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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Group S-1 Admin, CPO & A&D Sections (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in the Group S-1 Admin, CPO and A& D Sections. If you can identify the specific assignments of the Assistant S-1's, and the "Assignment Unknown" personnel on the S-1 page, or of you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: These sections will be divided further as more names are added. There is a long list of personnel assigned to HHC whose specific assignment is unknown. This list will be posted at a later date.

S-1 Admin (originally the responsibility of the Assistant S-1)
(six subsections: Re-enlistment, message center, classified repository, unit mail room, admin branch)
Marin Nels V   CPT 01/20/68 06/01/68 S-1 ADMIN    
Flynn Raymond J   CPT 07/09/68 01/21/69 S-1 ADMIN    
Burt Robert G   1LT 12/30/68 06/01/69 S-1 ADMIN    
Pristavec Lawrence F   CPT 06/01/69 12/03/69 S-1 ADMIN    
Kunz Edward W   CPT 11/18/69 12/30/70 S-1 ADMIN    
Legassie Lawrence R   1LT 10/15/70 02/28/71 S-1 ADMIN    
Other S-1 Admin
Navidad Rodrigo R   SFC 06/01/66   S-1 ADMIN NCOIC  
Van Demain Richard D   SFC 01/29/67 01/29/68 S-1 ADMIN NCOIC  
            S-1 ADMIN NCOIC  
Frazier Prentiss A   SFC 03/01/69 04/16/70 S-1 ADMIN NCOIC Y
Phillips Henry M   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL  
Funk Peter V K Jr PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71613 MAIL  
Harris Russell E   PFC 11/01/64 11/21/65 71613 DOSOA MAIL  
McClellan Marvin W   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71613 MAIL  
Coffey Richard E   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71613 MAIL  
Wells Allen G   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL K
Whitworth Warren F   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL  
Fox William S   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71627 @C-4 or to C-4  
Maples Charles S or Clarence E   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL  
Frank David L   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL  
Curran John T   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL  
Terry Stephen T   PFC 11/01/64 10/31/65 71617 MAIL  
Bounds Reginald A   SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 71623 MAIL  
Henson Jan A   SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 71613 MAIL  
Bunch Lordan W   SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 71633 MAIL  
Reiss Martyn C   SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 71613 MAIL, HORSE  
Sager Douglas H   SP4 11/01/64 10/31/65 71613 MAIL  
Hawkins Robert P   SGT 11/01/64 10/31/65 71667 MAIL  
Dunham Bobby J   SSG 11/01/64 10/31/65 71663 MAIL  
Bennett Richard E   SSG 11/01/64 10/31/65 71627 MAIL  
McKenney Richard E   SP5 05/01/65 11/01/65 S-1 ADMIN    
Mahlie David F   PFC 01/01/66   S-1 MAIL    
Dickey Ernest W   SP4 01/01/66   S-1 MAIL    
Dansbury Robert E   SP4 01/01/66   S-1 MAIL    
Cook Edward A   SSG 08/16/66 02/16/68 S-1 MAIL FM 66?  
Gonzales Phillip R   PFC 01/01/67   S-1 MAIL    
Cumba Peter J   PFC 01/01/67   S-1 MAIL    
Ferguson McArthur   SSG 01/01/67   S-1 DISTR    
Chavez Manuel J   SSG 01/01/67   S-1 ADMIN    
Meyers Donald H Jr SGT 03/23/67 05/10/68 S-1 MAIL    
Ross David L   SSG 06/01/67   S-1 ADMIN ASSIGN?  
Hardin Tony E   SP4 06/02/67 08/02/69 S-1 MAIL    
Battista Alfonse   SP5 07/01/67 06/28/67 S-1 DISTR   Y
Harrington Robert M   CPT 07/07/67 02/14/68 S-1 TSCO OR ROBERT K  
Johnson Ford Jr MSG 07/30/67 07/29/68 S-1 VAULT    
Freiberger John W   SP4 01/01/68   S-1 DISTR    
Maleady Peter J   1LT 01/12/68 11/05/68 S-1 ADMIN    
Slate Hamilton A   SFC 10/04/68 10/01/69 S-1 Vault    
Herrera Philip   SSG 12/15/69 06/25/70 S-1 ADMIN    
Bly Andrew J   SP4 12/15/69 06/01/70 S-1 Admin Clerk 71B20 Y
Gibbs Gary S   SP4 12/01/70 04/01/71 S-1 MAIL    
S-1 Civilian Personnel Office
Reed Arthur W   1LT 11/10/64 06/01/65 S-1 CPO or C-1  
Pessin Robert H   CPT 06/01/65 12/14/65 S-1 CPO    
Gardner Richard A   CPT 11/06/65 06/01/66 S-1 CPO OR C-1?  
