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Who's Who from Detachment B-42 (Long Xuyen/Chao Doc) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-42 (Long Xuyen/Chao Doc). If you were assigned to B-42 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the bottom of this page shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS B Detachment B5/130 established a camp at Chao Doc? or took over Camp Dan Thanh at Long Xuyen from TDY Detachment B1/130, 1st SFGA o/a March ??, 1965.The Detachment was established as a CIDG Control Detachment with Sector (at Chau Doc) and Subsector responsibilities. Long Xuyen was closed either 03/??/65 or 12/22/65 and relocated to Chao Doc. Long Xuyen was located in ? District, Chao Doc Province and Cho Doc was located in Chao Phu District, Chao Doc Province. Chao Doc was closed o/a 07/??/68 and converted to RF/PF. Medical, Signal, Intelligence and Engineering augmentations are presently listed with the parent element at the SFOB.

Arnn John O   MAJ 02/20/65 12/26/65 DET CO   KIA
Neller Herbert F Jr MAJ 01/07/66 07/14/66 DET CO & PSA DEC
Brewer Donald   LTC 07/01/66 01/06/67 DET CO   DEC
Thieme Earl L   MAJ 01/21/67 06/28/67 DET CO   DEC
Skiles Robert L   MAJ 06/01/67 10/01/67 DET CO   DEC
Myers Claire G   MAJ 11/01/67 03/01/68 DET CO   DEC
Sildam Are   MAJ 08/15/67 02/04/68 DET CO NOR to B-23 DEC
Reid Robert L   MAJ 02/19/68 07/01/68 DET CO   DEC
Dixon Charles L   CPT 02/20/65 02/19/66 DET XO   DEC
Brewer Donald   LTC 01/07/66 07/01/67 DET XO   DEC
Williford Donald E   MAJ 04/11/66 09/09/66 DET XO   Y,
Poole George E Jr CPT 08/22/66 12/12/66 DET XO   DEC
Campbell Donald F   MAJ 11/15/66 05/07/67 DET XO Fm 5/8/66- 11/15/66? NOR DEC
Doar James M   MAJ 04/28/67 06/13/67 DET XO   DEC
Smith Daniel A   CPT 08/05/67 09/21/67 DET XO   YR
Smith William F   MAJ 08/05/67 03/01/68 DET XO/CO to FOB1 DEC
Myers Clair G   MAJ 09/20/67   DET XO   DEC
Hanlon James A   MAJ 10/18/67 09/29/68 DET XO   DEC
LeBlanc Victor A   MAJ 11/15/67 06/30/68 DET XO DDUS 8/12/67- DEC
Frye Montgomery S   MAJ 04/01/68 08/04/68 DET XO   DEC
Lockhart John T   SGM     DET SGM   DEC
Grisham Robert G   SSM 06/01/67 01/01/68 DET SGM   DEC
Terbush George K   SGM 08/01/67 04/15/68 DET SGM &/OR C-3 DEC
McCracken John B   CPT 02/20/65   S-1 B5/130 DEC
Luketina Robert M   CPT 11/10/65 11/09/66 S-1   YE.
Lacey William J Jr CPT 12/06/66 11/30/67 S-1   DEC
Auburn Parker K   1LT 10/01/67 09/14/68 S-1 S-2? Y,
Nesbitt William T "Terry" 1LT 02/01/68 07/01/68 S-1   YE.
McKoy Samuel L   SSG 05/26/67 05/25/68 S-1 NCOIC   YE.
Nollner Ralph E Jr CPT 02/20/65 06/01/65 S-2 B5/130 DEC
Chaplinski Charles W Jr CPT 06/01/65 01/23/65 S-2   YE
Rangel Ynes Jr CPT 09/01/65 03/25/66 S-2   Y
Blesse James S   CPT 05/15/66 12/12/66 S-2   YE.
Houlihan John C   CPT 10/24/66 03/31/67 S-2   DEC
Fink Kenneth L   CPT 02/14/67 01/31/68 S-2   DEC
Whittington Richard F   1LT 01/20/68 04/25/69 S-2 9/26/66-1/19/68 NOR  
Wallace James L   SFC 12/04/66 12/04/67 S-2 NCOIC PMTD MSG  
Drake Joseph L   SFC 01/01/68   S-2 NCO   DEC
Critzburg Lloyd C   SP6 06/01/67 12/27/67 S-2 ANAL 96B3S DEC
Williford Donald E   CPT 09/08/65 04/10/66 S-3   Y,
Hoskin Donald L   MAJ 05/12/66 09/01/66 S-3   DEC
Knight Roger P   MAJ 09/01/66 01/25/67 S-3   YE
Klys Adam J   MAJ 01/19/67 08/02/67 S-3   DEC
Morris Alvin B   CPT 06/01/67 09/05/67 S-3   Y.
