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Who's Who from Detachment A-204 (4th Bn) (Partial Draft)

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The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-20 (2nd Mobile Strike Force Command) and all of its subordinate and precursor elements. If you were assigned to B-20 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum. The assignment of personnel by companies and platoons is probably fairly nebulous, but I would appreciate your efforts to help me classify personnel as well as possible.

Narrative Information: After the 1968 Tet Offensive, the II CTZ B Detachments in Qui Nhon (B-22). Ban Me Thuot (B-23) and Kontum (B-24) were authorized to form local Mike Force companies. These companies were under the nominal control of the respective B Detachments until April 1969 when they were brought under the control of B-20 (2nd Mobile Strike Force Command). Around January 1969, the Qui Nhon Mike Force had been brought to Kontum and consolidated with A-204.


Detachment A-204 (4th Bn) (Kontum and Qui Nhon Mike Forces)

Sandstrom Kenneth K   CPT 06/10/68 09/09/68 SD DET CO B-24 MSF  
Dietrich Joseph K   CPT 07/28/68 10/25/68 DET CO A-204 to? Y
Lavaty James D   1LT 10/25/68 02/15/69 DET CO A-204 Y
Ellis George H   CPT 01/21/69 06/18/69 BN CDR 4 MSF BN  
Blakey George A Jr 'Moe' CPT 04/16/69 07/03/69 BN CDR 4 MSF BN Y
Kerr Laurence M   CPT 06/01/69 11/01/69 BN CDR 4 MSF BN YE
Noble Eric V   CPT 06/01/69 01/05/70 BN CDR 4 MSF BN Y
Gribbin James M   CPT 12/23/69 03/17/70 BN CDR 4 MSF BN KIA
McDonald Richard A   CPT 03/01/70 07/31/70 BN CO 4 MSF BN A204 Y
Glemaker Robert W   CPT 05/31/70 12/04/70 DET CO A-204 Y
Hall John W Jr 1LT 08/01/68 10/01/68 DET XO A-204 to?  
Croft Dennis L   1LT 10/04/68 03/15/69 DET XO A-204  
Digiacinto Ralph H 'Henry' 1LT 11/10/68 12/24/68 DET XO B-24 MSF YE
Kreger Robert D   1LT 12/26/68 05/17/69 DET XO B-24 MSF Y
Gribbin James M   1LT 03/25/69 12/22/69 PLT LDR B-24 MSF KIA
Rosalee Bobby C   SFC 06/01/68   SD NCOIC B-24 MSF Y
Hill James E   SFC 07/01/68 11/28/68 NCOIC 4 MSF BN DEC
Mulcahy Robert F   MSG 03/29/69 03/28/70 BN OPS NCO 4 MSF BN Y
Galvan Jose   SFC 08/01/68 11/10/68 INTEL B-24 MSF DEC
Waters Medicus R   SFC 09/01/68 03/01/69 INTEL B-24 MSF YE
Delacerda Arturo Jr SFC 10/07/69 10/06/70 RAD SPVR A-204 Y
Holmes Louis I   SSG 08/01/68 04/08/69 MEDIC 4 BN YE
Pride Kenneth R Jr SGT 01/01/68   MEDIC A-204 KONTUM Y
Wilson Clarence Jr SFC 01/19/69 07/24/69 SUPPLY NCO or A-201  
Holland Stephen J   1LT 02/20/69 11/09/69   A-204 KONTUM  
Rumsey Marsh A III SSG 12/19/67 10/01/68 SD B-24 MSF fm 4/68  
Fletcher John B   SGT 02/15/68 08/15/68 SD B-24 MSF fm 4/68  
Tubberville William E   SSG 08/01/68 11/15/68 LT WPNS B-24 MSF  
Baker Allen L   SGT 03/16/68 10/16/68   B-24 MSF YE
McLean Joseph E   SP5 08/01/68   DEMO B-24 MSF  
McCauley Andrew L   SSG 09/01/68 12/12/68 LT WPNS B-24 MSF  
Shelnut Roy E   SFC 04/19/69 11/01/69 CO CDR   DEC
Brock James A   SSG 04/20/69 09/28/70   A-204  