Brosch Gary E   1LT 06/01/66 10/01/66 S-1 CPO    
Patterson Thomas A   1LT 09/01/66 02/12/67 S-1 CPO    
Ledbetter Charles T   CPT 09/01/66 04/04/67 S-1 CPO    
Hugues Frank Jr CPT 03/20/67 10/27/67 S-1 CPO    
Lee Lloyd M   CPT 09/01/67 01/08/68 S-1 CPO   Y
Whitesell Thomas C   CPT 01/09/68 01/04/69 S-1 CPO    
Hall Charles M   1LT 10/08/68 06/01/69 S-1 CPO   Y
Cloud Stephen J   CPT 01/05/69 06/23/69 S-1 CPO    
Philbrick Kenneth R   CPT 03/24/69 03/13/70 S-1 CPO MPC B-52/50?  
Dunaway John R   CPT 01/12/70 06/30/70 S-1 CPO    
Noe Robert L   2LT 08/31/70 12/21/70 S-1 CPO    
Strickler Gordon M   CPT 12/01/70 02/15/71 S-1 CPO    
Cronlund John S   CPT 01/27/71 03/06/71 S-1 CPO    
Other CPO
Kelley Andrew M   1LT 10/28/68 04/04/69 S-1 CPO CIC  
McGrath Don   SGT 01/01/68   S-1 CPO NCOIC  
Meachum James R   MSG 02/11/69 08/09/69 S-1 CPO fm ACMA  
Caro Carlos D   SFC 07/28/68 01/01/69 S-1 CPO CIC NCOIC  
Lytton Balfour O Jr SP4 05/18/66   S-1 CPO SPECIAL SVCS K
Brady Jan   SP4 01/01/66   S-1 CPO PX CLERK  
Scott Ronald L   PFC 01/01/67   S-1 CPO PX CLERK/A  
Ceaglio William N   SGT 02/01/70? 05/31/70? S-1 CPO PX CLERK Y
Harris Bruce B   SP4 04/16/67 09/01/67 S-1 CPO LIBRARIAN  
S-1 Awards & Decorations (A&D)
(originally additional duty of one officer and 1 NCO assisted by four VN typists)
Ryan Thomas P   1LT 01/01/66   S-1 A&D    
Hauck John R   1LT 11/01/66 03/01/67 S-1 A&D   YE
Lewis William T   CPT 03/20/67 07/11/67 S-1 A&D    
Wyatt Robert L   CPT 04/10/67 05/23/67 S-1 A&D    
Morelewicz James F   1LT 09/28/67 04/30/69 S-1 A&D    
Cloud Stephen J   1LT 10/19/67 01/04/69 S-1 A&D   Y
Marin Nels V   CPT 06/01/68 12/01/69 S-1 A&D    
Rebasso Peep   CPT 11/15/69 12/08/70 S-1 A&D   Y
Murphy Michael J   1LT 03/01/70 04/01/70 S-1 A&D    
Pendleton Harvey J   1LT 11/25/70 02/28/71 S-1 A&D    
A&D (Specific Assignments Unknown)
Maleady Peter J   1LT 11/06/68 04/16/69 S-1 A&D    
Binns Charles R   SGT 01/01/66   S-1 A&D    
Hudkins James F   SP5 02/01/66 07/01/66 S-1 A&D DOSOA  
Bloch Ray B   SP4 06/12/68 02/20/69 S-1 A&D   YE
Leonard Thomas J   SP5 07/01/68 11/01/68 S-1 A&D    
Rynearson Howard E   SP5 01/04/69 01/03/70 S-1 A&D    
Guenzel Karl E   SP4 07/23/69 12/01/69 S-1 A&D    
Little Michael J   SP5 09/19/69 08/16/70 S-1 A&D    
Ikeler Vernon L   SP5 01/13/70 11/26/70 S-1 A&D    
S-1 Personnel Assigned to Command Section (Under Admin Section?)
Cooksey Davis O   SP4 01/01/65   S-1 CLERK CMD SECT Y
Hersant Terrance W   SSG 05/01/66 05/01/67 S-1 CMD    
Voskuil Roger M   SP4 03/01/68 09/01/69 SGM CLERK    
Vetuski Mitchell G   SP5 05/20/70 10/22/70 SGM CLERK   Y

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