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Who's Who from Detachment B-34 (Song Be) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-34 (Song Be). If you were assigned to B-34 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The first PCS B Detachment B5/320 was relocated from Kontum (B-21) to established a camp at Song Be o/a 5/1/65. The Detachment was established with both sector and subsector responsibilities as well as its control responsibilities. The camp was closed o/a 05/31/70. Song Be was located in Phuoc Binh District, Phuoc Long Province. How many of the original B-21 Personnel went to Song Be? Medical, Signal, Intelligence and Engineering augmentations are presently listed with the parent element at the SFOB.

Sakey Mitchell A   MAJ 05/01/65 06/01/65 DET CO    
Roy Joseph E   LTC 06/18/65 06/17/66 DET CO    
Harribey Claude C   MAJ 06/12/66 10/31/66 DET CO   DEC
Cartes David   MAJ     DET XO/CO    
Lutz Joseph C   MAJ 09/15/66 11/01/66 DET CO    
Bernier Jacques W   LTC 09/20/66 06/06/67 DET XO/CO 6/7/66-9/19/66 MAJ?  
Peters Elmer B   LTC 04/18/67 10/27/67 DET CO    
Miller Clemith J   MAJ 10/27/67 04/09/68 DET CO    
Dexter Robert F   LTC 08/24/68 07/24/69 DET CO Dates?  
Rockhold Howard R Jr LTC 09/13/68 01/01/69 DET CO    
Lamar Mearlen G 'Pappy' LTC 12/20/68 07/09/69 DET CO   Y
Aiken George F 'Gentle Ben'   MAJ 11/19/69 05/19/70 DET CO    
Hanawald Len M   MAJ 05/01/65 12/26/65 DET XO    
Fisher Harry C Jr MAJ 09/03/65 01/01/66 DET XO    
Cartes David   MAJ 01/26/66 01/25/67 DET XO/CO    
Lawley Fred Wayne   MAJ 06/01/66 10/25/66 DET XO   YE
Mitchell William P   MAJ 09/01/66 01/02/67 DET XO    
Tyrrell Edward W   MAJ 10/05/66 12/17/66 DET XO RF/PF Y
Bolan James R 'Jim' MAJ 10/16/66 12/16/66 DET XO   Y
Jones Jimmy   MAJ 12/19/66 07/14/67 DET XO    
Cooper John O III MAJ 07/30/67 10/26/67 DET XO   KIA
            DET XO    
Nelms Walter L   MAJ 09/13/68 02/10/69 DET XO    
Johnson Clifton T   MAJ 01/01/69 07/22/69 DET XO Fm 24 STZ ADV  
Sylvester William A   CPT 03/03/69 09/14/69 DET XO    
Nunemaker John E   MAJ 07/25/69 05/31/70 DET XO    
Frander Robert 'Moe' SGM 05/01/65 12/31/65 DET SGM B5/320  
Blenis Paul E   SGM     DET SGM No Orders  
Strickmaker Ronald G   SGM     DET SGM No Orders  
Manuel George   SGM     DET SGM No Orders Y
Sandifer Joe W   SGM 09/01/66 04/04/67 DET SGM from B-35?  
Hillman Francis J 'Frank' SGM 04/13/67 04/12/68 DET SGM    
Stoneman William M   SGM 08/06/67 08/05/68 DET SGM    
Faulkenberry Lewis H   SSM 06/28/68 06/27/69 DET SGM    
Lyons James   SGM 09/01/69 01/04/70 DET SGM   YE
          05/31/70 DET SGM    
Steinmetz Charles W   CPT 01/07/66   S-1    
Yearout Robert D   CPT 03/25/66 07/01/66 S-1   Y
Holmes Simon H   CPT 06/01/66 10/23/66 S-1    
Terrell Thompson A   CPT 07/31/66 01/01/67 S-1    
Hartmann Vincent N   CPT 01/14/67 07/15/67 S-1    
Hyde Clinton O Jr 'Neil' CPT 07/28/67 02/01/68 S-1    
Crosbie Richard B   1LT 10/26/67 12/01/67 S-1   YE
Lee Gordon R   CPT 11/03/67 07/31/68 S-1    
Pisani Thomas A   1LT 01/09/69 07/12/69 S-1    
Fager Paul L Jr CPT 10/24/69 03/26/70 S-1    
Christianson Charles V   SFC 04/01/65 08/01/66 S-1 NCOIC   YE
Maddox Garcia L   SSG 10/27/67 10/21/68 S-1 NCOIC    
Osburn Emmett J   SSG 11/20/65   71L4P    
Hodges Jessie A   CPT 02/18/65 02/17/66 S-2    
Wheat Benjamin C   CPT 05/01/65 08/01/65 S-2    
Andrew John K   CPT 01/01/66 07/01/66 S-2    
Taylor Hurl R Jr CPT 04/01/66 10/19/66 S-2    
Franklin William A   1LT 08/06/66 03/01/67 S-2    
Parrish William K   CPT 08/01/67 02/04/68 S-2    
Mann James E   CPT 11/09/67 06/01/68 S-2   KIA
Retzlaff Aloysius   CPT 01/01/68 08/01/68 S-2    
Graham Daniel A Jr 1LT 05/01/68 10/11/68 S-2    
