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Who's Who from Medical Supply Section (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to the S-4 Medical Supply Section, 5th Special Forces Group. If you were assigned to this section, please correct any errors or add any names and details. If you have any rosters or orders, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: The Medical Supply Section was established within the Logistical Supply Center. Medical Service Corps officers from this section were attached to "C" Detachments in all four Corps Tactical Zones and at B-23 in Ban Me Thout.

Medical Supply Officer
Walker James B 'Jimmy' 1LT 11/01/64   MEDSUP OFF HHC  
Clow James W   1LT 11/01/64 10/31/65 MEDSUP OFF    
Sosa Steven V Sr CPT 11/01/64   MEDSUP OFF    
Short Edward A   CPT 11/01/64 01/13/65 MEDSUP OFF    
Baker George D   CPT 11/01/64 10/31/65 MEDSUP OFF HHC  
Fobbs Benjamin F III 1LT 07/08/65 10/15/65 MEDSUP OFF ASSIGN?  
Coleman Ronald R   CPT 01/03/66 10/01/66 MEDSUP OFF    
Dove John C   1LT 12/01/67 02/27/68 PREV MED/A BSM 2/28/67- NOR  
Warner Lyle W   CPT 02/25/68 02/26/69 MEDSUP OFF    
Boyd Raymond D   CPT 06/25/68 06/24/69 MEDSUP OFF    
Fechner Robert F   CPT 08/07/68 08/03/69 MEDSUP OFF    
Weed Roger I   CPT 01/08/69 12/01/69 MEDSUP OFF    
Hill William D   CPT 01/28/69 06/22/69 MEDSUP OFF   Y
Reed John F Jr CPT 07/15/69 02/14/70 MEDOPS OFF    
Steenken Wehland G   CPT 08/05/69 07/29/70 MEDSUP OFF @S-4 ASST  
Capaldo Paul S   1LT 08/17/69 01/20/70 MEDSUP OFF    
O'Brien Robert M   CPT 02/01/70 07/29/70 MEDSUP OFF    
Steinberg Arthur F   1LT 02/23/70 10/01/70 MEDSUP OFF    
Drake Robert E Jr CPT 08/15/70 02/25/71 MEDSUP OFF    
Rivet Lawrence P   1LT 11/06/70 01/21/71 MEDSUP OFF    
Pendlyshok Charles A Jr 1LT 11/17/70 02/01/71 MEDSUP OFF    
Medical Supply NCOIC
Ferguson Paul   SFC 04/15/70 10/30/70 76J4P    
Morganfield Wesley   SFC 06/01/70   S-4 MED    
Medical Supply Clerks
Ashley Richard D Jr SP5 02/10/68 02/23/69 MED STK CT LSC  
Ryder Ernest J   SFC 02/24/69 02/24/70 MED SUP    
Jorr Francis J   SP5 04/01/70 04/01/71 76J20 MED SUP  
Smith Leonard A   SP4 01/01/71 04/01/71 76J20    
Medical Supply Officer in III CTZ
Posey William L   CPT 10/05/65   MEDSUP OFF @C-3  
Fobbs Benjamin F III CPT 10/15/65 06/07/67 MEDSUP OFF @C-3  
Peacock Clayton W III 1LT 12/28/67 06/22/68 MEDSUP OFF @C-3  
Blunt Albert C   CPT 06/17/68 11/27/69 MEDSUP OFF @C-3  
Drake Robert E Jr CPT 11/24/69 08/15/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-3  
Sanders Dan H   1LT 05/01/70 01/19/71 MEDSUP OFF @C-3 Y
Rivet Lawrence P   1LT 08/30/70 11/05/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-3  
Medical Supply Officer in II CTZ
Piper George T   1LT 12/05/68 07/13/69 MEDSUP OFF @C-2 or Gp  
Reed John F Jr CPT 02/15/69 07/14/69 MEDSUP OFF @B-23  
Hill William D   CPT 06/23/69 01/22/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-2 Y
Dievendorf Lynn A   CPT 11/30/69 11/15/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-2  
Pendlyshok Charles A Jr 1LT 08/01/70 11/16/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-2  
Medical Supply Officer in I CTZ
Coleman Ronald R   CPT 10/01/66 01/02/67 MEDSUP OFF @C-1  
Peacock Clayton W III CPT 06/23/68 12/27/68 MEDSUP OFF @C-1  
Piper George T   CPT 07/14/69 06/13/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-1  
Ribelin Benny W   1LT 06/03/70 12/14/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-1 & LSC  
Medical Supply Officer in IV CTZ
Nichols Alfred G   2LT 11/01/64 02/04/65 MEDSUP OFF @C-4  
Bakios Stephen N   1LT 01/08/69 01/02/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-4 Y
Capaldo Paul S   1LT 01/21/69 08/16/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-4  
O'Brien Robert M   CPT 08/06/69 02/01/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-4  
Bost William G   CPT 07/28/70 11/19/70 MEDSUP OFF @C-4  

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