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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Comptroller Section (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served as Group Comptroller and CIDG Finance sections. How were these responsibilites split up? Were members of 22nd Finance seconded to or from Group? Was there a separate Funds Officer at the HHQ company Was the Audit Team separate from the CRT or did they consolidate? If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: US Army Special Forces - Vietnam (Provisional) is included in the 5th SFGA TDY booklet. Training and Support Headquarters (TSH) will be on another, separate, table.


Devers John P 'Jack' CPT 10/01/64 06/16/65 FUNDS OFF    
Rose James E   CPT 05/25/65 05/24/66 COMPTR FC  
Polhemus Richard E   MAJ 06/01/66 01/02/67 COMPTROLLR    
Jew Soot M   MAJ 03/01/67 08/07/67 COMPTROLLR    
Coleman Willie A   MAJ 08/08/67 02/15/68 GP COMPTR    
Drenkhahn Andrew O   LTC 12/27/67 12/22/68 COMPTROLLR    
Thacher William F Jr LTC 12/15/68 03/15/69 COMPTROLR OR CIDG FIN  
Hynes Charles R   1LT 06/24/69 12/10/69 COMPT ACTING  
Mirus John E   CPT 01/03/70 12/01/70 GP COMPT    
Watts Floyd H Jr MAJ 08/08/70 03/01/71 FIN OFF CIDG FIN  
Poole George E Jr CPT 12/13/66 08/21/67 COMPTR/A    
Read Robert J   1LT 07/10/67 01/05/68 COMPTR/A    
Vernon Albert E III CPT 01/09/68 05/27/68 COMPTR/A    
Kyslinger Eugene S   1LT 08/04/68 07/14/69 COMPTR/A    
Poole Barry G   CPT 12/20/68 11/15/69 FIN OFF/A    
Lubin Kenneth P   1LT 02/01/69   COMPT ASST    
Kyslinger Eugene S   1LT 08/15/69 09/20/69 COMPTR/A    
Scott Terry A   1LT 09/16/69 08/17/70 COMPTR/A    
Kruger William R II 2LT 01/08/70   COMPT ASST    
Woodward George B   1LT 02/01/70 02/01/71 COMPTR/A    
Payette Paul F   1LT 05/15/70 02/28/71 FIN OFF DEP F&A  
Burrell Clarence A III CPT 01/13/70 01/10/70 FIN ASST SEP FIN OFF  
Alexander Bobby W   SFC 01/01/67   FIN NCOIC PAY SECTION  
Pascual James U   MSG 09/24/68 12/20/69 FIN NCOIC PAY SECTION  
Clayton Charles V   SSG 09/01/64 05/01/65 FIN CLK   Y
Simpson Michael C   SP5 10/01/65 02/01/66 FIN CLERK    
Rizzo Thomas J   SP4 06/01/66   COMPTR CLK    
Ardoin Paul C   SP5 03/01/67 03/01/68 FIN CLERK COMPTR  
Ruszkiewicz John J   CPT 12/30/65 12/29/66 CIDG FIN    
Barlow Donald J   MAJ 05/27/66 03/26/67 CIDG FIN    
Coleman Willie A   MAJ 02/01/67 08/08/67 CIDG FIN    
Mazo David R   MAJ 10/12/67 05/17/68 CIDG FIN OIC  
Shaffer Richard G   CPT 01/28/68 01/27/69 CIDG FIN ASST COMPTR  
Watts Floyd M Jr CPT 08/12/69 08/07/70 FIN ASST    
Anderson William D   1LT 01/01/67 05/09/68 CIDG FIN/A    
Bailey Ronald E   CPT 04/12/68 09/17/68 FIN OFF    
Davis Lawrence H   1LT 06/20/68 06/14/69 CMPTRLR/A CIDG FIN  
Kavanagh Gene R   SFC 01/01/65   CIDG FIN NCOIC  
?Peterson George C   MSG     CIDG FIN NCOIC  
Sauer Thomas J   SSG 06/15/67 04/08/68 CIDG FIN NCOIC  
Patterson Robert D   MSG 03/01/67 03/01/68 CIDG FIN NCOIC  
