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Who's Who from Detachment A-341 (Bu Dop and Bu Ghia Map) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned (PCS) to Detachment A-341 (Bu Dop and Bu Ghia Map). If you were assigned to A-341 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (281) 879-5688 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. If you have PCS orders for the Nugent's original 5th SFGA team to Bu Dop, please send me a copy.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A5/221 replaced 5th SFG(A) TDY team A5/133 at Bu Dop on 10/04/64 and was designated A-311 and reported to the B team at Phuoc Vinh..A B Detachment at Song Be was opened oa/ 5/1/65 and Bu Dop was reassigned and redesignated A-341. This team was, in turn, replaced by another PCS detachment under CPT Nugent, A5/434. Another team under CPT Stokes, A5/414 replaced a 1st SFG(A) TDY team A1/233 on 03/01/65 at Bu Ghia Map. A5/414 was redesignated A-313 and then A-342. Bu Ghia Map aka Djamap was essentially an FOB of Bu Dop located at the old French fort of Buon Bach. When A5/414 was sent to open Dong Xoai, the Bu Dop team took responsibility for both locations, Bu Dop (A) and Bu Ghia Map (B) On 7/20/65 Bu Dop was overrun. Bu Ghia Map was closed and its assets were consolidated at Bu Dop. Personnel Stationed at Bu Ghia Map are highlighted in silver. Both Camps were in Phuoc Long Province. The earlier TDY teams, from the 1st SFGA and 5th SFGA, are listed in previously published monographs. Intercept personnel from the 403rd SOD were assigned to the camp in 1967-68 and an augmentation team from B-57 was present from about April 1968 to March 1970. The camp was turned over to the 97th Border Ranger Battalion on 12/31/70, probably the last A-camp in Vietnam.

"I was assigned as XO at this camp from about Nov.. 69 until my deros in Jan. 70..... [I] remember on New Years Day 1970, special services C-123 landed in camp unannounced. I was on radio duty and the only person to meet about 8 Playboy Bunnies, rec. signed copies the issues they were in plus about a case of assorted booze, a turkey and several hams. The team, hung over from drinking the night before didn't believe me. C-123 had Santa and reindeer painted on the side. Can anyone else verify this? .......Mike Zielinski"

A5/221 at Bu Dop (A-311)

Acre Lawrence D   CPT 10/04/64 06/01/65 DET CO A5/221 KIA
Farris Stephen P   1LT 10/04/64   DET XO A5/221  
Fretwell     MSG 10/04/64 07/01/65 TM SGT A5/221 DEC
Johnson Dallas W   SFC 02/24/65 04/07/65 INTEL   DEC
      SSG 10/04/64 07/01/65 LT WPNS A5/223 to? DEC
Norton Charles E   SGT 10/04/64 01/01/66 RAD OP A5/221 A0U
Neddeau Ronald D   SFC 10/04/64 01/01/66 RAD OP A5/221 DEC
Powell Thomas   SGT 10/04/64 01/01/66 DEMO A5/221 A0Y
      SSG 10/04/64   MEDIC A5/231 YE?
Deprez Kenneth J   SGT 10/04/64        
Stocks Joe H   SSG 10/04/64     A5/221  

A5/414 at Bu Ghia Map (A-313)

