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Who's Who from Detachment A-343 (Duc Phong) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-343 (Duc Phong). If you were assigned to A-343 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A7/02 opened the camp at Duc Phong. It was redesignated A-343. Duc Phong had a sub-sector advisory mission. It was converted to RF/PF o/a 05/31/70. Duc Phong was located in Duc Phong District, Phuoc Long Province.

Burroughs Dale A   CPT 01/03/66 06/22/66 DET CO A7/02 DEC
Andrew John K   CPT 07/01/66 10/01/66 DET CO   A0U
Mueller Tommy R   CPT 09/20/66 12/21/66 DET CO   Y
Jordan Clifton D   CPT 12/20/66 05/08/67 DET CO to B-34 S-2 DEC
Walker James A   CPT 04/13/67 07/16/67 DET CO   DEC
Remener Lawrence J   CPT 07/16/67 12/04/67 DET CO   YE
Peters Charles L   CPT 11/28/67 04/12/68 DET CO   A0U
Prior Anthony G   CPT 01/15/68 04/01/68 DET CO   KIA
Dawes Daniel L   CPT 02/16/68 07/09/68 DET CO   KIA
Sasser Byrd M Jr "Mac" 1LT 07/10/68 11/20/68 DET CO   A0U
Sasser Byrd M Jr 1LT 11/20/68 02/28/69 DET CO   A0U
Jones Chester T   CPT 01/12/69 06/01/69 DET CO   DEC
Madison James C   CPT 06/21/69 11/10/69 DET CO   Y
Herring Robert J   CPT 08/01/69 04/09/70 DET CO   YE
Kelly Ralph B   CPT 01/11/70 05/31/70 DET CO   YE
Jones Dannie L   2LT 01/03/66 04/25/66 DET XO A7/02 DEC
Jones Dannie L   1LT 04/26/66 01/07/67 DET XO   DEC
Caldwell Herschel E   1LT 10/22/66 09/18/67 DET XO   Y
Smoak John R   1LT 05/05/67 10/26/67 DET XO   Y
Crosbie Richard B   1LT 10/26/67 04/01/68 DET XO   YE
Peters Conrad A Jr 1LT 02/03/68 06/11/68 DET XO   Y
Sasser Byrd M Jr 1LT 04/27/68 07/09/68 DET XO   A0U
Sasser Byrd M Jr 1LT 11/20/68 02/28/69 DET XO   A0U
Gwinn Charles R   1LT 02/05/69 10/13/69 DET XO   DEC
Zielinski Michael J   1LT 04/01/69 11/01/69 DET XO   DEC
Ein Ellis D   1LT 09/21/69 08/14/70 DET XO to Gp S-1  
Sloan Robert D   1LT 01/11/70 07/07/70 DET XO   YE
Wilde James E   1LT 10/24/66 03/20/67 CAPO   YE
Michael Larry J   1LT 05/09/67 12/11/67 CAPO   A0U
Sasser Byrd M Jr 1LT 04/27/68 07/09/68 DET XO   A0U
Molino Eddie Jr 1LT 11/18/67 10/27/68 CAPO   KIA
Sires William L   1LT 09/16/68 03/17/69 CAPO   DEC
Allen Edwin L "Larry" 1LT 10/04/68 01/19/69 CAPO   YE
Hrehor Charles J II 1LT 11/28/68 12/27/69 CAPO    
Gwinn Charles R   1LT 10/14/69 01/28/70 CAPO need SS orders DEC
Williams Harold W Jr 1LT 01/10/70 05/31/70 CAPO   A0U
Ferreira George P   MSG 01/03/66 01/02/67 TM SGT A7/02 DEC
Brennan Owen P   MSG 08/1/66   TM SGT   DEC
Gutierrez Jess C   MSG 03/16/67 03/15/68 TM SGT   A0U
Theriault Samuel S 'Frenchy' MSG 04/01/67   TM SGT A-343 KIA
Baldwin Richard K   MSG 03/15/68 05/15/68 TM SGT   DEC
