puts My Lai into perspective against the Communist massacres at Hue and Dak Song. He corrects popular, and widely held, mis-conceptions about a wide range of subjects such as when the first American serviceman was killed. the longest held P.O.W., the timing of the NVA entry into the war, even the sexual prowess (or lack thereof) amongst the Vietnamese bar girls.
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