Tenhet Calvin L   SFC 06/22/67 06/21/68 CIDG FIN NCOIC  
Patterson Robert D   MSG 01/05/69 02/05/70 CIDG FIN NCOIC  
Vaivao Sapa T   MSG 01/01/70 01/01/71 73Z5P CIDG FIN  
Aylesworth Richard J   SP4 01/01/66   CIDG FIN    
Rovira Jonathan P   SSG 01/01/66   CIDG FIN    
Cranson Robert B   SP5 01/01/67   CIDG FIN    
Ehney Theodore J Jr 'Ted' SP4 01/01/67   CIDG FIN CASHIER  
Armstrong Charles T Jr SP5 01/01/68   CIDG FIN CAGE  
Snavley Allyn R   SP5 06/01/67 05/29/68 CIDG FIN    
Tagley Ed   PFC 06/01/67   CIDG FIN OP FUNDS  
Pratt John A W   SP5 06/23/67 06/16/68 CIDG FIN RECORDS  
Winogrond Henry R Jr SP5 10/27/67 10/26/68 CIDG FIN RECORDS  
Hunt Lawrence D   SP5 01/01/67   CIDG FIN AUDIT  
Light Frank G   SP4 07/31/67 07/07/68 CIDG FIN AUDIT  
Johns David D   SP5 08/18/67 08/07/68 CIDG FIN AUDIT  
Berkowitz Robert S   SP5 01/01/68   FIN CLK   Y
Lindskog Henry R   SP5 01/01/68   CIDG FIN    
Best Peter B   SP4 04/27/68 04/01/69 CIDG FIN    
Peters Stanley K   SP5 07/15/68 02/15/70 CIDG FIN    
Oberg James E   SP4 01/01/69   CIDG FIN    
Ardoin Paul C   SP5 03/01/69 06/01/69 CIDG FIN    
Keohan Daniel E   SP5 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20 CIDG FIN  
Emmons Larry R   CPT 11/28/68 11/27/69 CIDG FIN AUDIT  
Arnold Philip A   1LT 11/07/69 10/26/70 CHF, AUDIT    
Graves Odell W   CPT 12/01/69 03/11/70 FUNDS OFF CAT?  
Kruger William R Ii 1LT 06/01/70 01/01/71 TM CHIEF AUDIT TM  
Hettlinger Michael T   1LT 08/31/70 02/24/71 TM MBR AUDIT TM  
Eason David A   SP5 07/21/67 07/20/68 73C4P    
Workman Keith   SP4 08/04/67 08/05/68 73C20    
Mitchell Robert A   SSG 01/01/69   73D40    
O'Sullivan Donald A   SP5 01/04/69 12/04/69 CASHIER 22 FIN SEC  
Hayes John M   SP5 06/01/69   73C20    
Sirois Chanel J   SP4 11/20/69 11/22/70 73C20    
Campbell Donald E   SSG 01/01/70 12/01/70 73D4L    
Johnson Jerome K   SP5 01/01/70 11/01/70 73D20    
Logan Bruce M   SP5 01/01/70 12/01/70 73C20    
Logan Robert E   SP5 01/01/70 12/01/70 73C20    
Smith Robert J   SP5 01/01/70 12/01/70 73C20    
Trivento Andrew N Jr SP4 01/01/70 01/01/71 73C20    
Chilton Michael J   SP4 02/01/70 01/01/71 73D20    
Ermey Michael S   SP5 02/10/70 12/01/70 73D20    
Brown Lawrence E   SP5 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20    
Burow Steven E   SP4 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20    
Cox William M   SP5 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20    
Kohl Thomas H   SP5 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20    
Layton Craig J   SP5 03/01/70 03/05/71 73D20    
Lydy Alan J   SP5 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20    
Mortenson Thomas O   SP5 03/01/70 02/01/71 73D20    
Roesch Robert W   SP4 03/01/70 03/01/71 73D20    
Campbell William D   SP5 04/01/70 04/01/71 73C20    
Lanphear John C   SP5 04/01/70 04/01/71 73D20    
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