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Who's Who from Detachment A-431 (Cai Cai) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-431 (Cai Cai). If you were assigned to these camps or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the bottom of this page shown as "Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. I need a copy of the PCS orders for the original PCS team(s).

Narrative Information: TF GREEN from old Don Phuc established Camp Dan Chu at Cai Cai o/a 04/01/65. It was designated A-412 and reported to B-41 at Moc Hoa, although there seems to be a period in which it reported directly to C-4. Cai Cai was located in Hong Ngu District, Kien Tuong Province.When the reorganization of C-4 took place o/a 06/01/67, Cai Cai was redesignated A-431 and reported to B-43, first, at Cao Lanh, then at Chi Lang. Cai Cai was converted to 76th Border Rangers o/a 09/30/70. Cai Cai was a particularly unique engineering accomplishment; after being flooded out, it was rebuilt as a floating camp and spent a good part of the year that way.

Phabe Richard E 'Dick' CPT 12/01/64 07/25/65 DET CO A5/313 TF Green DEC
McGovern George W   CPT 07/25/65   DET CO A-412 DEC
Parker Eliot V Jr CPT 10/01/65   DET CO A-412 DEC
Remling Arthur A   1LT 10/11/65 12/19/65 DET CO A-412 YE,
Donker Leo M   CPT 01/01/66 04/03/66 DET CO A-412 KIA
Cincotti Joseph G   CPT 04/03/66 08/01/66 DET CO A-412 DEC
Heckman George M   CPT 07/02/66 01/08/67 DET CO A-412 YE.
Holsapple Victor E   CPT 01/01/67 04/11/67 DET CO A-412 or B-40? DEC
George Graham W   CPT 01/05/67 06/30/67 DET CO A-431 DEC
Gerhardt William F   CPT 06/05/67 12/14/67 DET CO   YE,
Dill Paul H   CPT 12/04/67 03/01/68 DET CO   DEC
Graham William C   CPT 01/29/68 06/01/68 DET CO or A-411 MAJ DEC
Sparks Stephen D   1LT 06/01/68 07/01/68 DET CO   KIA
Lynch Leo V   CPT 07/14/68 04/01/69 DET CO   DEC
Gerdeman James L   CPT 03/01/69 09/17/69 DET CO   DEC !.
Kidd David A   CPT 09/07/69 06/27/70 DET CO   YE.
Jeffrey Alain M   1LT 07/01/70 09/30/70 DET CO   DEC
Crummy Peter F   1LT 12/01/64   DET XO A5/313 YE.
Sullivan Darr F Jr 1LT 07/08/65 11/01/65 DET XO A-427 DEC
Remling Arthur A   1LT 09/07/65 10/10/65 DET XO A-412 YE,
Doht Gerald W   2LT 11/01/65 04/26/66 DET XO A-412 DEC
Holsapple Victor E   1LT 04/24/66   DET XO A-412 DEC
Karow Peter M   1LT 09/01/66 02/09/67 DET XO A-412 DEC
Dover Lawrence O   1LT 02/09/67 06/14/67 DET XO   YE.
Knapp Henry H III CPT 09/16/67 01/15/68 DET XO   YE.
Valentino James   1LT 01/01/69   DET XO   DEC
Kemp Robert D   1LT 12/01/67 08/17/68 DET XO   Y,
Beets Larry J   1LT 07/30/68 02/14/69 DET XO C-4 Admin 2 mos YE.
Hayes Robert H   1LT 01/29/69 12/31/69 DET XO to A-402? DEC
Burke Jerome A   1LT 06/01/69 12/07/69 DET XO   DEC
Thomas Bobbie G   1LT 11/09/69 04/02/70 DET XO   DEC
Karow Peter M   2LT 07/30/66 09/01/66 CAPO A-412 DEC
Cook Henry J III 1LT 02/13/67 02/20/67 CAPO   DEC
Knapp Henry H III 1LT 03/08/67 09/15/67 CAPO   YE.
Kemp Robert D   1LT 09/15/67 11/22/67 CAPO medevaced Y,
Daniels Tommy   1LT 11/05/67 01/20/68 CAPO   YE.
Compton Paul R   1LT 04/15/68 10/19/68 CAPO   DEC
Keyeck Anthony J   1LT 11/15/68 03/28/69 CAPO Early drop YE.
Robison Earl W   1LT 11/15/69 09/26/70 CAPO   Y.
