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Who's Who from Detachment A-402 (To Chau/Moc Hoa) (Partial Draft)
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The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-402 (To Chau/Moc Hoa). If you were assigned to A-402 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or put people in the appropriate companies or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the bottom of this page shown as "Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. I think that for A-402, it might be worthwhile to note company and platoon assignments in the remarks section, but maintain the listing by MOS. Any Comments?

Narrative Information: Detachment A-431 was established as a Mobile Guerilla Force o/a 02/01/67 at To Chau. It was redesignated A-402 o/a/ 06/01/67. The MGF was relocated to Moc Hoa o/a 03/08/68 and redesignated 2nd Battalion, IV Corps Mobile Strike Force Command on 05/23/68. Moc Hoa was converted to RF/PF o/a 10/31/70. To Chao was located in ?? District, Kien Giang Province. Moc Hoa was located in Chau Thanh District, Kien Tuong Province.

Initially, the Det CO was CO of A-431/A-402, A-432/A-403 and the Mobile Guerilla Force (MGF) (see A-403)
Hendricks Dan   CPT 04/01/67 11/07/67 DET CO A-431/ MGF DEC
Daniels Thomas M III CPT 01/30/68 04/01/68 DET CO MGF medevaced YE.
Harvey Michael R   1LT       medevaced Y,
Garcia Reynaldo A   CPT 05/01/68 10/15/68 DET CO   DEC
Titsworth James E Jr CPT 10/10/68 02/28/69 DET CO   DEC
Cook Henry J III CPT 10/27/69 03/17/70 BN/DET CO 2 MSF BN DEC
Southworth John A   CPT 02/01/70 08/07/70 DET CO 2 MSF BN DEC
Burch John R   CPT 07/05/70 10/18/70 DET CO   DEC
Smith Calvin L   CPT 08/01/70 10/24/70 DET CO   DEC
Collins Brien T   CPT 03/01/67 07/02/67 DET XO A-431 MGF m/e DEC
Dubois Francois N "Frank" 1LT 07/30/67 11/01/67 DET XO   DEC
Matelic Gale B   1LT 12/17/67 04/19/68 DET XO   DEC
Johns Lawrence D   1LT 05/05/68 08/03/68 DET XO   YE;
Damrill George W   1LT 06/01/68 06/27/68 DET XO medevaced YE,
McFarland James M   1LT 06/15/68 12/01/68 DET XO 442? YE.
Jackson Robert H III 1LT 11/11/68 12/28/68 DET XO medevaced YE.
Hughes Charles F   1LT 11/22/68 02/19/69 DET XO   KIA
Regan John M   1LT 12/01/68 01/01/69 DET XO   DEC
Berry Charles S   1LT 01/01/69 04/10/69 DET XO 4/13/68-5/12/68 YE.
Mathews John G   1LT 01/21/69 12/29/69 DET XO   DEC
Hayes Robert H   1LT 01/29/69 12/31/69 DET XO   DEC
Owens Roger W   1LT   07/05/70 DET XO   DEC
Smith Calvin L   1LT 10/30/69 08/01/70 DET XO 2 MSF BN 1 CO DEC
Regan John M   1LT 05/03/68 12/01/68 CAPO   DEC
Chavez Robert L   1LT 04/09/69 07/02/69 CAPO   YE.
Bierbaum Tibor   1LT 05/29/69 01/08/70 CAPO   YE;
Lane Glenn E   MSG 01/01/67 03/21/67 TM SGT A-431 medevaced YE
Shepherd Eugene Jr MSG 04/02/67 05/01/67 TM SGT Emergency leave YE.
Kittleson Galen C   MSG 05/01/67 04/30/68 TM SGT   DEC
Clark Clifford M   MSG 04/15/68   TM SGT   DEC
Shelnut Roy "Brows" SFC   05/16/68 TM SGT medevaced DEC
Hasson Harry J   MSG 06/15/68 10/11/68 TM SGT   DEC
Staggs Herbert B   MSG 09/02/68 09/01/69 TM SGT   DEC
McMillin Larry S   MSG 10/19/69 01/01/70 TM SGT   YE;
Kerr Charles C   MSG   05/31/70 TM SGT No orders DEC
Jackson John W   SFC         DEC
Judd Eugene H   MSG 10/31/69 10/30/70 TM SGT   DEC
Kerr Charles C   MSG   05/31/70 TM SGT No orders DEC
Godsey Jack C   SFC 04/27/67 01/01/68 INTEL   DEC
Fielder Donald L   SSG 03/01/68 11/01/68 INTEL/A   YE.