Stuart Gary R   CPT 01/07/69 12/28/69 S-2    
Cresswell John R   CPT 01/01/70 08/01/70 S-2 & B-33  
Evaro Ezequiel   SFC 12/16/67 04/01/68 S-2 NCOIC   YE
Waldman John G   MSG 06/01/68 12/15/68 S-2 NCOIC    
Lindschoten Benjamin A   MSG 09/11/68 09/10/69 S-2 NCOIC   YE
Weber Norbert F   MSG 10/03/69 01/01/70 S-2 NCOIC    
Gillespie Gerald E   SFC 06/01/67 11/27/67 S-2 NCO    
Zachgo Durl D   CPT 08/24/65 02/01/66 S-3    
Kenny Henry J   CPT 06/01/66 11/20/66 S-3    
Remener Lawrence J   CPT 12/19/66 07/15/67 S-3    
O'Malley Robert M   CPT 07/16/67 01/04/68 S-3    
Hinz Kenneth W   1LT 12/02/67 01/10/68 S-3    
Hyde Clinton O Jr 'Neil' CPT 02/02/68 04/01/68 S-3    
Mack Robert J   CPT 04/10/68 01/03/69 S-3    
Sigel James A   CPT 02/03/69 06/01/69 S-3    
Boykin John T   CPT 10/01/69 01/27/70 S-3    
Van Haecke Richard L   1LT 01/22/68 05/04/68 S-3 ASST    
Gabe Robert E   MSG 05/01/65   S-3 NCOIC    
Browning Robert M   MSG 06/01/65   S-3 NCOIC No Orders  
Golden Arthur E   MSG 08/26/65 10/31/65 S-3 NCOIC    
Pochinski Warren A   MSG 02/01/67 10/01/68 LT WPNS    
Johnson Dallas W   MSG 08/08/67 08/07/68 S-3 NCOIC    
Waldman John G   MSG 12/16/67 06/01/68 S-3 NCOIC    
Clark David L   SGM 02/01/69 05/15/69 S-3 NCOIC   YE
Bebber Robert L   CPT 06/01/65 01/23/66 S-4 S-1? Y
Pitt Laud R Jr CPT 12/14/65   S-4    
Stanage Phillip G   CPT 06/01/66 12/30/66 S-4    
McKeithan Henry H III CPT 12/02/66   S-4    
Walker James A   CPT 07/02/67 12/04/67 S-4    
Wortham Joseph W   1LT 11/30/67   S-4    
Rickman Jay D   1LT 09/01/67 02/01/68 S-4   YE
Fish Keith M   CPT 02/01/69 08/27/69 S-4    
Mink John P Jr 2LT 11/28/69 02/05/70 S-4    
Plater James M   SFC 01/01/66   S-4 NCOIC    
Bruemmer Ernest J   CPT 01/24/65 06/01/65 RF/PF ADV    
Winter Thomas C Jr CPT 10/01/65 03/14/66 CAPO?    
O'Connor Oscar L   1LT 03/01/66 08/27/66 S-5    
Cook Clyde L Jr CPT 06/21/66 06/16/67 S-5    
Peters Conrad A Jr 1LT 06/12/68 02/02/69 S-5    
Allen Edwin L   1LT 01/20/69 10/03/69 S-5    
Williams Harold W Jr 1LT 11/13/69 01/09/70 S-5    
Morimoto Dale   1LT 02/01/70 05/29/70 S-5   YE
Yamada Earl M   CPT 06/23/67 06/22/68 S-5 CA    
Garrett Chester   CPT 07/28/66 11/04/66 RF/PF ADV    
Sollami Rosario S   MSG 09/01/66   RF/PF ADV    
Davis Edward C Jr CPT 12/17/66 12/03/67 RF/PF ADV    
Trimiar James A Jr SFC 01/01/66   RAD SPVR    
Young Horace E   SSG 05/01/65 05/11/65 RAD OP   KIA
Crabtree Daniel F   SGT 05/01/65   RAD OP    
Roberts John E   SP4 01/01/66   RAD OP CRYPTO  
Cartlidge Marion C "Carlos" SP4 06/06/66 08/01/66 RAD OP   YE
Lyons Daniel W   SGT 04/11/67 04/10/68 RAD OP    
DeHaven Howard W II SGT 09/23/68 09/22/69 RAD OP   YE
Dubois Kenneth F   SP4 07/12/69 07/11/70 RAD OP    
Owens John C   SP4 03/01/70 06/13/70 RAD OP   YE
Sandy Raymond J Jr SSG 01/13/68 08/26/69 RAD OP SIG CO?  
Crockett Charles D   SFC 05/01/65   DEMO    
Prisk Michael E   SP5 10/23/67 10/22/68 ENGR    
Green Shelby M   SGT 05/01/65   MEDIC    
Bates Arthur J   SFC 06/01/65   MEDIC   Y
Campbell Paul F   SFC 02/01/66 01/01/67 MEDIC    
Davis Albert H   SFC 11/01/66 12/21/66 MEDIC    
Pascucci Nicholas J   1LT 03/01/69 10/04/69 FUNDS OFF    
Pocock Charles   CPT 08/01/65 09?01/66 FAC "Viper 7"  
Meade James "Jim" SFC 08/01/65 09/01/66 RAD OP AF ATTD  
Hallock Robert S   SGT 06/01/66        
Barta Dave L Jr SGT 11/29/66 11/28/67      
Walker James A   CPT 12/05/66 04/12/67      
McLendon Louie H   MAJ 01/09/67 04/01/67      
Pedigo William E   CPT 01/25/67 08/31/67      
Manning Freddie G   SSG 03/25/67 11/25/67 SCTY & A-341 WPNS  
Jones Henry H   MSG 06/01/67 11/01/67      
Morris Ray C   SFC 03/01/69 01/08/70      
McPherson Robert L   1LT 10/25/69 10/20/70      