Rees Steven J   CPT 08/12/67 01/12/68 S-3   DEC
Henrich William B   CPT 10/22/67 05/23/68 S-3   DEC
Louk Thomas N   SFC 01/01/66 12/05/66 S-3 TRNG   Y,
Povich Sam   MSG 02/20/65 02/19/66 S-3 NCOIC B5/130 DEC
Johnson Evans H Sr MSG 04/01/66 08/17/68 S-3 NCOIC   DEC
Evans J T Jr SSG 02/20/65 02/19/66 HVY WPNS B5/130  
Thompson Hugh C   SSG 02/20/65   HVY WPNS B5/130 DEC
Erwin Leroy E   SFC 06/04/67 06/02/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Bryant Walter R   CPT 09/08/65 09/07/66 S-4   Y.
Marvin Daniel   CPT 08/08/66 12/15/66 S-4   DEC
Gibson James L   CPT 03/08/67 07/30/67 S-4   YE;
Taylor Clyde R   CPT 07/29/67 09/21/67 S-4   DEC
Taylor Clyde R   CPT 09/22/67 07/11/68 S-4   DEC
Connelly John R   1LT 12/16/67 11/27/68 S-4/ASST   DEC
Brown Allen R   SFC 02/20/65 02/19/66 S-4 NCOIC B5/130 DEC
Davis Eugene T   SSG 09/20/66 09/20/67 S-4 NCO 76K4S DEC
Gorrell Otmer R   CPT 11/07/65 05/15/66 S-5   DEC
George Graham W Jr CPT 07/01/66 01/04/67 S-5   DEC
Young John F   CPT 08/08/67 12/12/67 S-5 @A-411 KIA
Haake Ronald M   1LT 12/19/67 12/18/68 S-5    
Knowlton William F X   CPT 12/06/66 05/18/67 S-5 CA   YE.
Thacker James F   CPT 09/16/65 01/07/66 RF/PF ADV   DEC
Smith Burton G   CPT 12/03/65 06/01/66 RF/PF ADV   DEC
Neilson Robert S   CPT 08/01/66 12/11/66 RF/PF ADV   DEC
Klys Adam J   CPT 10/01/66 01/18/67 RF/PF ADV   DEC
Shubert Edwin L Jr 1LT 01/14/67 05/01/67 RF/PF ADV   KIA
McCarver James M   CPT 08/05/67   RF/PF ADV   DEC
Dowd Thomas M "Mike" 1LT 04/13/68 09/01/68 RF/PF ADV   YE.
Kaffenberger Alan G   SP4 06/01/67 09/01/67 S-5 NCO   Y
Kimball Lyle L   SFC 09/04/66 09/04/67 RAD SPVR   DEC
Hinson Wess   SFC 07/05/67 01/01/68 31Z4S   YE;
Walker Jan L   SGT 06/12/64 06/04/65 RAD OP    
Macek Alvin J Jr SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 RTT OP SIGCO DEC
Jasper Joe E   SFC 02/20/65 02/19/65 RAD OP B5/130 DEC
Torello Carl H   SFC 02/20/65 12/26/65 RAD OP B5/130 KIA
Cannon Ralph   SSG 02/13/66 08/03/67 RAD OP   KIA
Hasselius Robert H   SP4 03/18/67 03/18/68 RAD OP SPEC LEAVE DEC
Hagen David L   PFC 04/07/67 12/08/67 RAD OP CIB CK DATES DNH
Smith James E   SFC 06/30/67 08/27/67 RAD OP or B-41? DEC
James Richard H "Slurp" SSG 07/01/67 08/01/67 RAD OP   YE.
Chase Michael F   SP4 09/24/67 11/21/68 RAD OP @A-149 YE.
White Steven M   SGT 01/25/68 04/01/68 RAD OP   Y
Mygan Thomas M Jr SSG 03/01/69 01/01/70 RAD OP   YER.
Del Marcelle Louis D B   SFC 09/22/69 09/10/70 RAD OP   DEC
Robbins Frank A Jr SFC 01/01/67 09/04/67 DEMO   DEC
Deyermond William M   SP5 09/01/67 02/01/68 DEMO   DEC
Futch Keith   SFC 02/20/65 02/19/66 MEDIC B5/130 YER.
Pierce Melvin L   SFC 09/01/65 03/01/66 MEDIC   DEC
Darce Lionel A Jr SFC 01/05/66 06/30/68 MEDIC   DEC
Follini Peter A   SSG     MEDIC   DEC
Fisher Alan L   SGT 06/12/69 11/01/69 MEDIC   DEC
Burkhardt William J   SP4   10/12/67 31M20 52 SIG BN ATTD KIA
Taylor John E   CPT 01/01/65     PCS?  
Alexander Joseph E Jr CPT 02/20/65 02/20/65 DROPPED B5/130 Y
McGovern George W   CPT 02/20/65 06/01/65   B5/130 DEC
Bell William C   SSG 02/20/65     B5/130 DEC
Carter James A   MSG 02/20/65     B5/130 DEC
Kaluakini Kenneth   SSG 02/20/65     B5/130 DEC
Willoughby William R   SP4 02/20/65     B5/130 DEC
Farmer Thomas D   SGT 01/01/66       DEC
Edwards Robert T   CPT 07/13/67       DEC
Dix Drew D   SSG 01/01/68       YE
Book of Interest, Dick James, Slurp Sends, Book 4
MAP of B-42 (Long Xuyen)
MAP of B-42 (Chau Doc)

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