Stokes William M III CPT 02/24/65 05/26/65 DET CO A5/414 YE
Williams Charles Q   2LT 02/20/65 06/10/65 DET XO A5/414 DEC
Enriquez Manuel Z   MSG 02/24/65 05/26/65 TM SGT A5/414 Y
Zacher George A   SFC 02/24/65 02/27/65 stayed at Delta A5/414 DEC
Johnson Dallas W   SFC 02/24/65 06/01/65 INTEL   DEC
Dedmon Donald C   SSG 02/24/65 06/10/65 HVY WPNS A5/414 KIA
Jenkins Charles O Jr SGT 02/24/65 06/10/65 LT WPNS A5/414 KIA
Russell Bobby J   SFC 02/24/65 06/10/65 WPNS   KIA
Hand Michael J   PFC 02/24/65 05/26/65 RAD OP A5/414  
Crowe Harold G   SSG 02/24/65 05/26/65 RAD OP A5/414 A0Y
Sova Vincent A 'Tony' SSG 02/24/65 05/26/65 DEMO A5/414 Y
McLaughlin Daniel P   PFC 02/24/65 05/26/65 DEMO A5/414 YE
Sale Lafayette L III SGT 02/24/65 05/26/65 MEDIC A5/414  
Taylor James T   SFC 02/24/65 05/26/65 MEDIC A5/414 YE
Salzman Robert P   CPT 05/01/64 10/01/64 A5/133   DEC
Nugent Richard O   CPT 03/26/65 07/20/65 A5/434A A-341A YE
Olivaz Jacinto E   1LT 03/26/65 07/20/65 A5/434B A-341B Y
Stringham Joseph S   CPT 07/20/65 07/22/65 BU GHIA MAP Assigned to close camp? YE
Hanawald Len M   MAJ 07/22/65 08/20/65 Acting CO from B-34 DOW
Haas Charles W 'Charlie' CPT 08/21/65 02/01/66   or Charles N  
Stanage Phillip G   CPT 12/31/65 06/01/66     DEC
Cox John R   CPT 06/05/66 10/06/66     DEC
Tyrrell Edward W   CPT 09/18/66 11/04/66     Y
Garrett Chester   CPT 11/05/66 07/29/67     DEC
DeJohn Michael E   CPT 06/25/67 09/26/67     DEC
Hasko Matthew J   CPT 11/13/67   DATES?   A0Y
Harpole     CPT          
Sylvester William A   CPT 11/17/68 03/02/69     DEC
Boykin John T   CPT 01/28/69 09/30/69     YE
Van Winkle Harlan E 'Rip' CPT 10/01/69 05/05/70     YE
Fager Paul L Jr CPT 05/06/70 08/01/70 CONFIRM?   A0Y
Lingo Russell H   CPT 08/01/70 11/07/70     Y
Stokes Richard A   CPT 11/07/70 12/31/70     YE
Olivaz Jacinto E   1LT 07/21/65 03/25/66 A-341A   Y
Grimshaw James M   1LT 03/02/66 10/01/66     YE
Sumner Bruce G   1LT 08/25/66 08/24/67     DEC
Carter James H   1LT 05/15/67 12/31/68 Also DET CO? 4/9/67-  
Pristash David J   1LT 09/01/67 12/09/67     YE
Berry Woodson L   1LT 12/04/67 10/09/68     A0Y
Miller Joseph J   1LT 02/03/68 07/24/68 to A-331?   KIA
McPherson Robert L   1LT          
Fager Paul L Jr 1LT 08/25/68 10/23/69     A0Y
Hull Kenneth J   1LT 10/06/69 09/15/70     A0U
Zielinski Michael J   1LT 11/01/69 01/18/70     DEC
Deutsch James A   1LT 05/01/70 05/09/70 DET XO   YE
Barrett Milburn L   1LT 05/12/70 09/15/70     A0U
Johnson Robert L   1LT 07/15/70 12/31/70     YE
Clinton Roy J   1LT 07/10/65 04/01/66   hosp YE
McGinnis James V   1LT 04/25/67 10/18/67     YE
Paul Douglas L   1LT 11/30/67 11/29/68 CAPO   YE
Fager Paul L Jr 1LT 08/25/68 10/23/69     A0Y
Herring Robert J   1LT 09/01/68 02/01/69     YE
Zielinski Michael J   2LT 01/23/69 04/01/69 CAPO   YE
Warren Roger R   1LT 10/14/69 05/31/70     YE
Deitz Robert T   1LT 11/28/69 08/01/70     YE
Eskola Edward W   1LT 08/02/70 12/31/70     YE
Walker Boyce A   MSG 03/26/65 07/20/65 A5/434B   DEC
Golden Arthur E   MSG 08/01/65 08/01/66     Y
Kindoll William A 'Buck' SFC 09/01/66       DEC
Williams Jack L   MSG 01/01/67 06/01/67     DEC
White James O   MSG 06/01/67 11/28/67     DEC
Brydon Loy B   MSG 06/19/67 01/01/68     DEC
Hurley? Charles J   MSG 01/15/68 04/15/69     DEC
Lindschoten Benjamin A   MSG 09/11/68 01/01/69     YE
Zamarripa Francesco F   SFC 01/01/69 06/14/69     YE
Renteria Efren   SFC 06/01/69 07/25/69 ACTING TM SGT   DEC
Seal John A Jr MSG 07/25/69 01/01/70     DEC
Van Deusen Leo J   MSG 10/19/69 06/01/70     DEC
Van Camp William   MSG 08/13/69 01/31/70     DEC
Weber Norbert F   MSG 10/03/69 10/02/70     DEC