How many of these personnel went to Song Be?

B-21 (Kontum)

Sakey Mitchell A   MAJ 01/01/65 06/01/65 DET CO B5/320 to B-34  
Frander Robert 'Moe' SGM 01/01/65 12/31/65 DET SGM B5/320 swapped with Todd, Forest?  
Troyan Paul P Jr SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-1 NCOIC B5/320  
Todd Forrest E   SFC 12/01/64 01/23/66 S-2 NCOIC    
Ryan David P   SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-2 NCOIC B5/320  
Clements Edwin L   SFC 01/01/65   S-3 NCOIC B5/320  
Gabe Robert E   MSG 01/01/65   S-3 NCOIC B5/320  
Campo Arthur M   SFC 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-4 NCOIC B5/320  
Station Michael   SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65 S-4 NCO B5/320  
Clough Stanley M   1LT 01/01/65 06/01/65 SIG OFF B5/320  
Martin Aldege A Jr SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD SPVR B5/320  
Bartlett Richard S III SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD OP B5/320  
Martinez Donald J   SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD OP B5/320  
Switney Robert F   SGT 01/01/65 12/31/65 RAD OP B5/320 A-102  
Young Horace E   SGT 01/01/65 05/01/65 RAD OP B5/320 KIA
Crockett Charles D   SFC 01/01/65   DEMO B5/320  
O'Krusky Paul R III SP4 01/01/65 12/31/65 DEMO B5/320  
Britt Douglas N   SFC 01/01/65 04/01/65 MED SPVR B5/320  
Sadler Barry A   SP5 01/01/65   MEDIC B5/320 dropped fm B-21? or transferred?  
Arsenault Philip N   CPT 01/01/65 06/01/65   B5/320  
Carrasco Pedro A   SSG 01/01/65 12/31/65   B5/320  
Hanawald Len M   CPT 01/01/65     B5/320  
Shick Roland M   CPT 01/01/65 04/24/65   B5/320  
Stahl Vincent E   1LT 01/01/65     B5/320  

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