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Who's Who from Detachment A-236 (Lac Thien and Bu Prang) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-236 (Lac Thien and Bu Prang). If you were assigned to A-236 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A5/223 replaced 1st SFG(A) TDY team, A1/311B, at Old Bu Prang after the Montagnard revolt. I need the PCS orders and official photo for this team. The team was redesignated A-236. O/a 5/13/65, the Bu Prang (Old) camp was closed and a new camp reopened at Lac Thien in Lac Thien District, Darlac Province. (Highlighted in Silver) The earlier TDY teams, from the 1st SFGA, are listed in a previously published monograph. Personnel from the 95th Civil Affairs Det were attached to this team in 1966. The camp was turned over to RF/PF o/a 09/30/67. Bu Prang (New) was opened in a parachute assault (OPERATION BLUE MAX) on 10/05/67. It was located in ? District, Quang Duc Provine. Bu Prang was relocated and rebuilt on a nearby position in April 1970. The camp was converted to 89th Border Rangers on 11/30/70.

Hendricks Christopher P   CPT 11/01/64 04/01/65 DET CO A5/223 YE
McKinney John W   CPT 05/20/65 01/24/66 DET CO SSAT DEC
Vay Nicholas R   CPT 12/15/65 04/10/66 DET CO   YE
Jackson John H   CPT 05/05/66 07/01/66 DET CO   YE
Meder William A   CPT 07/01/66 08/01/66 DET CO medevaced YE
Soderberg John D   1LT 08/01/66 02/16/67 DET CO   YE
Gerst Jackson C   CPT 12/08/66 06/07/67 DET CO   Y
Keim David W   CPT 06/07/67 08/07/67 DET CO   DEC
Folsom Spencer A Jr CPT 08/03/67 07/16/68 DET CO   DEC
Poe William H   CPT 07/09/68 01/21/69 DET CO   YE
Kerr Laurence M   CPT 01/31/69 06/01/69 DET CO   YE
Brown James E   CPT 03/12/69 09/26/69 DET CO    
Griner Billy G   CPT 04/09/69 12/19/69 DET CO   A0U
Prout William L Jr CPT 09/01/69 12/15/69 DET CO   A0U
Palmer William L "Nick" CPT 09/22/69 05/20/70 DET CO to 3/503/173 YE
Potter Ransford A II CPT 06/01/70 11/30/70 DET CO   Y
Caravalho Sario J   2LT 10/01/64 01/01/65 DET XO A5/223 Y
Stahl Vincent E   1LT 08/01/65 12/31/65 DET XO   Y
Gonneville Donald E   1LT 12/03/65 06/01/66 DET XO   YE
Soderberg John D   1LT 06/22/66 08/01/66 DET XO & CO YE
Manning Charles F   2LT 08/03/66 10/31/67 DET XO   DEC
Bowman William J   1LT 11/23/66 07/15/67 DET XO   YE
Richie Thomas K   2LT 06/23/67 12/25/67 DET XO   YE
Hargrove Jerry W   1LT 12/27/67 10/27/68 DET XO   YE
Bahnatka Joseph A Jr 1LT 06/10/68 12/20/68 DET XO   YE
Gwynn Eugene T   1LT 04/20/69 06/24/69 DET XO   YE
Drennan Dennis P   1LT 06/01/69 09/01/69 DET XO   Y
Turney George A   1LT 06/20/69 06/19/70 DET XO   A0U
Albracht William L   CPT 08/30/69 11/12/69 DET XO   YE
Potter Ransford A II 1LT 12/24/69 03/01/70 DET XO   Y
Norton Robert D Jr 1LT 03/01/70 08/22/70 DET XO   Y
Entrican Danny D   1LT 07/15/70 11/30/70 DET XO   MIA
Parker John A   2LT 10/12/65 10/11/66 CAPO    
Goettle Jimmy A   1LT 04/01/66 10/01/66 CIVIL ENG 95CA ATTD 16 TEAMS (4 OFF+MEDIC) Y
Hargrove Jerry W   1LT 11/03/67 12/25/67 CAPO   YE
Salter John B   1LT 01/01/68   CAPO   YE
Wilm Arthur J   2LT 11/01/68 09/20/69 CAPO   DEC
Norton Robert D Jr 1LT 09/15/69 03/01/70 CAPO & A-235? Y
Davis Joseph L   MSG 10/01/64 0101/65 TM SGT A5/223 Y
Cardinal Henry   MSG 05/20/65 03/28/66 TM SGT SSAT DEC
Drought James H   MSG 06/01/65 01/12/66 TM SGT SSAT DEC
Pylant Minor B   MSG 10/01/66 01/01/67 TM SGT   DEC
Viamontes Mario A   MSG 01/01/67 10/01/67 TM SGT   DEC
Talkington Walter A   MSG 09/17/67 11/09/69 TM SGT   DEC
Newsome Lonnie F   MSG 11/01/69 02/01/70 TM SGT   DEC
Bishop Charles M "Cowboy" SFC 02/01/70 09/20/70 TM SGT   DEC
Bell Gene C   MSG 09/01/70 12/29/70 TM SGT   DEC
Trejo Lino   SSG 10/10/64 01/01/65 INTEL A5/223 DEC
Keltner Kenneth K   SGT 09/07/66 09/06/67 INTEL/A   DEC
Brown Marvin K   SSG 09/13/66 09/12/67 INTEL SD to B-50 Sep ‘67 for 2 Apache recons DEC
