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Who's Who from 5th SGF(A) Group S-1 (Personnel) Section (Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, who served in the Group S-1 Section. If you can identify the specific assignments of the Assistant S-1's, and the "Assignment Unknown" personnel below, or of you can correct any errors or if you can add any names or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the staff section discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Earlier personnel, serving with US Army Special Forces - Vietnam (Provisional), are noted in the 5th SFGA TDY booklet. It appears that the earlier S-1 staff operated out of the TOC in Saigon. (see CLD.) S-1 personnel assigned to Training and Support Headquarters (TSH), after the colors were returned to Ft. Bragg, will be on another, separate, table. There is a long list of personnel assigned to HHC whose specific assignment is unknown. This list will be posted at a later date.

Group S-1 (Adjutant)
McMahon Walter L   MAJ 11/01/64 06/01/65 S-1    
Jacobs Irwin M   MAJ 06/01/65 11/11/65 S-1    
Fisher Harry C Jr MAJ 11/12/65 09/02/66 S-1    
Asente James   MAJ 08/20/66   S-1    
Dukes William C   MAJ 09/25/66 12/04/66 S-1    
Jervell Broder L   CPT 02/06/67 08/15/67 S-1    
Brock Donald E   MAJ 07/07/67 05/18/68 S-1    
McCarthy Paul J   MAJ 05/19/68 07/16/68 S-1    
Mayer Raymond G   MAJ 07/03/68 09/02/68 S-1    
Jordan Horace E   LTC 09/03/68 08/29/69 S-1    
Shackleton Ronald A   LTC 08/29/69 11/18/69 S-1    
Merrick Phillip B   LTC 11/01/69 03/07/70 S-1    
Crismon Charles R F   MAJ 03/01/70 05/11/70 S-1    
Patterson Harvey G   LTC 05/23/70 01/31/71 S-1    
Lane Glenn A   MAJ 02/01/71 03/01/71 S-1    
S-1 ASST (Who is second in the S-1 Shop and who belongs in other sections?)
Healy Michael D   MAJ 06/01/64   S-1 ASST    
Liles Michael S   CPT 01/01/65 06/01/65 S-1 ASST    
Alexander Joseph E Jr CPT 01/20/65 01/19/65 S-1 ASST   Y
Johnson Joseph H   CPT 06/01/65 12/05/65 S-1 ASST    
Johnson Dean B   CPT 10/25/65 06/06/66 S-1 ASST    
Archer James H   CPT 11/17/65   S-1 ASST    
Enderle Alan G   1LT 06/08/66 05/25/67 S-1 ASST To 8/15/67?  
Gole Henry G   CPT 06/13/66 09/01/66 S-1 ASST    
Coulter Douglas E   1LT 09/28/66 01/13/67 S-1 ASST 32110  
Emery Bruce W   CPT 10/01/66 04/03/67 S-1 ASST    
Chavez Juan I   1LT 11/27/66 04/13/67 S-1 ASST    
Gordon Thomas F Jr 1LT 04/13/67 04/12/68 S-1 ASST    
McCarthy Paul J   CPT 07/21/67   S-1 ASST    
Webster Rudolph P   CPT 08/01/67 02/04/68 S-1 ASST    
Cone Edward E Jr CPT 08/12/67 08/12/68 S-1 ASST   YE
McCarthy Paul J   MAJ 10/01/67 05/18/68 S-1 ASST    
Mackey George D   CPT 01/13/68 07/05/68 S-1 ASST CPT  
Rhames Bruce L   CPT 03/01/68 09/01/68 S-1 ASST to USARV SpSvs Y
Mayer Raymond G   MAJ 09/03/68 07/02/69 S-1 ASST    
Rhyne Charles R   CPT 12/19/68 03/31/69 S-1 ASST    
Mitchell Robert Jr CPT 01/01/69 09/18/69 S-1 ASST    
Pratt William C Jr MAJ 05/06/69 04/13/70 S-1 ASST    
Jones Robert W Jr 1LT 09/01/69 12/15/69 S-1 ASST Assign?  
Hobby Oscar L   CPT 01/06/70 09/07/70 S-1 ASST    
Lane Glenn A   MAJ 04/02/70 02/01/71 S-1 ASST    
            S-1 NCOIC    
Stys Edward G   SGM 06/06/66 06/05/67 S-1 NCOIC    
Seadore Lawrence R   SGM 07/10/66 10/01/66 S-1 NCOIC    
Stys Edward G   SGM 06/06/67 06/17/68 S-1 NCOIC    
Windebank Richard   MSG 04/22/69 05/21/70 S-1 NCOIC "Superleg" DEC
Windebank Richard   SGM 06/01/70 03/03/71 S-1 NCOIC EXTENDED? DEC
S-1 Personnel Specific Assignments Unknown
Kratz William J   SP4     S-1 CLERK    
Neeley Jackie R Sr SP4 01/01/65   S-1 CLERK    
Davis Neal E   SSG 11/14/65 06/20/66 S-1    
Patterson Richard L   SP4 01/01/66   ADMIN CLK    
Hardin Charles P   SSG 01/01/66   S-1    
Harris Bruce B   PFC 09/01/66 04/16/67 S-1    
Prather Bennie R   SSG 01/01/67   S-1 NCO    
McGinn Stanley P   SFC 04/10/67 07/01/68 S-1 NCO TO FOB1  
Fessler Richard D   SSG 11/26/67 11/20/68 S-1 NCO    
Slough James S   SP5 01/01/68   S-1    
Steeb Lawrence J   SP5 02/24/68 02/27/70 S-1 Printer    
Larson Leland J   SSG 03/28/68 03/25/69 S-1    
Hopkins Dewayne M   SP4 06/25/68 01/01/69 S-1    
Polinger Andrew Jr SGT 07/21/68 07/21/69 S-1 CLERK    
Hacker John H   SP4 06/07/69 05/01/70 S-1 CLERK    
Griffin Jimmie N   MSG 08/08/69 08/07/70 S-1    
Williams Jack B   SP5 09/29/69 09/19/70 S-1    
Smith Albert P   SP4 06/01/70 02/01/71 S-1 71B20  
Levorse Charles J   MSG 06/13/70 02/28/71 71H5S    
Thompson Samuel W   MSG 10/23/70 01/01/71 S-1 NCO    

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