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Who's Who from Detachment B-52(Project DELTA) Ranger Advisors (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment B-52 (Project DELTA). If you were assigned to B-52 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or identify the personel below shown as "Ranger Company Assignment Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (713) 683-9076 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

I have broken Project DELTA into the following groupings:
[Command Group & Attached Air Force][B-52 Staff][BDA/SRP/RR/Recon][Ranger Advisors][Assignments Unknown]

Smith Paul F Jr CPT 10/16/64 04/19/65 DET CO A1/132 Y
Pusser Thomas W   CPT 01/28/65 10/22/65 DET CO A5/511 KIA
Walker James A   CPT 09/14/65 03/18/66 DET CO A1/323  
Cone Edward E   CPT 01/01/66 03/18/66 DET CO A1/323 Y
Bynam Holland E   CPT 01/22/66 07/01/66 SR RGR ADV   YE
Leiby James P   CPT 04/02/67 07/10/67 SR RGR ADV RNGR YE
Baker Everett E   MAJ 06/28/67 04/01/68 SR RGR ADV RNGR D
Naumann Terrel K   MAJ 03/15/68 07/01/68 SR RGR ADV   Y?
Humphus Thomas O   CPT 07/01/68 03/06/69 SR RGR ADV RNGR BN YE
Confer Ernest J   CPT 03/07/69 08/16/69 SR RGR ADV RNGR BN  
Snider Don M   1LT 06/12/64 12/14/64 DET XO A1/111 SWAPPED w/ KAMERLING? Y
Hadley Joseph A   1LT 10/16/64 04/19/65 DET XO A1/132 to C-1  
Brooks Robert L   1LT 04/20/65 11/30/65 DET XO    
White Euell T   1LT 09/14/65 03/18/66 DET XO A1/323 Y
Parker Carroll G   1LT 01/01/66 12/31/66 DET XO A5/511 D
Jantovsky Anthony J   1LT 03/01/66 09/20/66 SR ADV/A RNGR Y
Hadden Mayo A III CPT 04/05/67 08/01/67 SR ADV/A RNGR ADV YE
Roland Jessie O   1LT 09/16/69 04/12/70 BN ADV/A RNGR BN D
Ford Charley J   1LT 04/05/67 01/05/68 S-2/-3 ADV RNGR  
Starmann Richard G   1LT 11/05/69 05/01/70 BN ADV RNGR BN YE
Conrad John W   MSG 10/16/64 04/19/65 TM SGT A1/132 D
Hanks James V Jr MSG 01/28/65 09/01/65 TM SGT A5/511 Y
Coehlo Antonio J "Tony" SFC 01/01/66       DEC
Booth Leonard N   MSG 01/01/66 09/01/66 RGR NCOIC RNGR Y
Burns Harvey L   MSG 03/01/66 03/01/67 SR EM ADV RNGR ADV Y
Coffey Edward A   MSG 01/18/67 08/11/67 TM SGT RNGR KIA
Kreilick James G   MSG 05/28/67 05/27/68 SR EM ADV RNGR ADV D
Edgell James W   MSG 12/13/68 03/20/70 SR EM ADV RNGR ADV Y
Gleason William B   SFC 09/13/67 05/18/66 S-4 AIR RNGR  
Solomon Steven P   CPT 01/01/68 05/30/68 CO ADV RNGR 1 CO Y
Abla Jimmie W   CPT 06/21/68 12/12/68 RGR CO ADV RNGR Y?
Gambill Richard K   MSG 01/01/67 06/01/67 SR EM ADV RNGR 1st CO  
Winder Raymond F   SFC 06/01/67   CO ADV RNGR 1 CO D
Ryder David F Jr SSG 04/10/68 02/12/69   RNGR ADV 1 CO Y
Massey Carl E   SFC 12/01/68 01/01/69   RNGR ADV 1 CO Y
Bean Billy V   SFC 03/21/69 03/20/70 RNGR ADV RNGR ADV 1&2  
Garvin Cecil R   CPT 11/07/69 10/23/70 SR RGR ADV RNGR ADV 2 CO 1 PLT 2 CO ENGR ADV?  
