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Who's Who from Detachment A-331 (Loc Ninh) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-331 (Loc Ninh). If you were assigned to A-331 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A5/423 took over the Loc Ninh camp from A1/434, 1st SFG(A). It was originally designated A-314 and was redesignated A-331 about 5/65 when B-33 was set up. Earlier TDY teams came from the 1st SFGA and 5th SFGA's, listed in previously published monographs. Loc Ninh was relocated in December 10, 1966, 600 meters Northwest of the old location from the south? end of the runway to the west side of the airstrip. Loc Ninh was converted to 74th Border Ranger o/a 09/30/70. Loc Ninh was located in Loc Ninh District, Binh Long Province.

Ezzard Richard D   CPT 03/24/65 09/01/65 DET CO A5/423 DEC
Cummins William Jr CPT 07/21/65   DET CO B5/330 DEC
Browning Robert C   CPT 12/05/65 02/09/66 DET CO   DEC
Mitchell William P   CPT 01/03/66   DET CO   DEC
Gingras Ronald W   CPT 02/01/66 07/19/66 DET CO   Y
Atanasoff James N   1LT 05/15/66 08/23/66 DET CO A7/21 DEC
Pingry Thomas E   CPT 08/16/66 11/01/66 DET CO   YE
Carter Raymond K   MAJ 10/15/66   DET CO C-3 A/XO DEC
Brennan Ambrose W   CPT 10/10/66 11/01/66 OPS OFF   YE
Wicksell Harry H Jr CPT 09/11/66 09/10/67 DET CO   Y
Brown James H   CPT 08/16/67 09/08/67 DET CO   DEC
Berumen Florencio   CPT 05/08/67 10/29/67 DET CO   YE
Bohannon William H   CPT 10/24/67 03/01/68 DET CO   YE
Watson Floyd E Jr 1LT 03/01/68 10/09/68 DET CO   YE
Zimmerman Harry L   CPT 07/11/68 09/12/68 DET CO   DEC
Carmack James R M   CPT 09/05/68 02/28/68 DET CO   DEC
Pedrosa Juan A   CPT 01/09/69 01/08/70 DET CO   A0Y
Baucom Robert M   CPT 06/10/69 09/16/69 DET CO   YE
Smith William L   CPT 03/17/69 07/10/69 DET CO   A0U
McMillan Earl D   CPT 08/10/69 11/27/69 DET CO or A-321 YE
Walker William W   CPT 11/14/69 05/01/70 DET CO to B-33 KIA
Bell David H Jr CPT 04/30/70 11/11/70 DET CO fm S-1 B-33 DEC
Stokes Richard A   CPT 09/01/70 11/01/70 DET CO   YE
Thompson Larry E   1LT 03/24/65   DET XO A5/423(A-314) A0U
Klobe Gaylon L   1LT 11/21/65 06/01/66 DET XO   A0U
McKinnon Richard C   2LT 05/15/66   DET XO A7/21  
Croom Oliver L Jr 1LT 09/14/66 03/09/67 DET XO   Y
McMillan Earl D   1LT 03/07/67 03/24/67 DET XO   YE
Rees Richard M   2LT 07/21/67   DET XO   KIA
Maleady Peter J   2LT 09/17/67 11/05/67 DET XO   YE
Watson Floyd E Jr 1LT 10/10/67 03/01/68 DET XO   YE
Hunt James R   1LT 02/01/68 01/05/69 DET XO   YE
Miller Joseph J Jr 1LT 07/01/68 07/24/68 DET XO   KIA
Bath John M   1LT 07/28/68 09/20/68 DET XO   KIA
Stoakley Samuel M Jr 1LT 09/05/68 03/08/69 DET XO   A0U
Szabo Csaba L   1LT 01/02/69 03/16/69 DET XO   A0U
Robinson Robert T "Robby" 1LT 03/01/69 05/01/69 DET XO   YE
Bennett Clarence G Jr 'Ben' 1LT 09/15/69 01/24/70 DET XO   A0U
Canstein Eric M   1LT 12/01/69 07/01/70 DET XO   DEC
Woolford Farrell J   1LT 07/01/70 08/20/70 DET XO to B-33 YE
Harpole Hugh T   1LT 09/21/66 04/02/67 CAPO or DET XO A0U
McMillan Earl D   1LT 02/14/67 03/07/67 CAPO   YE