Gonzalez Gaspar R   SFC 11/16/67 11/10/68 INTEL CRP ADV DEC
Cesani Randolfo 'Randy' SSG 03/01/68 08/05/68 INTEL   YE.
Roberts John E   SFC 04/16/68   INTEL   DEC
Hughes Bruce M   SFC 01/01/69 12/31/69 INTEL   DEC
Elliott William G   SSG 01/01/69 04/23/69 INTEL/A   YE.
Michaud Paul X   SFC 01/01/67 03/15/67 PL/LT WPNS A-431 medevaced YE.
Ross Kenneth J   SSG 02/01/67 07/01/67 HWY WPNS 06/15/68? DEC
Florez Jesus   SFC 04/30/67 01/01/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Medrano Oscar   SFC 05/01/67 10/15/67 HVY WPNS   Y.
Simpson Ronald E   SSG 07/16/67 07/16/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Phillips Virgil D   SFC 09/01/67 02/22/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Scott Dave R   SP4 09/01/67 01/24/68 LT WPNS   KIA
Carlson John V   SSG 06/15/68 07/03/68 P/L WPNS medevaced YE.
McDonald Owen C   SFC 03/01/68 12/15/68 LT WPNS 3rd Co CDR DEC
Lopez Manuel T   SFC 03/01/68 06/27/68 HVY WPNS 3rd, PLT LDR KIA
Black Charles H   SFC 07/02/68 07/02/69 HVY WPNS   DEC
Carpenter John A   SGT 09/01/69   LT WPNS   DEC
Watson Tom W   SSG 10/09/69 04/08/70 HVY WPNS 2nd CO YE.
King Richard L   SSG 04/01/70 09/07/70 LT WPNS   YE.
Shultz Charles E   SGT 12/21/66 12/21/67 RAD OP   KIA
Morin Frank E   SSG 04/30/67 04/30/68 RAD OP   A0U
Panoke George W   SSG 05/03/67 05/03/68 RAD OP   YE.
Mygan Thomas M Jr SGT 10/12/67   RAD OP   YE;
Rose Richard N   SGT 02/14/68 05/01/69 PLT LDR/RO 3rd Co DEC
Williams Ray A   SGT 06/01/68 08/01/68 RAD OP or A-404 YE.
Thomas Robert D   SSG 09/13/67 09/13/70 RAD OP A-402 YE.
Keenan Jay L   SSG 09/18/69 09/17/70 RAD OP fm B40 YE.
Andressen William C   SP4   04/27/70 RAD OP Bn? DEC
Turcotte Gilbert R   SSG 02/01/70 12/01/70 RAD OP & INTEL DEC
Shubin William E   SP5 02/01/68 06/16/68 DEMO   YE.
Fairchild Daniel E   SP5 02/19/68 01/01/69 DEMO   YR
MacMichael William E   SP5 03/01/68   DEMO   DEC
Herreid Robert D   SP5 07/01/68 10/10/68 DEMO   MIA
Doty Douglas E   SSG 08/16/69 08/15/70 LT WPNS Co 423rd CO YE.
Thornburg Jimmy D   SFC 08/01/66 05/24/68 MEDIC   DEC
Fitzgerald John W Jr SFC 03/14/67   MEDIC A-413? KIA
Burdish John P III SGT 02/27/67 01/10/68 MEDIC   YE.
Ley George J "John" SP4 06/15/68 01/11/69 MEDIC 3rd co DEC
Stec Robert M   SGT 08/21/68 01/03/69 MEDIC 3rd co KIA
Jensen Ernest A   SSG 01/29/69 11/11/69 MEDIC 3rd co YE;
Partin Rickey C   SSG 11/01/69 03/01/70 MEDIC no orders YE.
Dees Robert C   SGT 01/01/70 10/31/70 MEDIC to C-4 12/1/70 YEr,
Steinhardt Allyn L   SSG 04/28/69 01/26/70 CO ADV/MEDIC 2 MSF BN 1 CO YE;
Smith Calvin L   1LT 10/30/69 08/01/70 DET XO 2 MSF BN 1 CO DEC
Alexander Andrew S III SSG 01/26/68 02/16/70 RAD OP 2 MSF BN 2 CO DEC
Simpson Ronald E   SFC 08/30/69 08/29/70 CO ADV 2 MSF BN 2 CO DEC
Mierle Gerald   SSG 03/23/69 09/22/70 PLT ADV/MD 2 MSF BN 2 CO YE.
Martin Stephen R   SP4 10/08/69 10/07/70 MEDIC 2nd Co YE.
Slate Gerald L   SFC 10/07/69 03/07/70 RAD OP 2 MSF BN 2C/3 DEC
Jackson John W   SFC 11/24/69 01/27/70 WPNS 2 CO ADV DEC
Goldstein Richard M   SGT 01/01/70   2 PLT ADV 2 MSF BN 2 CO YE.
Jackson John W   SFC 01/27/70 09/28/70 INTEL 2 CO ADV DEC
Bostley Ranse P   SSG 09/01/69 04/09/70 DEMO 3rd CO Y,
Dollar Gary W   SSG 01/01/68       DEC
Layton Jon W III 2LT 05/01/68 06/27/68   @Cao Lanh KIA
Website of Interest: Tibor Bierbaum LOC Oral History Interview
MAP of A-402 (To Chao)
MAP of A-402 (Moc Hoa)

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