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Who's Who from Detachment A-414 (Moc Hoa/Thanh Tri) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-414 (Moc Hoa/Thanh Tri). If you were assigned to these camps or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A5/424 took over Camp Dan Cuong at Moc Hoa from A1/221, 1st SFG(A) o/a 3/24/65. It orignially reported to Long Xuyen and was designated A-421. O/a/ 2/??/65 it was redesignated A-414 when the B-team at Muc Hoa was established. Moc Hoa had been an FOB of An Long (see A-432) and the first resident team was A5/21 after Hiep Hoa was overrun. (see 5th SFGA TDY) Moc Hoa was located in Chau Thanh District, Kien Tuong Province. The TDY teams at Moc Hoa had a subsector advisory responsibility, but B-41 was established to fill that role as well as the Provincial (Sector) Advisory role. Moc Hoa had FOB's at Minh Chau, Chau Hoi, Cai Doi, Bien Hiep and Thanh Tri. The Moc Hoa "A" detachment was closed o/a 3/??/68. Some of the USASF assets went to Cao Lanh, the CIDG and the rest of the USASF expanded the FOB to a new camp site o/a ??/68. Thanh Tri was located in ? District, Kien Phuong Province. Thanh Tri was converted to 67th Border Ranger o/a 08/11/70.

Terry McIntosh has an interesting website at

John P. McAfee is the author of a Slow Walk in a Sad Rain, a darkly comic novel about life at an A-Camp.