Murphy Virgil   MSG 04/07/68 07/07/69 SR EN ADV RNGR ADV 2 CO D
Hill Paul E   SSG 07/13/67 07/07/68   RNGR ADV 2 CO YE
Edgell James W   SFC 01/26/68 12/13/68   RNGR ADV 2 CO Y
Schenkelberger Joel R   SFC 02/01/68 10/21/68 CO ADV 2 RNGR CO Y
Erickson William E   SSG 03/09/68 12/02/68 MEDIC RNGR ADV 2 CO  
Barksdale Charles W   SFC 04/01/68 02/16/70 RNGR ADV RNGR ADV 2 CO Y
Barta Dave L Jr SGT 11/01/68 03/22/70 RNGR ADV RNGR ADV 2 CO Y
Voigt Arno J   SFC 08/27/69 06/04/70 MEDIC RNGR ADV 2 CO DNH
Santora John G Jr SSG 09/20/69 09/01/70 CO ADV RNGR ADV 2 CO DNH
Foshee Edgar E   SFC 10/08/69 10/07/70 1 PLT MED RNGR ADV 2 CO FM C-1?/C-4 2 SRP Y
Thaler Frederick A   SFC 12/01/69 12/01/70 MED SPVR RNGR ADV 2 CO Y
Terry Dock   SSG 01/01/70 07/01/70 CO ADV RNGR ADV 2 CO  
Pirtle Dickie D   SFC 02/15/70 06/11/70 PLT LDR RNGR ADV 2 CO Y
Clemonds Curtis A   SSG 03/23/70 06/01/70 1 PLT MED RNGR ADV 2 CO ALSO 2 SRP Y
Moore Charles R   CPT 09/01/66 12/01/66 SR RNGR AV RNGR 3 CO Y
Gill Howard A Jr CPT 08/01/69 09/04/69 SR RGR ADV RNGR ADV TH3  
Dyer Irby III SGT   12/02/66   RNGR 3 CO MIA
Benjamin James S   CPL 06/01/66   RAD OP RNGR 3 CO Y
Nichols Gary G   SFC 04/22/67 01/01/68   RNGR 3 CO Y
Viglietta Stephen J   SGT 01/01/69 06/22/69 MEDIC 3 RNGR CO YE
Ray Sylvester J   SSG 09/01/68 02/28/69 SR EN ADV RNGR ADV 4 CO YE
Findley Boyett P   SFC 03/01/70 09/30/70   RNGR 4 CO Y
Hamilton Jack L   1LT 01/31/66 01/30/67 BN ADV/A RNGR ADV 5 CO  
Deaton Ronald L   1LT 10/01/66 06/20/67 SR ADV RNGR CO 5 CO NOR APR '67  
Humphus Thomas O   CPT 02/08/68 12/12/68 RNGR ADV RNGR CO 5 YE
Ayers Anthony   1LT 03/17/68   CO ADV RNGR 5 CO Y
Sommerhof Earl T   SFC 06/01/66     RNGR 5 CO DoW
Elmore Darrell G 'Moe' SFC 06/01/68 12/05/68 SR EM ADV RNGR ADV 5 CO B-50, B-52 6/19/67-SFC-1LT YE
Simpson Walter L 'Doc' SFC 11/14/66 04/01/67 CO ADV RNGR 6 CO D
Simpson Walter L 'Doc' SFC 01/12/69 01/11/70 SR EN ADV RNGR 6 CO D
RADIO OPERATORS (Perhaps these should be grouped with staff signal section)
Jantz Erwin O Jr SSG 06/01/66 06/01/67 RAD OP RNGR Y
Siugzda Herbert   SSG 09/16/66 09/15/67 RAD SPVR RNGR Y
Dobbins Richard E   SFC 02/03/67 08/06/68 RAD OP RNGR ADV Y?