Dodd Jack E Jr 1LT 06/01/69 08/16/69   8/18/68-3/8/69? Y
Carpenter Charles E   SFC 06/28/68 02/24/69   261 MSF CO KIA
Lopez Joe   SFC 10/31/69 05/01/70   WIA Y
Waggoner Gary K   SGT 01/01/69 06/01/69 PLT LDR 204 MSF Y
241 MSF CO
Hollis Johnnie L   SFC 03/01/68 11/26/68 CO CDR A-204, 241 DEC
McClure Christopher E   CPT 03/06/69 05/01/69 CO CDR 241 MSF CO YE
Challela Charles V   SFC 06/14/69 02/13/70 CO CDR 241 MSF CO Y
Carey Michael Q   CPT 07/17/69 05/28/70 CO CDR 241 MSF CO YE
Lucier David F   SGT 04/01/69 11/23/69 PLT LDR/MD 241 MSF CO YE
Enis Joseph P   SSG 10/09/68 10/10/69 PLT LDR 241 MS CO Y
Cesani Randolfo 'Randy' SFC 09/08/69 09/07/70 PLT LDR A-204 Y
Stewart Dale E   SGT 09/30/69 04/02/70 CO XO/MED 241 MSF CO  
Jones Charles B   SGT 01/01/70 09/21/70 PLT LDR A-204  
242 MSF CO
Dunham Bobby J   SFC 07/24/68 12/01/68 CO CDR B-24 MSF KIA
Gutbrod Earl R   1LT 01/21/69 07/11/69 CO CDR A-204 KONTUM Y
Colvin Robert   SFC 04/01/69 12/10/69 CO CDR 242 MSF CO  
Pennington Keith S   CPT 10/04/69 05/21/70 CO CDR 242 MSF CO  
Montana John M   SSG 06/01/69 12/10/69 CO XO 204 Y?
Luthy Henry D   SFC 06/13/69 06/12/70 PLT LDR/MD A-204 YE
Smetherman Simon J ‘Jesse’ SGT 05/31/69 04/17/70 RAD OP   YE
Brown James W   SP4 09/23/68 01/01/69 PLT LDR/MD 242 MSF CO YE
Walker Lawrence C   SFC 10/01/68 01/01/69 PLT LDR 242 MSF CO Y
Draffone Dennis A   SSG 01/01/69   PLT LDR 242 MSF CO Y
243 MSF CO (from 271 Co) (No Roster for Qui Nhon MSF other than A-223)
Swann Thomas Jr CPT 12/26/67 05/10/58 CO CDR   KIA
Garbarino Lloyd N 'Nick' CPT 05/10/68 08/13/68 CO CDR 271 MSF CO Y
Morse Edward D   CPT 07/04/68 02/06/69 BN CDR 271 MSF CO YE
Fidler David L   CPT 02/01/69 04/13/69 CO CDR 243 MSF CO  
Smith John S   MSG 03/01/70 09/17/70 CO CDR 243 MSF CO  
Bergiel Blaise   1LT 01/09/68 06/20/68 CO XO   Y
Lee Paul E   1LT   08/01/68 CO XO    
Bakody John T   1LT 08/03/68 10/13/68 CO XO   Y
Padgett John E   SSG 04/10/68 06/15/69 PLT LDR/MD 271 MSF CO YE
Campos Domingo P   SFC 07/15/68 01/14/69 CO CDR 272 MSF CO YE
Yost Herbert J   SFC 10/29/68 10/28/69 PLT LDR 243 MSF CO Y
Decker Luis F   SSG 03/18/68 06/01/69     DEC
Allen George C D   SFC 10/13/68 01/24/69 CO CDR 271 MSF CO DEC
Allen George C D   SFC 01/10/68 10/13/68 CO CDR 271 MSF CO DEC
Tussey Tommy J   SFC 01/10/68 04/16/68 MEDIC   Y
Watson Nicholas A   SGT 01/10/68 07/10/68 MEDIC    
Benoit James D   SGT 09/01/68 01/01/69 MEDIC 271 MSF CO Y
Aiken Dennis E   SP4 01/10/68 09/23/68 RAD OP   YE
Hoagland Charles F Jr SFC 01/10/68 05/10/68 PLT LDR To 24 MSF CO Y
Pirtle Dickie D   SSG 01/10/68 11/21/68 PLT LDR/RO   YE
Wilson Clarence Jr SFC 01/10/68   PLT LDR    
Parker Elmer   SFC 01/10/68 08/01/68 PLT LDR   Y?
Richey Walter D   SSG 01/01/68 01/01/69 PLT LDR 271 MSF CO Y
Huffhines William S   SGT 01/01/68   PLT LDR/RO 271 MSF CO  
McBroome Melvin H Jr


01/01/68 05/01/68 CO XO 271 MSF CO  
Dunning Richard A   SGT 06/01/68 08/24/68 PLT LDR 271 MSF CO M/E Y


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