Lamb Richard D   CPT 03/19/65 03/18/66 DET CO A5/424 Y
Bridgewater Tom W Jr CPT 03/24/66 10/17/66 DET CO   DEC
Hendrick Thomas G   CPT 10/17/66 01/27/67 DET CO   A0Y
Peyton John H   CPT 01/27/67 03/09/67 DET CO   YE
Lane Charles D   CPT 03/08/67 06/04/67 DET CO   YE
Jencks Harlan W   CPT 05/25/67 11/22/67 DET CO NOR FM 5/17/67 YE
Clemens Judd L   CPT 12/13/67 04/12/68 DET CO 4/12/67 ? Closed ? Y
Bidwell Robert L Jr CPT 03/07/68 07/31/68 DET CO   Y
Karow Peter D   CPT 07/05/68 11/06/68 DET CO   DEC
Wicks Bruce J   CPT 10/03/68 03/19/69 DET CO   Y
Merrill Charles E   CPT 03/01/69 07/26/69 DET CO    
Kittredge Albert A   CPT 03/20/69 07/09/69 DET CO   YE
Geneseo Louis J   CPT 07/14/69 07/24/69 DET CO   KIA
Lee Gordon O   CPT 07/10/69 11/23/69 DET CO   YE
Brucker Robert L   1LT 11/23/69 12/20/69 ACTING CO   Y
Hoover Clifford B   CPT 12/05/69 08/06/70 DET CO   A0Y
McAfee John P   CPT 06/01/70 12/15/70 DET CO   Y
Ritchie Ronald   1LT 03/19/65 03/18/66 DET XO A5/424 replaced by McDaniel, Jack  
McDaniel Jack K   1LT 03/20/65   DET XO   DEC
Cubitt James C   1LT 04/01/65   DET XO A5/424 A0U
Cook Wiliam H   1LT 02/20/66 06/01/66 DET XO   DEC
Duncan Robert W   1LT 02/08/66 02/07/67 DET XO    
Drushal Richard G   CPT 03/08/67 06/01/67 DET XO   A0Y
O'Toole George P   1LT 05/23/67 11/15/67 DET XO   KIA
Fleming Gary L   1LT 10/15/67 10/14/68 DET XO   A0Y
Merrill Charles E   1LT 07/10/68 01/01/69 DET XO/A    
Williams William W II 1LT 10/22/68 06/05/69 DET XO   YE
Thomas James A   1LT 12/04/69 07/11/70 DET XO oldest LT? DEC
Danio Roger G   2LT 06/24/67 09/26/67 CAPO   A0U
Colangelo Thomas W   1LT 11/29/67 07/28/68 CAPO   Y
Marshall Charles A Jr 1LT 03/15/68 10/01/68 CAPO   REL?
Merrill Charles E   1LT 01/01/69 03/01/69 DET XO/CAPO    
Brucker Robert L   1LT 03/20/69 12/20/69 CAPO & ACTING CO Y
Wenkus Michael J   1LT 08/20/69 08/19/70 CAPO   Y
McAfee John P   1LT 04/18/69 06/01/70 CAPO   Y
Parish Lester H Jr SFC 03/19/65 03/18/66 TM SGT A5/424 DEC
Robinson Frederick "TR" MSG     TM SGT A-441/413 (Dates) DEC
Boose Jacob L "Jake" SFC 06/01/66 11/01/66 TM SGT   DEC
Smith Willis C   MSG 11/01/66 06/01/67 TM SGT   DEC
Silva John B   MSG 03/01/67 06/01/67 TM SGT   DEC
Stewart Charles A   SFC 07/01/67 04/29/68 TM SGT   YE
Kreilick James G   MSG 05/28/67 01/01/68 TM SGT   DEC
Jenkins Herbert S   SFC 10/03/67 10/02/68 TM SGT   Y
Hornbuckle Clarence E Jr MSG 04/01/68 06/06/68 TM SGT   KIA
Asbill Marvin F   MSG 05/01/68 05/01/69 TM SGT   A0Y
Fralia Nat   MSG 09/01/68 08/31/69 TM SGT   Y
Thompson Lavon V   MSG     TM SGT B-41 S-3?DATES DEC
Deming Herbert W   SFC 06/01/69 12/31/69 TM SGT   A0Y
Watson John W   MSG 01/01/70 08/04/70 TM SGT   DEC
Carson Tyrone B   SGT 03/19/65 05/30/65 INTEL A5/424 DNH
Hobgood George W   SFC 12/29/66 12/29/67 INTEL/A   DEC
Wofford Ralph L   SSG 09/01/66 07/14/67 INTEL/A   YE
Stewart Charles A   SFC 04/30/67 07/01/67 INTEL   YE
Melton Walter W   SFC 11/01/67 04/01/68 INTEL   YE
Dennison Joseph L   SSG 04/16/68 04/15/69 INTEL   Y
Flynn Thomas A   SSG 10/01/68 04/03/69 INTEL/A DATES A0Y
Hamby Eddie G "Gene" SFC 06/01/69 02/06/70 INTEL   YE
Blakeney Boncrosby H   SSG 03/19/65 03/18/66 LT WPNS A5/424 YE
Dillin James O   SSG 03/19/65 03/18/66 HVY WPNS A5/424 DEC
Davis Joseph A   SGT 01/01/66   LT WPNS unconfirmed  
Boyd David S   SSG 03/01/66 11/14/66 HVY WPNS   KIA
Barker David K   SFC 09/25/66 01/01/67 HVY WPNS   DEC
Bean William E   SSG 12/10/66 12/10/67 LT WPNS   DEC
Cosby Herb M   SSG 09/13/67 09/12/68 WPNS   DEC
Mills Walter L   SFC 11/17/67   LT WPNS Emergency Leava DEC
Almand Robert K   SSG 01/01/68 06/01/68 LT WPNS   Y
Brewer Ennis   SFC 07/22/68 07/21/69 LT WPNS   YE
Midlil Frank   SFC 02/17/69 09/14/70 HVY WPNS   DEC
Hallman James T   SSG 10/02/69 12/23/69 LT WPNS   YE
Zayas Milton A   SFC 11/03/69 11/09/70 HVY WPNS   YE
Eatman Matthew   SGT 03/19/65 03/18/66 RAD OP A5/424 DEC
Burkell Thomas C   SGT 03/24/65 09/01/65 RAD OP A5/424 Y
Yara George M   SFC 02/01/66 08/01/66 RAD OP   Y
Mayo John   SP4 09/01/66 11/14/66 RAD OP   KIA
Ely Robert L   SFC 01/01/66   RAD OP   DEC
Bly Leon Jr SFC 06/03/67 06/02/68 RAD OP   AOU
Panoke George W   SSG 09/01/67 05/03/68 RAD OP   A0U
Davis Richard S Jr SP4 11/18/67 06/06/68 RAD OP   KIA
Hagen David L   SP4 12/09/67 12/08/68 RAD OP CIB CK DATES DNH
Swee Dale C   SGT 01/01/68   RAD OP   A0Y
Pharo David C   SGT 09/09/68 02/01/69 RAD OP   YE
Hagen David L Mike SP4 12/09/68 12/08/69 RAD OP   DNH
McIntosh Terry L   SGT 02/01/69 07/29/69 RAD OP   YE
Merry Gordon N   SP4 09/15/69 09/14/70 RAD OP   A0Y
Caldwell Paul H   SGT 09/16/69 03/24/70 RAD OP   Y
Fuller William H   SSG 03/19/65 03/18/66 DEMO A5/424 DEC
Roberto Albert G   SP4 03/19/65 03/18/66 DEMO A5/424 YE
Vanskiver Mark A   SGT 01/01/66   DEMO   DEC
Ponds Charles D   SSG 06/01/66 01/06/67 DEMO   Y
Wilkeson John G   SFC 06/18/67 06/18/68 DEMO   DEC
Powell Thomas E   SSG 06/17/68 01/18/70 DEMO   YE
Johnson Philip A   SP5 01/07/69 01/06/70 INTEL/A   A0Y
Kabel Steven E   SP5 03/13/69 10/05/70 DEMO   YE
Crane Jaye K   SGT 08/16/69 08/15/70 DEMO DOSOA Y
Long William D   SGT 03/19/65 03/18/66 MEDIC A5/424 Y
Niemann John K   SP5 03/19/65 03/18/66 MEDIC A5/424  
Matthews Harry M Jr SFC 01/01/66 01/01/67 MEDIC &/or A-415 YE
Millam Gary B   SGT 02/01/66 11/01/66 MEDIC   YE
Gaede Brant P   SP4 09/18/66 09/18/67 MEDIC   YE
Bell John M   SGT 04/05/67 03/31/68 MEDIC   A0Y
Baer William C   SGT 09/09/67 05/20/68 MEDIC   KIA
Skomiro Joseph W   SP4 10/01/67 05/05/68 MEDIC to MACV AT, BU DOP YE
Ikehara Stanley N   SGT 06/01/68   RAD OP   A0U
Noone Peter J   SSG 08/23/68 08/24/69 MEDIC   Y
Mesa Adolph D   SP4 01/10/69 06/01/69 MEDIC   A0Y
Ringstrom Grant M "Mike" SGT 08/05/69 04/08/70 MEDIC    
Dougan John S   SP4 10/23/69 08/11/70 MEDIC   YE
Conlon Michael A   SGT 02/01/70 08/11/70 MEDIC   Y
Williams Charles F   SP4 08/11/67 03/01/68 WPNS   DEC

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