Hansard Henry P   1LT 03/07/67 02/19/68 CAPO   DEC
Robinson Robert T "Robby" 1LT 06/01/68 02/01/69 CAPO   YE
Buck George S III 1LT 01/26/69 03/01/69 CAPO   YE
Dunkum David M   1LT 03/19/69 08/11/69 CAPO   YE
Canstein Eric M   1LT 10/11/69 12/01/69 CAPO   DEC
Brown Thomas J   1LT 12/01/69 05/08/70 CAPO medevaced? YE
Woolford Farrell J   1LT 05/02/70 07/01/70 CAPO   YE
Beebe Donald E 'Ranger' MSG 03/24/65 03/23/66 TM SGT A5/423 DEC
Debello Anthony D Jr MSG 11/26/65 06/06/66 TM SGT medevaced DEC
Howard James A   SFC 05/15/66   TM SGT A7/21 to MSF DEC
Kurzendorfer Charles R   MSG 06/01/66 10/01/66 TM SGT No Orders DEC
Browning Robert M   MSG     TM SGT   A0U
Sumpter Arthur R   MSG 03/31/67 10/01/68 TM SGT dates?/A-351 DEC
Ramsey Thurman D   MSG 03/28/67 03/29/68 TM SGT   DEC
Hill Howard V   SFC 10/23/67 10/22/68 TM SGT   DEC
Dyson Thomas A   MSG 08/01/68 01/01/69 TM SGT   A0U
Carter Lee B   MSG 01/01/69 09/01/69 TM SGT FOB2 A0U
Wright Fred   MSG 11/19/69 05/26/70 TM SGT   A0U
Michniak Joseph J   MSG 06/01/70 09/30/70 TM SGT to B-33 DEC
Henderson Robert L "Hindu" SFC 03/24/65 03/23/66 INTEL A5/423 KIA
Croley Patrick R   SSG 05/15/66 04/19/67 INTEL A7/21 Y
O'Quinn Floyd C   SFC 01/01/67   INTEL & TM SGT DEC
Tomb Glenn L   SFC 03/01/67 11/29/67 INTEL   Y
Bruno William H   SFC 10/03/67 01/01/68 INTEL   Y
Hernandez Rafael Montanez-   SSG 10/01/67 10/01/68 INTEL   Y
Garwood Bennett G   SSG 01/16/68 11/01/68 INTEL   YE
Vasquez Pedro B   SSG 02/12/68 09/o1/68 INTEL   YE
Stang Herbert   SFC 03/01/69 09/06/69 INTEL & Tm Sgt ? A0U
Croley Patrick R Sr SFC 07/29/69 07/04/70 INTEL   Y
Simpson Michael C   SP5 02/01/66 10/01/66 INTEL/A   Y
McCray John H   SSG 07/04/67 07/03/68 INTEL/A   A0U
Brill Nuel D   SSG 03/24/65 03/23/66 HVY WPNS A5/423 DEC
Silk John P 'Slick' SGT 03/24/65 07/20/65 LT WPNS A5/423(A-314) Y
Sheppard Andrew D   SSG 09/01/65 06/01/66 LT WPNS   YE
Collins Charles D   SSG 11/01/65 07/01/66 LT WPNS & CAPO Y
Deere Donald T   SP5 01/01/66 05/17/66 HVY WPNS op w/ Arm Cav MIA
Edgell James W   SFC 01/01/66 06/01/66 HVY WPNS & TM SGT YE
Finn James N   SFC 05/15/66 10/01/66 HVY WPNS A7/21 KIA
Belcher Walter E   SSG 05/15/66   LT WPNS A7/21 DEC?
Ryan David P   SGT 05/15/66   LT WPNS A7/21 YE
Mathis Charles E   SSG 05/15/66   LT WPNS A7/21 DEC?
Barksdale Charles W   SSG 08/01/66 11/01/66 LT WPNS   Y
Soriano Severino D   SFC     LT WPNS   A0U
Menchaca Horace Jr "Mike" SFC 09/01/66 03/01/67 HVY WPNS   YE
Nulton Bruce L   SSG 01/01/67   LT WPNS   A0Y
Luckey Donald R   SFC 06/01/67 11/24/67 LT WPNS   DEC
Bain Ronald L   SFC 11/01/67   HVY WPNS med-evaced YE
Pipes Harvey O   SFC 01/01/68 09/01/68 HVY WPNS   Y
Taylor Larry H   SSG 07/21/68 07/20/69 LT WPNS   A0U
Maynard Merley J "Chief" SFC 01/28.69 10/01/69 HVY WPNS   Y
Miller Roger A   SFC 01/01/70   HVY WPNS   DEC
Lorring Kenneth   SFC 07/01/69 07/01/70 LT WPNS   DEC
Race Joseph A   SP4 10/25/69 09/27/70 LT WPNS   YE
Baxley Melvin B   SGT 03/24/65 03/23/66 RAD OP A5/423 A-314 DEC
Betterton Gary M   SSG 03/24/65 08/01/65 RAD OP A5/423 YE
Wilkinson Charles D   SP4 12/19/65 07/01/66 RAD OP to B-50 YE