Peyton Richard L   SFC 03/01/67   INTEL   YE
McNamara Charles A Jr "Mac" SP5 09/01/68 03/01/69 INTEL   YE
Connell John P   SFC 01/01/69 01/01/70 INTEL   DEC
Brock Ronald C   MSG 10/20/69 12/11/69 INTEL & TM SGT Y
Dunlop Steven R   SP4 11/10/69 04/14/70 INTEL/A   YE
Anadon Jeffery E   SP5 01/01/70 09/18/70 INTEL/A   YE
Bishop Charles M "Cowboy" SFC 09/20/70 11/30/70 INTEL   DEC
Carrow Billy E   SFC 10/10/64 01/01/65 HVY WPNS A5/223 DNH
Trujillo Gilbert   SFC 11/01/64   LT WPNS A5/222  
Schmutzler Clarence J   SSG 11/01/64 01/01/65 LT WPNS A5/222 DEC
Durham Robert E "Bull" SFC 03/01/65 12/01/65 HVY WPNS   Y
Treadwell Frank L   SFC 09/20/65 01/01/66 LT WPNS   YE
Munoz Ferdinand   SSG 11/01/65 12/01/65 LT WPNS   YE
Vanderzwalm Richard L   SGT 02/15/66 02/14/67 HVY WPNS    
Williams Robert N   SFC 01/01/67 05/19/67 HVY WPNS   DEC
Taylor William E   SSG 01/01/67       DEC
Blair James F Jr SFC 06/02/67 10/25/67 LT WPNS to MSF Y
Wilkerson James L   SSG 10/01/67 02/01/68 LT WPNS medevaced Y
Hanna Harry A Jr SSG 12/01/67 02/01/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Miller Robert R   SFC 11/16/67 11/15/68     KIA
Gilbert Michael W   SP4 10/01/68 05/30/69 LT WPNS   YE
Johnson Jesse F   SFC 06/16/69 12/21/69 HVY WPNS   DEC
Tippett Edward R   SSG 04/01/70 11/30/70 HVY WPNS   DEC
Zabitosky Frederick W   SGT 10/10/64 01/01/65 RAD OP A5/223 DEC
Hoodye Lawrence L   SFC 10/01/64 01/01/65 RAD OP A5/223 A0U
Hoodye Lawrence L   SFC 05/20/65 10/01/65 RAD OP SSAT to ? A0U
Grant Willard P   SFC 01/01/66   RAD OP   DEC
Jackson Hugh P   SGT 09/01/66 02/05/67 RAD OP   DEC
McKenna John J   SFC 01/01/67   RAD OP   A0Y
Moore Gary L   SGT 01/01/67 05/26/67 RAD OP    
Gadwa Michael F   SGT 06/01/67   RAD OP & A-235 Y
Fuller William A   SSG 01/01/68   RAD OP   A0U
Wylie Gary D   SGT 09/01/68 02/01/69 RAD OP   A0U
Denote Rocco L   SSG 04/01/69 02/01/70 RAD OP   YE
Heffernan James F   SGT 10/01/69 10/01/70 RAD OP   Y
Olson Peter J   SSG 10/23/69 10/22/70 RAD OP   YE
Smallwood Michael W   SP5 01/01/70 12/15/70 RAD OP   Y
White Milton H Jr. SFC 10/10/64 01/01/65 DEMO A5/223 YE
Turner Willie J   SP5 10/10/64 01/01/65 DEMO A5/223 YE
Poole Thomas D   SP5 08/01/65 09/01/65 DEMO   YE
Kizzie Floyd 'Cat' SFC 09/22/66 09/21/67 DEMO   Y
Coutourier Alvin 'Tiny' SP5 01/01/67   DEMO   A0U
Henry Ronald A   SP5 07/17/69 07/16/70 DEMO    
Weaver Jerry M   SSG 07/01/70 07/16/70 DEMO fm B-22 KIA
Hooks Danny F   SSG 09/01/70 11/29/69 DEMO medevaced YE
Reagan Robel L "Lee" SP5 10/01/70 11/30/70 12B4S ASSIGN? DEC
Deprez Kenneth J   SGT 10/01/64 DROPPED MEDIC A5/223 to ? A0Y?
Tamashunas Robert R   SGT 10/01/64 01/01/65 MEDIC A5/223 Y
Baker Allen B   SFC 10/10/64 01/01/65 MEDIC A5/223 YE
Cianos Andrew M   SP5 05/20/65 11/30/65 MEDIC   YE
Blais Gerald J   SSG 08/01/65 01/24/66 MEDIC   DEC
Underwood Oliver   SFC 10/01/65   MEDIC & TM SGT DEC
Walton Allen N III SP4 06/01/66 01/01/67 MEDIC   YE
Sikes Tommy C   SSG 08/01/66 07/31/67 MEDIC   Y
Sweeney John H   SFC 01/01/67   MEDIC to B-23 S-4  
Knuble Vitauts   SP4 01/02/67   MEDIC   DEC
Dickerson John K   SP4 03/01/67 03/01/68 MEDIC   YE
Waits James M   SFC 02/01/67 02/01/68 MEDIC   DEC
Weiser Randall T   SFC 02/01/68   MEDIC   Y
Mertz Fritz A   SSG 05/18/68 12/28/69 MEDIC    
Fitzsimmons Michael G   SGT 01/01/69   MEDIC   YE
Simpson Harold B   SGT 05/17/69 05/15/70 MEDIC   YE
Rushing Alan E   SP5 01/19/69 03/18/70 MEDIC   YE
Williams John W 'Tonto' SGT 06/29/69 06/28/70 MEDIC   Y
Shelly Henry F III SSG 11/16/69 11/14/70 MEDIC   Y
Noble Richard E   SGT 04/01/70 09/07/70 MEDIC   DEC
Marcelo Benjamin H   SGT 01/01/69   RAD OP 234@FSB ANNE YE
Varn Douglas   SSG 01/01/69       DEC
Day Seth A   LTC 10/31/69 12/09/69 SR ADV AT 53/23 INF DIV  
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