Nelson Gale E   SFC 11/01/69 10/20/70     DEC
McGiffert Robert F   SFC   12/31/70 TM SGT & Medic? DEC
Cheatham Willie A   SFC 03/26/65 03/26/66 A5/434A A-341A A0U
Boorman Edward J   SSG 06/01/67   INTEL to Sigma DEC?
Williams Gaskin B   SFC 07/01/67 10/01/67 INTEL   Y
McKim Larry E   SSG 07/07/67 07/12/68 INTEL   Y
Smyth James W "Stubby" SFC 07/24/69 07/14/70     DEC
Mackenzie Charles R   SSG 01/01/70 12/31/70   from A0
Chrest Thomas C   SP5 05/30/70 11/09/70     Y
Collins Gerald E   SSG 03/26/65   HVY WPNS A5/434 DEC
Chamberlain Edward G   SGT 03/26/65   LT WPNS A5/434 A0Y
Ryder David F   SGT 06/01/65 01/01/66 LT WPNS   YE
Holland Harris W   SSG 10/01/65 10/01/66 LT WPNS   Y
Carnett Eckard Q   SSG 01/01/66       DEC
McBride Herman A   SFC 09/01/67 11/29/67 HVY WPNS or 342? KIA
Millner Michael   SFC 11/01/67 11/29/67 LT WPNS   MIA
Manning Freddie G   SSG 11/25/67       Y
Broom Ernest O   SFC   01/11/68 HVY WPNS Fire/burns DOW
Zamarripa Francesco F   SFC 09/01/68 01/01/69 LT WPNS   Y
Dion Roger J   SFC 12/01/68 12/30/69 LT WPNS   DEC
Renteria Efren   SFC 06/01/69 09/03/69 Wpns/Tm Sgt   DEC
Blair Robert E   SFC 06/23/69 06/22/70 HVY WPNS   DEC
Stetter Charles G Jr SGT 08/15/69 08/01/70 LT WPNS   A0U
Sykes?     SFC          
Angstadt Eugene E   SFC 10/17/69 06/01/70 HVY WPNS   YE
Thomas Robert C   SSG 11/18/69 11/17/70 HVY WPNS    
Race Joseph A   SP4 09/27/70 12/31/70 LT WPNS   Y
Midlil Frank   SSG 01/01/66       DEC
Carpenter Michael F   SSG 03/26/65 01/01/66 A5/434   Y
Willis Clarence B   SSG 03/26/65 09/01/65 A5/434/341B   DEC
Trimiar James A   SFC 09/01/65   RAD OP   A0U
Clement Fletcher B   SP4 01/01/66 10/01/66 RAD OP   YE
Bielski Joseph J   SP4 08/01/66 09/01/67 RAD OP   DEC
Cartlidge Marion C "Carlos" SGT 09/01/66 04/01/67 RAD OP   DEC
Parks Michael L   SSG 08/01/68 03/01/70     YE
Blue Richard E   SFC 04/01/69 04/04/70     DEC
Aparis Gilbert   SFC 10/01/69 06/01/70   medevaced? DEC
Hall Jon E   SGT 12/01/70 12/31/70     DEC
Kierzek Stanley P   SP5 03/26/65 07/20/65 A5/434/341A Small arms KIA
Terlikowski Richard J   SP5 03/26/65 03/25/66 A5/434/341B   Y
Boggs William F   SP5 09/01/65 02/01/66     YE
Skee Michael S   SP4 08/27/65 07/01/66     Y
Steele Lynden R   SGT 01/01/66       YE
Smith William F III SGT 06/01/66 02/03/67 DEMO medevaced YE
Jones O J   SFC 01/01/67       DEC
Bisbee Thomas D   SP5 09/22/69 09/21/70     A0U
Austin Lawrence D   SSG 05/01/70       Y
Holt James W   SSG 03/26/65 03/25/66 MEDIC A5/434 KIA
Bevis Jerrold O   SP5 03/26/65 03/25/66 MEDIC A5/434 YE
Allen Samuel R   SSG 01/01/66   to A-252   KIA
Killingstad John K 'Kirk' SGT 08/01/66 04/01/67     Y
Sammons Ronald G   SSG 01/01/67 01/01/68 MEDIC   A0U
Posey Paul W Jr SP4 10/01/67 12/03/67 MEDIC medevaced YE
Campbell Paul   SSG         YE
Fass Robert H   SP4 10/01/67 12/15/67   medevaced YE
Schroeder Jerry D   SP4 01/01/68 01/03/68   Fire/burns DOW
Kuney Ernest   SGT 01/12/68 01/11/69 MEDIC    
Byrd Donvan R "Ray" SP4 02/01/68 04/01/68 MEDIC to A-343 YE
Eleazer William E   SSG 01/01/69   A-334 & B-36   Y
Aguilar Julian A III SGT 01/01/69       Y
Gifford George F   SFC 09/01/69     to B-34 Y
Noyes Charles A   SGT 10/06/69 05/15/70     YE
Racine Dennis R   SGT 01/01/70 12/01/70     Y?
Mitchell George M   SGT 05/01/70 10/22/70     YE
Harwood James A   SGT 06/01/70 12/31/70 to CLTC   MIA
Bradshaw Faybert R   SSG 03/01/65 07/20/65 A-341A   KIA
Morris Earl J   SFC 01/01/67       A0U
Trieu Nguyen Cong [VNSF] 1LT 01/01/67   VNSF    
Boorman Edward J   SSG 06/01/67   INTEL to Sigma DEC?
Cotcamp Ronald G         RAD OP   Y
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