Jones Jerry L   SFC 12/01/64   TM SGT A5/313 SOA Y
Anderson ?   MSG     TM SGT    
Kerr Charles G   MSG 07/01/65 05/01/66 TM SGT No orders DEC
Allard Stephen C   MSG 05/01/66 07/01/66 TM SGT &/or BTT DEC
Cobham Edward A Jr MSG 01/01/66   TM SGT to? DEC
Whitehead William F   MSG 05/01/66   TM SGT   DEC
Bates Murray Q   MSG 10/07/66 10/07/67 TM SGT   DEC
Morales Cristobal   MSG 01/01/67 06/01/67 TM SGT or A-412? DEC
Horne James G   MSG 10/01/67 01/19/68 TM SGT   DEC
Gann William S   MSG 10/13/67 10/12/68 TM SGT   DEC
Nowak Zenon M   MSG 02/04/68 12/20/68 TM SGT   DEC
Lowe John C   MSG 02/02/69 09/01/69 TM SGT HHC? DEC
Oller James N   MSG 08/26/69 08/25/70 TM SGT   DEC
Harris Theodore   SSG 12/01/64 12/01/65 INTEL A5/313 YE.
Allard Stephen C   SFC 01/01/66 05/01/66 INTEL &/or BTT DEC
James Richard H "Slurp" SGT 07/01/66 07/22/66 INTEL A-412 YE.
Anderson Eric E "Andy" SSG   05/28/66 INTEL/A   DEC
James Richard H "Slurp" SGT 05/28/66 07/01/66 INTEL/A A-412 YE.
Gonzales Manuel P   SFC 06/01/67 02/14/68 INTEL    
Yntema Gordon D   SGT 12/01/67 01/18/68 INTEL/A   KIA
Willette Bruce R   SFC 10/10/67 10/09/68 INTEL   DEC
Elliott William G   SSG 04/24/68 01/01/69 INTEL/A   YE.
Driver Lyle W Jr SFC 12/01/68 10/08/69 INTEL to MSF DEC
Wood Billy J   SSG 06/01/69   INTEL from B-43 DEC
Watson John W   MSG 08/05/69 01/01/70 INTEL   DEC
Bodlak Jaroslav   SFC 10/01/69 02/01/70 INTEL   DEC
Trevino Jesus   SSG 12/01/64   LT WPNS A5/313 DEC
Melton Clifford D   SSG 12/01/64 07/21/65 LT WPNS A5/313 KIA
Noakes John H   SSG 10/14/65 04/14/66 HVY WPNS A-412 BFC DEC
Conard Dwight E   SGT 06/01/65 06/01/66 LT WPNS A-412 DEC
Thompson Hugh C   SSG 04/20/66   HVY WPNS A-412 DEC
Perdok Stephen M   SGT 06/01/66 01/01/67 LT WPNS A-412 DEC
Wallace Roger D   SP4 12/01/66 04/17/68 LT WPNS A-412 YE.
Horne James G   SFC 01/19/67 10/01/67 HVY WPNS   DEC
Hawk Lauren T   SSG 03/01/67 06/01/67 LT WPNS   DEC
Phillips Virgil D   SFC 03/01/67 09/01/67 LT WPNS   DEC
Lopez Manuel T   SFC 11/06/67   HVY WPNS   KIA
McMorris Charles III SFC 12/16/67 12/15/68 HVY WPNS    
Lopez Ramon F   SFC 06/05/68 12/03/69 LT WPNS   DEC
Carrillo Edward R   SFC 04/20/69 11/04/69 LT WPNS medevaced YE,
Miller David L   SP5 09/16/69 05/22/70 LT WPNS medevaced YE.
Currin Phillip L   SSG 12/01/64   RAD OP A5/313 DEC
DuClos Edward D   SGT 12/01/64 07/30/65 RAD OP A5/313 YE.(2)
Birkla William A   SGT 09/01/65 03/38/66 RAD OP AN LONG & SIGCO? DEC
Crabb Robert G   SSG 01/01/66   RAD OP   DEC
Descheeny Wilford   SP4 07/06/66 07/06/67 RAD OP   DEC
Dyke John R Jr SP4 11/29/66 07/01/67 RAD OP   DEC
Johnson Jimmie J   SFC   07/01/66 RAD OP    
Durham Pierce "Bull" SGT 04/01/66 07/01/66 RAD OP ATTD SIGCO YE;
Bengston David R   SGT 03/13/67 03/13/68 RAD OP to ?  