Kirby Stanley B   SFC 12/23/67 12/05/68 RAD OP RNGR ADV D
Sheppard Andrew D   SSG 01/26/68   RAD OP RNGR  
MEDICS (Perhaps these should be grouped with staff medical section)
Ward Jimmie R   SP4 12/18/66 12/17/67 MEDIC RNGR Y
Stern Michael B   SSG 06/08/67 06/07/68 MEDIC RNGR ADV YE
Walz Frederick A   SGT 07/07/67 01/01/68 MEDIC RNGR ADV YE
Gardner Michael R   SGT 07/10/67 07/09/68 MEDIC RNGR ADV  
Cole George D   SGT 10/18/67 04/28/68 MEDIC RNGR ADV  
Jackson Little J   SP5 03/01/68 03/07/68 MEDIC RNGR ADV KIA
Coates James D 'JD' SGT 06/12/64 12/14/64 RAD OP A1/111  
Hale James A   SSG 06/12/64 12/14/64 DEMO A1/111 TO KHE SANH A-728 Y
Largen Richard L   SFC 06/12/64 12/14/64 RAD OP A1/111 Y
Vasquez Jose E   SFC 06/12/64 12/14/64 WPNS A1/111 Y
Gaffney Ronald S   SP4 10/16/64 02/19/65 DEMO A1/132 KIA
Smith Sterling S   SGT 10/16/64 04/19/65 LT WPNS A1/132 Y
Florio William   SSG 10/16/64 04/19/65 DEMO A1/132  
Malia James J Jr SSG 10/16/64 04/19/65 RAD OP A1/132 YE
Spinaio Edward W   SSG 10/16/64 04/19/65 HVY WPNS A1/132 DEC
Clements Edwin L   SFC 06/01/65 01/01/66 RNGR ADV RNGR ADV Y
Albertson Roger L   PFC 09/14/65 03/18/66 DEMO A1/323 Y
Stamm Garry D   SSG 09/14/65 03/18/66 LT WPNS A1/323 Y
Stevenson Vernon R   SSG 09/14/65 03/18/66 MEDIC A1/323 REPLACED BY JIM WARD  
Boyce Douglas E   SFC 09/14/65 03/18/66 MEDIC A1/323 Y
Sieg John R   SFC 09/14/65 03/18/66 HVY WPNS A1/323 Y
Reilley John D   SSG 12/01/65 04/01/66   No Orders Med-evaced D
Munoz Ferdinand   SSG 01/01/66 10/01/66 CO ADV RNGR YE
Harper Charles L   SFC 06/01/66 11/01/66   RNGR DEC
Findley Boyett P   SFC 10/01/66 10/01/67   RNGR ADV Y
Pruett George W   SFC 10/29/66 06/01/67   RNGR  
Millam Gary B   SGT 01/01/67     RNGR Y
Livingston Edwin C Jr 1LT 02/11/67 02/06/68 CO ADV RNGR  
Rittenhouse Jay R   SSG 03/29/67 03/26/68   RNGR ADV Y
Bly Jimmy R   SFC 03/30/67 03/29/68   RNGR ADV  
Stanfield Michael T   SSG 07/15/67 01/16/68   RNGR ADV  
Ellis Richard N   1LT 08/02/67 08/01/68 CO ADV RNGR ADV Y
Yang Hae Chan     1LT 09/21/67 09/20/68 CO ADV RNGR CO ATTD  
Turner Cedric C   WO2 10/21/67 10/20/68 CO ADV RNGR CO  
Sites Larry L   SFC 10/24/67 06/01/68 CO 1SG & B-56 -10/23/68 Y
Wentz William G   1LT 10/28/67 10/27/68 CO ADV RNGR ADV Y
Brubaker Paul L   CPT 11/21/67 06/01/68 CO ADV RNGR VUA & S-3 Air YE
Arnold Gary L   SFC 12/01/67 12/04/68     Y
Bruno William H   SFC 01/01/68 04/01/68 CO ADV RNGR Y
Ogasawara Roy M   CPT 01/01/68 05/27/68 CO ADV/S-5 RNGR CO A YE
Salzwedel Phillip S   SFC 01/10/68 05/25/70   RNGR YE
Ku George W   SFC 01/15/68 01/13/69   RNGR DEC
Kim Tae Soon     1LT 03/01/68 12/01/68   ATTD  