Clark David L   MSG 05/16/68 02/01/69 TM SGT to B-34 YE
Wright Fred J   MSG 05/26/70 11/19/69 TM SGT   A0U
Czarnecki Leonard P   MSG 10/28/69 05/31/70 TM SGT to C-3 Club YE
Holland Michael H   SFC 01/03/66 01/02/67 INTEL A7/02 DEC
Gloria Thomas G Jr SSG 06/01/66   INTEL   DEC
Acosta Abelardo E Sr 'Abe' SFC 11/12/68 02/06/69 INTEL medevaced DEC
      SSG     INTEL    
Breon Richard R   SFC 10/10/69 10/09/70 INTEL   DEC
Cash David L   SP5 01/16/70 06/01/70 INTEL/A   YE
Furnish Robert L   SSG 01/03/66 01/02/67 HVY WPNS A7/02 DEC
Pochinski Warren A   SFC 01/03/66 01/02/67 LT WPNS A7/02 to B-34 YE
Ferguson William G   SFC     HVY WPNS to A-304 KIA
Sturgill Franklin D   SSG 11/01/66 11/01/67 LT WPNS   Y
Baldwin Richard K   SFC 02/17/67 09/16/68 HVY WPNS   DEC
Oakley Charles E   SFC 11/28/67   LT WPNS   A0Y
Bell John H Jr SSG 10/07/67 10/06/68 HVY WPNS   DEC
Alexander Edwin H   SFC 11/01/68 06/01/69 CAPO? & MSG @A-342? DEC
Manzano Sancho J   SFC 01/01/69   HVY WPNS   A0Y
Morrison David 'Moose' SSG     HVY WPNS Guitar DEC
Martin Glenn E   SFC 02/24/69 02/23/70 WPNS or A-341? A0U
Gore Larry D   SGT 10/23/69 05/31/70 LT WPNS   YE
Ciolek Gerald Z   SFC 01/01/70   HVY WPNS or RAD OP? A0U
Haynes Herman Jr SGT 01/03/66 01/02/67 RAD OP A7/02  
Turner James E   SSG 01/03/66 06/01/66 RAD OP A7/02 to ? DEC
Doyle Aloysius A   SFC 06/01/66   RAD OP   DEC
Moyer David E   SSG 11/22/66 12/20/68 RAD OP   DEC
Corradino Vito J   SFC 04/01/67 03/31/68 RAD OP to B-34 DEC
Tillman James A "Bud" SFC 05/25/67 05/24/68 RAD OP   YE
Roach J C Jr SGT 09/26/67 09/25/68 RAD OP   DEC
Reeder James E   SP4 09/23/68 01/30/69 RAD OP   DNH
Campbell Daniel W   SFC 01/01/69   RAD OP   DEC
Sandy Raymond J   SSG 01/01/69   RAD OP TDY from B-34 YE
Patz Frank A   SGT 01/01/70   RAD OP   DEC
Smith William F III SGT 01/03/66 06/01/66 DEMO A7/02 YE
Turner Jonah R   SGT 01/03/66 03/01/66 CAPO A7/02 to C3R Y
Duplantis Oscar J W   SP5 01/01/67   DEMO   A0U
Hilliard Lawrence E   SP4 12/07/67 12/05/68 DEMO medevaced A0Y
Rinck Richard J   SP4 09/29/69 10/12/69 DEMO electrocuted DNH
Cash David L   SP5 11/01/69 01/15/70 DEMO   YE
Austin Lawrence D   SSG 09/01/70 10/06/70 DEMO   A0U
Donahue James C Jr SP4 01/03/66 10/06/66 MEDIC A7/02 to MGF DEC
Tillery John D   SGT 01/03/66   MEDIC A7/02 A0U
Slusher Harold E   SSG   01/01/67 MEDIC to MSF YE
Hatch John C   SGT 10/01/66 10/01/67 MEDIC   YE
      SP4     MEDIC    
Byrd Donvan R "Ray" SGT 04/01/68 11/17/68 MEDIC   YE
      SP4     MEDIC    
McKenzie Robert G   SFC 10/01/68 02/01/69 MEDIC   Y
Orona Charles P   SSG 01/26/69 05/31/70 MEDIC extended? DEC
Racine Dennis   SGT 01/01/70 02/01/70 MEDIC   YE

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