Nelson Augustus E   SSG 07/01/67 02/12/68 RAD OP & B-43 DEC
Phillips Ronald   SGT 08/13/67 08/14/68 RAD OP   Z
Kaleikini Theodore K Jr SGT   01/18/68 RAD OP   KIA
Sparks Robert L   SSG 01/01/68   RAD OP   DEC
Gamble Cam M Jr SSG 02/01/68 11/01/68 RAD OP   DEC
Reiter Clyde A   SGT 12/01/68 12/28/68 RAD OP attached fm B-43 KIA
Moinette John E   SGT 07/28/68 03/01/69 RAD OP   DEC
Steverson Van C   SGT 09/23/68 09/22/69 RAD OP   YE.
Kampe Eric M   SGT 03/01/69 09/23/69 RAD OP   DEC
Kelly Thomas S   SP4 10/16/69 09/14/70 RAD OP   YE;
Duboise John D   SGT 04/01/70 08/01/70 RAD OP to A-404 YE.
Learson John Jr SSG 12/01/64   DEMO A5/313 DEC
Bentley James E   SP5 12/01/64   DEMO A5/313  
Simmons Donald G   SSG   03/01/66 DEMO   Y,
Van Poll Hubert C   SSG 03/24/65 03/23/66 DEMO   KIA
James Richard H "Slurp" SGT 02/23/66 06/21/66 DEMO A-412 YE.
Woolley Marvin E   SGT 08/01/66   DEMO   DEC
Godwin James W   SSG 09/01/66 02/01/67 DEMO A-412 DEC
Wright Jerry D   SP5 12/17/66 01/01/68 DEMO   KIA
Knuuttila William W   SSG 10/01/67 03/01/68 DEMO   DEC
Davenport George C   SSG 07/29/67 02/27/69 DEMO   DEC
Summers Philip S   SP5 04/02/68 04/01/69 DEMO   Y,
Yancey Val T   SP4 08/27/69 08/26/70 DEMO   Y.
Gage Charles M   SP5 07/01/70 09/30/70 DEMO   YE.
Pruitt James E   SSG 12/01/64 09/27/65 MEDIC A5/313 KIA
Graw John H   SP4 12/01/64 09/27/65 MEDIC A5/313 medevaced DEC
Stoll John C   SSG 03/01/65 03/01/66 MEDIC No orders DEC
Gibbons Thomas U   SSG 04/01/65   MEDIC   DEC
Johnson Robert L   SGT 01/01/65 06/01/66 MEDIC    
Hayes Robert J   SGT 11/01/65 12/01/65 MEDIC to A-331 YE.
Whitener James A   SGT 01/01/66   MEDIC   DEC
Passmore Edward N   SFC 03/01/66 01/01/71 MEDIC   DEC
Crowder William M   SP4 04/18/66   MEDIC A-412 A-426/A-428 DEC
O'Leary Thomas M   SSG 08/29/66 03/01/67 MEDIC   DEC
Murray Lee F   SSG 03/01/67 03/01/68 MEDIC   DEC
Gilchrist Michael             Y,
Ferguson James E   SFC 03/31/67 03/30/68 MEDIC   DEC
Dryden John F Jr SFC 08/01/67 12/01/67 MEDIC   DEC
Waldron Robert W Jr SP4 10/08/67 04/01/68 MEDIC   YE,
Roxby Michael R   SP4 01/01/68   MEDIC   DEC
Lucas Steven M   SGT 03/01/68 12/01/68 MEDIC   YE.
Perkins Robert L   SGT 04/13/68 05/05/68 MEDIC to MAT DEC
Buchanan Francis X   SSG 01/01/69 10/18/69 MEDIC   DEC
Pruyne William I   SGT 05/28/69 02/25/70 MEDIC   DEC?
Jones Stacey M   SSG 08/01/69 04/01/70 MEDIC   YE.
Wiese Fred D Jr SFC 06/01/69 12/15/69 MEDIC   DEC
Maniscalco Paul V   SP4 02/01/70 07/30/70 MEDIC   Y,
Tabak Morris   SP5 01/01/66     A-412 DEC
Jordan Howard W Sr SFC 01/01/67       DEC
Wood Steven A Jr SFC 01/01/69       DEC
Brehm Richard L   SGT 01/15/69 01/14/70      
Dominguez Carlos M G   SP4 01/01/70   Wpns    
Bagley Michael F   SSG     Exp RADAR Unit   Y
Dake Leroy W   SSG     Exp RADAR Unit   YE
Giuffre Guy G   PFC     Exp RADAR Unit   YE
civ           Exp RADAR Unit    
Books of Interest, Dick James, Slurp Sends, Book 3
MAP of A-431 (Cai Cai)

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