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Who's Who from IDC (Installation Defense Command) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to IDC (Installation Defense Command) or any of its variant names, eg. ADC, Security Coordinator, etc. If you were assigned to IDC or you can correct any errors or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Relocated from the old bunker (SFOB TOC?) in the 5th SF area, which was a gloomy hole right by A-503 on the perimeter fence, to the new joint combined command bunker (IDC-DCC (Defense Coordination Center)) on the seaward side of the coastal road and nearly opposite IFFV on 3 June 1968. Coordinated Nha Trang Area Defense with other U.S., RVNAF and ROK Forces in Khanh Hoa Province. See Green Beret magazine V,2:11.

OIC (Deputy Commander, Nha Trang Installation Defense Command)  
Twiggs James C   2LT 02/16/67 05/21/67 SEC COORD  
Hoadley Wilbur M   MAJ 08/29/67 11/15/67 ADC SEC COORD  
Jones Richard A   MAJ 11/16/67 01/28/68 IDC COORD Y
Hassinger Robert W   LTC 01/29/68 02/07/68 IDC COORD Y
Jones Richard A   LTC 02/07/68 07/04/68 IDC COORD Y
Rountree Wadie J   LTC 7/05/68 09/01/68 IDC COORD  
McDonald Willis B   LTC 12/01/68 07/09/69 IDC CO Y
Lamar Mearlen G "Pappy" LTC 07/10/69 12/15/69 DIR IDC  
Brown Robert E   LTC 12/16/69 05/22/70 DIR IDC  
DEPUTY (Executive Officer)  
Jones Richard A   MAJ 09/26/67 11/15/67 IDC DEP Y
Reid Robert L   MAJ 01/10/68 02/18/68 IDC DEP  
Shick Roland M   MAJ 01/11/68 07/17/68 IDC DEP  
Phillips Billy J   MAJ 08/26/68 05/24/69 IDC DEP while S-3, & as CO, A-502 Y
Beck Jesse R   MAJ 08/15/69 11/17/69 IDC DEP & IDC DIR Y
Knowles Robert W   CPT 11/04/69 10/30/70 XO IDC/HHC  
Von Wellsheim Alfred H Jr 1LT 01/11/68 03/03/68 S-1  
Martin Harold D   2LT 03/09/68 06/01/68 S-1  
S-2 (Ran "People Sniffer" runs)  
Stewart Joe E   CPT 11/20/67 12/31/68 S-2  
Dubbs William W   CPT 11/30/68 06/01/69 S-2/3  
Boone Timothy A   CPT 08/05/69 01/07/70 S-2  
Tracy John G   CPT 03/04/70 08/04/70 S-2  
McKinney Dan H   1LT 10/01/68 07/01/69 S-2 ASST  
Fox Terry A   1LT 12/02/68 06/01/69 S-2 ASST  
Neubauer Ronald G   CPT 12/22/69 02/14/70 S-2 ASST  
S-3 (Ran TOC)  
Masi Herbert C   CPT 07/02/67 11/25/67 S-3  
Pinkney Roy C   CPT 11/06/67 08/27/68 S-3  
?O'Malley Robert M   CPT     S-3  
Phillips Billy J   CPT 05/28/68 08/25/68 S-3  
Phillips Billy J   MAJ 08/26/68 01/28/69 S-3 & XO  
Batchelor Hardy E Jr 1LT 01/29/69 04/28/69 S-3  
?     CPT     S-3  
Caldwell Herschel E   CPT 08/06/69 07/08/70 S-3  
Mitchell Tom A   CPT 05/01/70 08/02/70 S-3  
Batchelor Hardy E Jr 1LT 10/19/68 01/28/69 S-3 ASST  
?Simens Stewart E   1LT     S-3 ASST  
Burkett Ronald W   CPT 12/22/69 01/01/70 S-3 ASST  
Hake Jerry A   CPT 09/28/69 02/01/70 S-3 ASST  
S-2/S-3 NCO (I believe that two NCO's were assigned who shared responsibilites assisting the S-2 & S-3)  
Morse Bennie R   SFC 07/27/67 07/21/68 S-2 NCO  
Fehlner Richard D   MSG 10/16/67 06/01/68 NCOIC  
Buchanan Donald W   SFC 01/01/68   S-3 NCO  
Turner Alvin A Jr SFC 10/17/68 10/16/69 S-2/S-3 NCO  
Parker Robert L   SFC 10/21/68   S-2/S-3 NCO  
Munoz Ferdinand   SFC 05/01/69 12/01/69 S-2 NCO  
Martin William P   SFC 06/29/69 06/30/70 S-3 NCO  
Lutz Thomas H   SFC 10/05/69 02/05/70 S-2 NCO  
Delaney Kenneth L   SGT 11/12/69 02/14/70 S-2 NCO  
S-4 (also ran "People Sniffer" missions)  
Kenney Leslie C II 1LT 11/27/67 11/18/68 S-4  
Gavigan Eugene M   1LT 05/23/68 03/01/69 Att'd from SIG CO  
RADIO OPERATORS (I believe Radio Operators were assigned as required by SIGCO)  
Faith Paul E   SP4 01/01/67   RAD OP  
Gallick Nicholas F   SGT 05/28/67 01/12/69 50TH SIG BN ATTD  
Leonard Patrick M   SP4 01/01/68 06/01/68 RAD OP  
Steinberg Dane   SP5 07/04/68 10/01/68 RAD OP Y
Ethridge Jimmy H   SGT 01/16/68 03/03/69 RAD OP  
Devon Philip C   1LT 10/18/68 02/24/69 ADC COORD  
Byrne Robert D 'Dean' SSG 12/14/69 01/01/70 SEC CO NCO  

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