A Reunion will be held at Panama City Beach, Florida, from 18-22 October, 2000. (Note the Date Change.)

Veterans of any Sp Ops Unit to include: 8086th AU; 4th Ranger Inf Co (Abn); JACK (CIA); 8007th AU; 8112th AU; 8227th AU (TILO); KLO; 8240th AU; 8282nd AU; 8242nd AU; CCRACK; UNPFK; UNPIK; 6004th AIS; USNSOGK; CCRAFE, 8097th AU; FEC/LG; FEC/LD, etc are invited and encouraged to attend this reunion, the first in over 45 years. None of us is getting any younger, despite Viagra. For information, please contact Bob Dewey, PO Box 581, Fountain, FL 32438, TEL (850) 722-8397 or email rdewey3678@aol.com.

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