Van Sise Monte K   SGT 01/01/66 04/01/66 RAD OP   DEC
Bonenfant Kenneth G   SGT 06/01/66 09/01/67 RAD OP   Y
Rosario Walter A   SGT 09/01/66 05/01/67 RAD OP   YE
Stanley Jackie G   SGT 01/01/67 06/28/67 RAD OP   KIA
Harvey William M or N   SSG 06/01/67   RAD OP   YE
Thompson Benjamin   SFC 04/09/67 04/08/68 RAD OP   DEC
Baldwin David B   SGT 06/17/67 02/01/68 RAD OP   YE
Loughney Patrick D   SGT 10/27/67 08/08/68 RAD OP   YE
Chapman Andee   SFC 08/20/68 03/21/70 RAD OP   DNH
Carlson Geoffrey A   SSG 09/01/68 09/01/69 RAD OP   A0U
Graham Gary L   SGT 05/28/69 11/28/69 RAD OP   YE
Eisinger Donald W   SGT 10/19/69 09/14/70 RAD OP   A0U
Reeves George B   SFC 10/17/69 09/28/70 RAD OP   Y
Martinez Martin M   SGT   09/30/70 RAD OP    
Goff Robert E Jr SP4 03/24/65 Dropped DEMO A5/423  
Marthers Joseph F   SP5 03/24/65 03/23/66 DEMO A5/423 DEC
Schirmer Stuart R   SP5 03/27/65 08/15/65 DEMO A5/423 A-314
Bingo Michael J Jr SP4 07/20/65 12/14/65 DEMO A5/321 YE
Rodriguez Rudy A   SFC 11/01/65 11/01/66 DEMO and B-32? YE
Jefferson Thomas K   SGT 04/20/66     A7/21 B-33  
Sganga William C   SP4 05/15/66   DEMO A7/21 A0U
Jarvis Richard A   SGT 06/01/66   DEMO A7/20 A0U
Kuhl Robert W   SP5 11/01/66 12/15/67 DEMO   Y
Porter Stephen H   SP4 01/01/67   DEMO   A0U
Burkett William K   SP5 12/01/67 07/24/68 DEMO medevaced YE
Hart William J   SP4 05/01/68 05/01/69 DEMO    
Hensley Jan R   SP5 01/01/69 08/12/69 DEMO medevaced YE
Fenton Donald D Jr "Spinner" SGT 10/23/69 10/22/70 DEMO   DEC
Sangouard Douglas G   SP5 07/20/70 09/30/70 DEMO to ? YE
Burch Paul E   SP4 03/24/65 03/23/66 MEDIC A5/423  
Walls Cornelius 'Doc' SSG 03/24/65 09/20/65 MEDIC A5/423 A0U
Davis Albert H   SFC 11/01/65 06/01/66 MEDIC   DEC
Hayes Robert J   SGT 12/01/65 09/01/66 MEDIC   YE
West Leonard G   SSG 05/15/66   MEDIC A7/21 YE
Boutell Thomas C   SP4 05/15/66 02/01/67 MEDIC A7/21 YE
Grayson David L   SFC 06/01/66   MEDIC   DEC
Crocker Lester M Jr SGT 01/01/67   MEDIC   A0Y
Martin Grant L "Lee" SP4 06/11/67 07/05/68 MEDIC   YE
Henderson Carl   SSG 01/01/67   MEDIC   A0Y
Morganfield Wesley   SP6 09/01/67   MEDIC   Y
Dopp James D   SP5 09/01/67 03/31/68 MEDIC   A0U
Bassett William C III SGT 11/01/67 06/01/68 MEDIC To MACV ADV DET QUANG TRI A0Y
Murray William J   SFC 03/01/68 08/11/68 MEDIC   YE
Krizan Jerry L   SGT 05/01/68 05/01/69 MEDIC   YE
Reisinger Thomas D   SGT 10/01/68 07/01/69 MEDIC   YE
King Paul H   SFC 06/01/68 09/01/68 MEDIC & B-33 YE
Brady Martin N   SFC 08/04/69 07/06/70 MEDIC/INT   YE
Suhl David   SGT 10/04/69 02/01/70 MEDIC   YE
Veltri Stephen M   SGT 10/01/69 10/01/70 MEDIC   A0U
Mathieson William F   SGT 05/09/70 09/30/70 MEDIC to A-334 YE
Tonkin Marvin H   CW2 01/01/68 06/08/68 S-2 CI OFF 588MI DEC
Do Van Du   CIV 08/01/67 07/24/68 INTERPRETER medevaced YE
Smith Carl W   SGT 11/26/64 11/25/65   A1/434? A0Y
Russell Charles R   SFC 03/01/65   fm B/230 A1/434 DEC
Tannenbaum Donald C   SSG 06/01/65 10/31/65 11363   KIA
Keaton David T   SSG 10/19/67 10/13/68     DEC
Hatfield     CPT 05/01/66   FAC    

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