Alice-Rosario German L   SFC 04/01/68 03/31/69 RNGR ADV RNGR  
Sandoval Rufus R   SSG 05/17/68 05/16/69 RNGR ADV RNGR Y
Vernon Albert E III CPT 05/28/68 12/12/68 CO ADV RNGR Y
Stanfield Michael T   SSG 06/01/68 02/14/69   RNGR  
Bean Billy V   SFC 06/01/68 11/25/68 RNGR ADV RNGR  
Schultz Thomas F   SFC 06/01/68 01/21/69 CO ADV RNGR 1& 2 COS YE
Fidler David L   1LT 06/13/68 09/12/68 CO ADV RNGR CO  
Mitchell Eugene W III 1LT 10/04/68 10/03/69 CO ADV RNGR CO  
Jones Allan R   1LT 12/01/68 02/01/69 CO ADV RNGR Y
Abla Jimmie W   CPT 12/13/68 03/07/69 CO ADV RNGR  
Helms Frank H   SFC 01/01/69 06/18/69 RNGR ADV RNGR D
Ward Allen T   SSG 01/01/69   RNGR ADV RNGR Y
Swiatocho Casimir S   SSG 01/02/69 05/12/69      
Wagner Kenneth A   CPT 01/04/69 06/03/69 CO ADV RNGR OR EM KENNETH C  
Trevino Visente V   1LT 02/15/69 09/16/69 CO ADV RNGR CO YE
Thompson Richard C   CPT 06/01/69 11/07/69 CO ADV RNGR CO  
Selinsky James J   1LT 07/20/69 12/19/69 CO ADV RNGR CO DEROS 7/16/70 YE
Fabian Agustin R   1LT 11/09/69 07/05/70 RNGR ADV RNGR  
March Toney E   SFC 02/01/70 07/01/70   RNGR ADV  
Barnes James M   SFC 02/10/70 06/30/70   RNGR ADV  
Tharp Bobby J   SFC 03/01/70 06/30/70   RNGR ADV Y
Young David L   SGT 03/06/70 06/30/70   RNGR ADV Y
Bryan James E II SGT 05/04/70 07/01/70   RNGR ADV  
Digiovanni Thomas D   SGT 05/06/70     RNGR ADV  
Markel James P   1LT 05/10/70 10/14/70   RNGR ADV YE
* "Trying to assign folks by companies in the Ranger Section is an exercise in futility.  Companies rotated to FOB.  Therefore the same companies were never there at the same time.  The advisors did not rotate, but went with what ever companies were commited at any given time.  The reason for company rotation was that one company would be on leave, and one company would be held in Nha Trang for defense of the city.  We would take 3 companies to FOB.  The same company advisors usually worked together with which ever company they were assigned to on a given operation.  Medics were also shuffled about....
RECON NCOs were often attached to the Ranger Section.  After TET 68, the 81st Airborne Ranger Battalion stayed in the Saigon/Tan Son Nhut area, under the command of CMD.  Our mission was to find and destroy enemy rocket positions on the "rocket ring" around Saigon.  Since Delta then had no reaction force for the RECON Teams, several RECON NCOs were attached to us.  Most notable was SFC Paul D. Spillane who was KIA with the Ranger Section during this operation on 25 JUL 68." [comments from Thomas Humphus]
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