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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Public Information Office (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in the Group Public Information Office and/or on the Green Beret Magazine Staff. If you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The Group Public Information Office published the monthly Green Beret magazines, a Command Information newsletter, maintained liaison between the Group Commander and the Press and provided photographic coverage for group events and ceremonies.

Lewis Larry M   CPT 03/01/66 09/16/66    
Browning John C   CPT 10/12/66 02/13/67 Also A&D/CPO  
Thomas Donald W   CPT 04/11/67 12/18/67    
Orians Frank J   1LT 10/24/67 10/30/68   Y
Morris James F   CPT 11/28/67 04/05/68   Y
Moody John W   CPT 05/01/68 01/01/69    
Smith Joseph C Jr 1LT 08/22/68 08/21/69    
Starmann Richard G   1LT 07/17/69 11/08/69   Y
Gervasini Richard C   MAJ 11/15/69 03/16/70   Y
Graves John D   1LT 12/29/69 12/01/70   Y?
Kaplan Jack L Jr 1LT 08/29/70 02/28/71   Y?
Pittman Paul M Jr 1LT 10/23/69 10/18/70 PIO/Asst T
Rainey Jerry P   SSG 06/01/66 09/01/66   Y
Crigger Michael L   SFC 09/01/66 05/20/67   Y?
West Donald F   MSG 03/17/67 03/16/68   K
Scena Richard L   SFC 11/21/67 11/20/68    
Bauer Ferman E   SFC 01/01/68   @C-4 T
Rounsefell Robert H   SFC 01/16/68 06/23/68   Y
Van Tobruk Hermann J A 'Hja' SFC 07/20/68 07/19/70   Y
Lewis Frank J   SFC 09/02/68 09/01/69    
Parker Robert L   SFC 12/01/68      
Kast Dalton E   SSG 05/01/69 01/01/70 CMH BAND D
Ingle Hubert M   SSM 06/01/69 09/01/69   D
Shea John D   MSG 08/01/69 07/01/69   D
Johnson Stephen L   SP4 08/02/69 07/28/70   Y
Fisher Arnold W 'AW' SFC 09/28/70 01/07/71   Y
Soper Leroy J   SFC 08/29/69 03/23/70 CARTOONIST D
Brown Cleo   SP5 01/01/66   PHOTOG  
Patterson Eric R   SP4 12/01/66   PHOTOG  
Hodge Thomas W   SSG 01/01/67   PHOTOG T
Fawcett Frederick R   SP5 06/01/67 06/01/68 PHOTO LAB TEC  
Nuzzo Ronald A   SFC 04/01/68 04/01/69 REPORT/PHOTOG  
Bogguess Rolland   SFC 10/28/68 10/28/69 PHOTOG D
Brown Donald R   SP5 01/07/69 10/13/69 PHOTOG  
Gonzales Phillip R   SP4 06/20/69 09/01/69 PHOTOG  
Contant Laurie C H   SSG 01/01/70   PHOTO TECH Y
Degraci James J   SP5 03/01/70 03/01/71 PHOTOG Y
Rivera Filberto Jr PFC 09/01/65 09/01/66 REPORTER  
Mrsich Nicholas R   SGT 09/01/66   REPORTER  
Hacker Odell   SGT 01/01/67 05/20/67 REPORTER Y
Lazarus Ronald I   SP5 01/01/67   REPORTER Y
Peters Vincent L   SSG 01/01/67   REPORTER T
Dudley Marion L   SP5 02/02/67 02/02/68 REPORTER Y
Askew William S   SGT 05/01/67 04/30/68 REPORTER Y
Hawkins Bill   PFC 06/01/67   REPORTER  
Hobbs Dennis R   SP4 06/01/67   REPORTER  
Judy John E   SP5 06/01/67 06/01/68 REPORTER  
Terusaki Stuart G   SP4 06/01/67   REPORTER Y
Kringel Jerald L   SP4 04/01/68 04/01/69 REPORTER  
Rompf William P   SP4 06/01/68   REPORTER  
Fitzpatrick John J 'Sean' SP4 07/03/68 06/01/69 REPORTER  
Ruth Robert W   SP5 12/01/68   REPORTER Y
Smith John B   SP5 03/01/69 05/15/69 REPORTER  
Hudson James C   SP5 05/01/69 03/20/70 REPORTER  
Stanfield Vinton L   SSG 11/21/69 11/20/70 REPORTER T
Hapak Fred A   SP4 01/01/70   REPORTER Y
Hughes Robert G   SFC 01/01/70 09/10/70 REPORTER  
Marathon Gary L   SP4 02/01/70 01/01/71 REPORTER Y
Siegert Michael G   SP4 03/01/70 03/01/71 REPORTER Y
Forgione Michael J   SP4 08/05/70 01/07/71 84B20 T
Mahoney Patrick J   SFC 09/01/70 12/01/70 REPORTER  

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