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Who's Who in HOTFOOT/WHITESTAR $20.00

[Digital Edition] A listing by rotation and detachment of the 1500 Special Forces troopers that went to Laos (1959-1962). Some MAAG-LAOS directed attachments are shown including artillery advisors and Psyops personnel. An alphabetical listing cross references rotation and provides SFA/SOA member number (if applicable), Chapter (if known), status (if known). Highlight boxes and end papers show PEO/MAAG-LAOS commanders, ambassadors, additional books of interest and a chronology of events.
The digital version supercedes the paper booklet. If you have the paper version and want the upgrade free, send the booklet to RADIX and the digital version will be sent to you. If you don't have a computer and want the old paper version, call 713-683-9076 and see if we have received any returns.
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